5 Effective Ideas for Brushing Up your Facebook Marketing Skills

The last decade has witnessed a huge change in the way customers communicate with brands and lead their digital lives. The massive popularity of social media networking has pushed businesses to redefine their conventional roles and let customers control the brands.

Today, businesses can no longer hide beyond an impersonal facade  They have to opt for a friendly approach, interact with customers, and reveal their humane side. Scary, but true. You could get started on Facebook fan page, but the trick is that you have to do it right. As Blake Chandlee, VP, Facebook correctly puts it, “Social media is not an easiest way but if you do it right, the results can be phenomenal “.

If you want to brush up your Facebook marketing skills, here are some effective ideas.

Leverage your Marketing Campaigns with Videos

In the digital marketing industry, innovation is the key to survival. And if you encourage your customers to only ‘Like’ your posts/products/comments, I don’t call it innovation. Innovation comes in form of videos or publishing stories. Take help of the Facebook Open Graph to tell intriguing stories of your business. Or use it for selling your products.

For example, you can use Open Graph for interviewing a client who tells his experience of using your products. You can also opt for it to highlight how people can benefit from your products. The options are infinite.

If you can, Launch Contests

 Contests are a great way to enhance engagement on Facebook fan page. They are fun, interesting.

Further, everyone loves prizes. Another advantage of organizing a contest is that it lets you grow your mailing list. It’s a good, if not an innovative marketing strategy. The best thing is that you can promote varied types of contests, ranging from video, sweepstakes to photo contests.

If you check the Facebook page of ‘How to Market your Horse Business’, you would notice that the company has used the concept of contest innovatively in its cover and app photo. I loved the idea.

Opt for Sponsored Stories

 Try out the latest advertising tool offered by Facebook-sponsored stories. Sponsored stories are unique because they allow marketers to highlight advertisements to the friends of a fan.

David Fisher, VP, Advertising and Global Operations, the performance of sponsored stories are better, as compared to conventional Facebook advertisements. He comments, “The key reasons it works is that it is engaging, it is social, and it is reflective of what brings people to Facebook overall, which is to share and connect”.

The popularity of sponsored stories is expected, since these advertisements contain real activity of a friend. Thus, it acts as a strong word of mouth marketing.

Respect the Intelligence of your Facebook Fans

It’s true that for some businesses, marketing is the driving force behind acquiring Facebook fans. However, measuring them on quantitative terms is not a good idea always. Understand that they are real human beings who crave to be part of your network. A half hearted status update posted on behalf of your company cannot satisfy their intellectual desires.

Respect their intelligence by offering them insiders’ info, interesting trivia and future marketing plans.

Further, the since the organic reach on Facebook plummeted anyway, you’d need a lot more than just updates.

Infuse your Own Personality in the FB Page

You may be using Facebook for professional purposes, but connecting with your audience on a personal level is a good idea. Pat Flynn, owner of the blog ‘Smart Passive Income’, offers professional advice to his fans on his Facebook page. However, he also offers a glimpse of his personal life in the Facebook page. This retains interest of his fans and allows them to connect with him on a deeper level.

Refine your Facebook marketing skills with these effective strategies. Reach out to a wider audience.

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