WordPress powers more than 23% of the web (that takes it to a live count of about 60 million sites and counting), according to John-Henry Scherck & thanks to this infographic by WPEngine.

You’ll be able to see a real-time update of WordPress and its dominance of the web. How cool is that, eh?

While WordPress does have its flaws, it’s an easy and free (almost) CMS system that bloggers, entrepreneurs, and even major companies swear by. WordPress benefits far outweigh the negatives.

Here are reasons why WordPress is that good for your business:


Free and powerful, right out of the box


John Rampton of Entrepreneur.com lists at least 25 reasons why you should make the switch to WordPress. “Free” and “powerful, right out of the box” obviously top the list.

With a single click install and immediate plug-and-go capability, WordPress tops the list for immediacy, ease, and efficiency as far as CMS are concerned.

WordPress is Open Source. It’s Yours. It’ll Always Be

Your WordPress website is yours to keep at all times (including malware, suspicious files, affected plugins, and even the world’s crappiest themes you must have purchased).

You spend years writing, publishing, and distributing content. You’d then promote your business to the point that the world gets to know about you, and then poof.. the platform you thought was cool just goes out of business and you lose everything you ever built.

Have e-commerce functions bolted in? You’d certainly need bank-grade protection for everything that’s on your site. If any other platform goes out of business, your entire customer database is also wiped out.

Really? Do you want to depend on something else instead of owning and keeping a piece of software like WordPress forever?


Not Design, Sir. It’s About Conversions


The only thing that matters when you put up that website is whether or not that website gives you anything back in return.

  • If it’s a blog, does it bring in monetizing opportunities for you? Do you make money off it?
  • Does your ecommerce site make you money?
  • Is your small business website positioned to get you noticed by potential stakeholders such as prospects, potential investors, candidates looking to work at your business?

In business, you ought to be looking for a return on your investment. To do that in this era of digital marketing would mean building and fostering a community of existing and future customers, to tie in that community with value, and to be able to give before you take.

In 2011, HubSpot released a survey where they found that 76% of users said that the most important factor in the design of a website was that “The website makes it easy for me to find what I want.”

Only 10% of users said,

“beautiful appearance”

…was the most important thing to them.

Peep Laja at ConversionXL.com, once said,

“Don’t design your own website. No, really. It will suck”.


“If you build your own site, it will be ugly and it will hurt your business. You will lose money. Every day will be a wasted opportunity.”

Design is the path you take for the purposes of marketing to make conversions happen.

No one cares if your website has a slider on it or not. Nor will anyone care if you are using this WordPress theme or that.


Don’t Be an expert at Web Design (Unless You Are Into web design)


There’s a reason why products like StudioPress (think of it as SquareSpace for WordPress)

Michael E.Gerber calls people who set up businesses around what they are exceptionally good at as “Technicians”. Unless you are a designer or developer, why do even bother tinkering with the technical side of things.

Entrepreneurship is all about getting smart. For your web presence, decide on WordPress and look for the best products available that can help decrease the demands on your time (or stress).

Marvin Russell of Moz.com writes:

Our clients will never learn the basic principles of web design and marketing like the laws of visual hierarchy, Occam’s Razor, negative space, form follows function, the laws of proximity. Our clients are lawyers, real estate agents, restaurant owners, bloggers, sales clerks, bar owners, car salesmen, and more.

Design should get you results. Experienced web developers who’ve worked with clients to build websites that are more like sales machines can do that.

Chip away at your design all you want, but you might not make the cut. Why?

There’s the question of design leading to conversions.

According to Peep Laja, his Lessons learnt from reviewing websites have a story to tell. Most websites don’t even come close to getting primed up for generating leads.

As such, that’s the most important thing that businesses need.


Get Help. Anytime


With WordPress, you have no shortage for help (which you’ll often need) from tons of “learn all about it yourself” self-help content on the wordpress official site, communities, blogs, and more.

Apart from that, you have forums and communities around WordPress that can jump in and help provide support when you need it the most. You have freelancers all the way to well-known communities such as WPMU Dev.

Further, you also have world’s best WordPress experts available on tap at SuperTasker or WPCurve.

If all you ever wanted was a web presence (because your friend and her friend has one), plenty of do it yourself website builders can do the job.

However, if you don’t intend to take the trouble of setting up the website, optimise the website to prep it for long-term lead generation, manage the website continuously, take regular backups, fix the websites when there’s an issue, and provide for bank-grade security, you should opt to keep your website on WordPress with a team of the best WordPress experts you can invest in.


Secure. If not, more secure


It’s true that WordPress takes security seriously. Of course, there are issues. There’s also the fact that since it’s popular, it also gets a lot of hacker attention.

WordPress releases updates regularly, battles its own vulnerabilities, and tries to cough out stable versions while providing for backup and recovery.

You don’t have to rest your case though. Using an all-inclusive WordPress hosting solution, you can setup reinforced security around your site.

Download my WordPress Checklist to know how to secure your site, even before you start with WordPress.


Feed the need for speed


Fast websites are moneymaking machines. The faster your site is the more you make. Plus, fast-loading websites make for incredibly good user experience and enhance your branding.

According to an Akamai release, more than 47% of users surveyed reported that they’d prefer websites to load in less than 2 seconds.

If you had to try to speed up a normal website, the process quickly gets out of hand for a typical I-can-add-a widget-and-write-a-blog-post kind of entrepreneur.

Thankfully, you have smart options with WordPress.

I listed at least 8 tools that can help speed up your website.

Specifically, you should start with an exclusive WordPress hosting with services such as WPEngine, for instance.

These hosting solutions feature highly scalable architecture, unlimited data transfer, CDN readiness (no need to look for another CDN service), international data centers, evercaching technology, firewalls, and malware scanning.

Talking about CDN, Ogi Djuraskovic and the team at First Site Guide have a fantastic guide on CDN and Tips to Find the best CDN for your website.


Say goodbye to web designers


You’ll still need WordPress experts to help customize your WordPress site. However, for most cases, do everything to do with WordPress by yourself.

Modern paid themes available at marketplaces such as ThemeForest have all the options you need to customize your site the way you want to.

All you have to do is to buy a theme that you think best fits your business, tweak your theme, and you are set to launch.

I’d highly recommend using StudioPress Sites — you get the best of StudioPress Themes, The Genesis Framework, Synthesis Hosting, and great support.

Need WordPress experts? You can find help at Upwork or People Per Hour.

Alternatively, get help from WPCurve, SuperTasker, or The Envato Marketplace

WordPress has everything going for it. How are you taking it?

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