Should I Publish on LinkedIn?

Matt Owen of Econsultancy wrote a post on how to use LinkedIn’s publishing tool, but we’d like to tell you why. We did publish a post earlier on how to make your free LinkedIn account work for you. Now, we are going further.

If you are in business of any kind, LinkedIn is where you should be. LinkedIn isn’t Facebook. LinkedIn isn’t anything else but LinkedIn – where employers are looking for candidates; sales professionals look for leads; business owners look for everything under the sun, plus some more.

Just so you know, we aren’t going to tell you why you should be on LinkedIn. Many others have done a better job telling you that.

William Arruda of writes out 9 reasons why you should update your LinkedIn profile

Dr. Michael Woody of Fox Business writes on why you should have a LinkedIn profile in the first place.

If you are convinced, and if you have your LinkedIn all set up, upgrade yourself to where the real action is.

Start publishing.

Seriously, here are 4 strong reasons why you should publish on LinkedIn:

If you are in B2B, LinkedIn is where your customers are

Geoff of lists out facts about LinkedIn you should know: more than 300 million users and more than 3 billion businesses have a presence on LinkedIn. At least 35% of users access LinkedIn everyday and 39% of users pay for premium accounts on LinkedIn (Now, you know they are serious, eh?). One out of three professionals on the planet has a LinkedIn account, and there are more than 1.5 million LinkedIn groups out there.

Imagine your content reach with an audience like that. Need we tell you anything anymore?

If you aren’t there yet, now is a good time.

Push expertise. Not products and services

Mere presence on LinkedIn won’t do. Why, you ask? Because there are many more like you out there.

However, not everyone is publishing on LinkedIn’s publishing platform. By publishing, you set out to establish credibility. You gain exposure. You are on a path to teach. You are considered an expert.

That gets you a neat little following. Plus, it helps the world know that you know what you are talking about.

They now have a choice if they ever choose to do business with you.

Profiles look sexier

There’s a reason why resumes have fallen out of favor: they are boring, they can be cooked up, and those pieces of paper tell the world almost nothing about the awesome person that you are.

LinkedIn profiles are a lot more dynamic — endorsements and recommendations come in without you asking for them (ok, sometimes you do), certifications are verified, and your posts or articles really tell the world a story.

In short, your profile looks sexy. You can’t go wrong with a profile like that, can you?

Ok, It helps promote your business too

Just in case you were wondering, publishing on LinkedIn isn’t just a pretty face thing. It isn’t makeup.

If you have a website or if there are landing pages built for specific services that relate to the topic you’d want to publish on, you could always point to those pages.

Now, you’d not only publish but promote too (for all of us hungry marketers and business owners who do want something out of the effort we take).

So, tell me. Are you on LinkedIn? Do you publish?

Just for the record, visit our LinkedIn profile to see our own published posts.

And yes, our company page is here: Fetchprofits on LinkedIn

Img Credits: Daniel Iverson on Flickr