January 2013 | Fetchprofits

Do You Have What it Takes to Move Immovable Objects?

No one’s interested in you. Life on earth existed without your products and services. It’ll continue to exist without your offer.

Customers are like immovable objects in a vortex of information. If you want to move customers, stop the “information circus”.

Create something bold, compelling, and attractive.

That’s where the “creativity” in writing kicks in. Creativity leads to innovation. Those who innovate make it big.

As long as Nokia ran on Symbian, the mobile phone industry chugged along. When Apple launched iPhone in 2007, the industry went nuts. iPhone was a bold move.

The iPhone killed the scattered empires Nokia, Motorola, Sony, and other mobile phone makers.

So, the “best practices” say that you should create posts 500-600 words long. Throw in your keywords. Seduce spiders. Write and publish regularly. Get on social media. Do this, and do that.

In short, why don’t you start looking like others? What’s the big deal about you, anyway?

The future is for the bold. Sissies can find another free blog to write on. God knows he’ll generously allow them to post trash and promote links on Twitter and Facebook.

It’s the start of the week. So, resolve to write content that zaps:

  • Don’t create content that sounds like you are another “Internet marketing” guru. If you ever see another long-form sales letter, you are likely to be mugged online.
  • Give Google the middle finger. Diversify your marketing strategy. You can’t possible depend on Google exclusively for your business. Entrepreneurship was all about being on your own, doing what you like, and profiting from it? Since when you did you acknowledge Google as your overruling boss?
  • If the world insists on writing 500-600 word posts. Go write long-form. Or go short. No one cares. All that the readers care about is the meat of the content and not the length of the post.
  • Large, bold, opinionated, and in your face – that’s your framework for writing blog posts. Good guys finish last, didn’t you hear?
  • Yes, do get on Social Media. Please stop being someone else though.

What’d you do?

3 Brand New Avenues to Push Your Content

You can’t escape from the reality of creating compelling content, working on your SEO, and doing a vast variety of “everything else you need to do” to promote your business online. The challenges remain: you’ll still need to create content, use SEO, spend on PPC, pull some inbound marketing tactics, and hustle more than ever. Yet, the Internet is an amazing medium and thanks to its nature, there are lot more web-based tools, services, social media platforms, and hot new startups that aim to make the Internet a better place and the best place to promote your business.

Here are some brand new ways to push your content out to gain new audiences, create more opportunities to influence your readers, and grab more exposure:


You did hear about Khan Academy, didn’t you? ShowMe is a startup that’s more like a “user-generated” Khan Academy where users can signup to “teach and learn” absolutely anything. It features an iPad app that flexes a whiteboard allowing you to teach anything – to anyone in the world – for free.

You might ask me: what’s that got to do with my business? A lot, I’ll dare say. If you have to teach, train, educate, and inform you are already doing that with your business blogging efforts. How cool would it be if you could teach your customers a thing or two about your products? Perhaps you may reveal some tricks your customers didn’t ever know. Or maybe, you can use the whiteboard for an animated presentation?

Go scratch your head. I am sure you’d find ways to use ShowMe for things even the team at ShowMe might not have thought about.

Quora’s Blogging Platform

First look: bare-minimum blogging platform, which doesn’t even try to be another WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. Yet, the little fellow has some potential. Start a blog on Quora and you have access to a coterie of intelligent people, decision makers, infuencers, or those hungry for knowledge meandering through the total weight of content on Quora already.

The trick is to create specialized content that’s relevant to your business and share something inspiring on Quora. Quora already ranks well on Google. As long as you “give” more than you hope to “receive” – which you will, if you do it right – your mini-blogging experience on Quora certainly looks promising. I recently created a post Stick this On Your Refrigerator: 16 Startup Tips just for our Quora’s version of FetchProfits blog. It received 49 visits in a single day.

Not bad for a single post in 24 hours.


Are you in business? You got to publish. If you have to publish, you’ll have to publish across multiple screens and devices. That’s a pain, really. Not anymore, at least not until you use OnSwipe. The company allows publishers an easy way to create an “app-like” experience for published content while rendering your content appropriate to all devices that exist today (Phones, tablets, Phablets, and piglets). As easy as using WordPress, so say the folks at Business Insider

Bloomberg Businessweek named Jason Baptise – founder of OnSwipe – as one of the Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs in 2011. Just saying.

Are you pushing your content hard enough?