Without the right numbers and analytics tools, you are a sitting duck. You’d have no idea about the impact you are making with your marketing efforts. You have no clue about what marketing channels are working for you and what aren’t.

You have no way to justify marketing budget spend on a particular digital marketing channel when compared to another.

Plus, you’d have no numbers to justify conversions versus traffic. All of this isn’t even the beginning of the story. Not even the damned foreword, if you ask me.

You have customer analytics, digital marketing analytics, and predictive analytics. Within digital marketing analytics, you have content marketing analytics, email marketing analytics, social media analytics, and link analysis.

That’s just way too many numbers for you to sit on. As entrepreneurs, time is one thing you don’t have. Hence, you’d need web-based tools to help you sift through data, get the numbers you need, and make decisions based on those numbers.

Here are a few super analytics tools for business that you can consider using:

Google Analytics


Google Analytics Review

Google Analytics is the mother of all analytics tools, and it’s free (much like mother’s love). While it might seem like a no-brainer to use Google Analytics, most businesses oversee this little integration you’d need to do.

Google Analytics shows you the traffic inflow for any chosen period of time, real-time analytics, in-site analytics, visitor flow, referrals, bounce rates, time spent on each page of your site, and site load time (you do know you’d need a website that loads fast [http://ow.ly/LezHk ], don’t you?), and exactly where your visitors come from and where they exit at.

If you dig into Google Analytics a little more, you can even setup goals per page, UTM (urchin tracking modes) to pin point your exact sources of traffic and conversions, and a lot more.

Just because it’s free, don’t let that fool you.



Social media reporting has never been so easy

As your business grows, the data that you’d need to consume to make better decisions also grows. Just to see where you are and where you want to be, that’s a lot of data coming in from everywhere.

A tool like SumAll can make it easier for you to organize all your social data and web data into focused, beautiful dashboards. You can have unlimited tracking (and pull in every important social/web metric you need). You can connect unlimited accounts, and invite unlimited collaborators.

But all that is not where the magic is. If you are a marketing intern, super marketer, marketing consultant, or even an agency, you now have a great way (light weight PDF reports that look smashing) to show (whoever concerned) how awesome your social and web marketing work has been.

It’s another thing that your data remains secure and that you can integrate with over 42 different services and counting.

Lucky Orange


Lucky Orange Review

Let’s say have you have a live PPC campaign and you’d love to see how your ads are performing. The best practice is for your ads to point to a landing page.

Traditional analytics will only show you metrics such as ad impressions, CTR, and ad rank. You’ll also get the numbers for the visits to your landing page and the conversion rate. However, what exactly is happening on your landing page, real-time?

Where are they clicking, or are they anywhere near that big CTA button at all? What do they do while they are on the site?

Right then, you’d need what we call as Real-time visual analytics. Lucky Orange is a tool that show you exactly who is on your web page, doing what, and where they came from. You’d be able to see what happens on your page visually.

How cool is that?



Improvely Reviews

If conversions are everything for you, tracking them becomes as obvious as falling in love with yourself. Improvely helps you track your conversion.

If you are doing online marketing (as a business, affiliate marketer, or as an agency), you’d know that digital marketing makes you sweat all over the place. Links can be everywhere and it’s a little too much to come to terms with.

Improvely pinpoints you to the links that matter to you, where clicks and conversions are coming from, check out your visitor profiles, and enable email/audio notifications. You also have access to A/B testing to see what pages work for you.

With Improvely, you also have the option of tracking organic search traffic, social traffic, and zoom into locations, keyword, and device type.



Keyhole Reviews

Do you run events? Have you already created hashtags for Twitter that you use regularly to start focused chats? Do you frequently feel the need to monitor conversations around your brand?

You should consider KeyHole, it features a single page, single dashboard to report on all things your little hashtag, keyword, or URLs trigger.

You aren’t done yet. Use KeyHole’s 2nd level searches to make your searches more effective. Plus, you can be smart and find clients, influencers, bloggers, journalists, and everyone else you might need with those 2nd level searches.

For instance, if you were looking for clients, you could type in “looking for _______________ [whatever you provide] ” and find high quality, high-intent leads for your business.

So, you have an analytics tool with additional features to help monitor trends, influencers, keywords, and also get business?

That’s intriguing.



Mouseflow Review

Let’s forget numbers for a while and focus on what’s most important to you. Increase sales and boost conversions?

You bet.

Mouseflow lets you record web sessions in the sense that you’d be able to see what happens on your web pages with live mouse tracking. You can spot trends boost conversions with instant heat maps. Use scroll maps to see where your visitors pay attention (or not), and quantify visitor behavior with in-page analytics.

What are your favorite tools?

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