3 Things Your Mom Would Tell You About Online Marketing

Why mom? That’s except for dating advice, moms are usually right about most other things in life. Even if they might not know what Internet marketing is, they would have advocated these three rules. So, I take the liberty of mothering you today.

If you are an individual blogger, multi-author site blogger, a business owner, or even an enthusiastic web soul, I know you’d have spent a lifetime trying to write some good content for your website. I don’t see anything wrong with that, especially since I started off with an iffy “if”. But then, you are doing something wrong. Here’s where you walk on eggshells:

Mom Says: Writing is not a business model

Once upon a time, I used to hear my mom say, “Writers don’t make money, not even as much as publishers do”. Yet, I was defiant that writing is a skill that pays. It is a skill, but I was not exactly sure of how exactly it pays. It does now. But that’s me. I am a copywriter, blogger, and an opinionated ass***. So, I make money. My business depends on writing. Guess what? It barely makes me money when I spend time writing for myself (No, my website doesn’t bring be Ad sense checks).

So, no matter who you are, you shouldn’t be writing at all. Hell, imagine this: if a writer doesn’t make money writing, how does a designer, an entrepreneur, an actor, any random artist, or the lemonade man make any money by writing?

Heed my advice. Let someone stupid like me take over the writing bit (no, you don’t have to give me credits for the posts if you don’t want to and I won’t even tell my mom)

Mom Says: Reach out for people, not information

We are blessed. We have information literally tugging at our fingertips. I could flash my iPhone, call out to Siri and I would know anything I want to know. So is knowledge at a premium? Yes and no. Yes, because knowledge is always at a premium. No, because it’s available for everyone today.

Moot point. End of conversation!

What matters then? The people you know. The network you create. The relationships that come about – every single dollar you make comes out of these relationships and not because of the encyclopedic walking human that you might be.

Where are your people? Go look for them while I look for mine.

Mom Says: Be social on social media

What do you do when you are with your best friends at a party? You merry, you might get drunk, and you just make a fool of yourself. Why, then, would you take the trouble of being someone else while on social media? Be the same person you are in real life. I can bet that if someone called me straight after I tweet something, they would know it’s me. Of course, what you don’t know is that I am a good actor and I have just as many personalities on social media as the number of clients who hire me for my social media services.

Just “give” on social media. Don’t expect anything. Don’t expect your tweets to be retweeted, and you could go for years without your Facebook Fan page gets a single “like” from a stranger (I am guessing the number of fans would be at least 4, after your mom, sister, wife, and kids did like the page?)

If you read, tell the world what you read and share interesting information. Once in a while, let the world know how bad you feel that you lost business, or some competitor is taking you to court since you are way too smart for them, or some other problem you might have. You never know where help and/or support comes pouring in.

Mom has spoken. What do you have to say about it?

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