Digital marketing sounds easy, until you start doing it right.

Once you are on the right path and pay due respect to the digital marketing channels, it only gets harder.

But your business needs digital marketing. You can’t be spending all you got on flyers and brochures. Don’t even get me started on traditional marketing methods, ok?

You jumped the gun, you decided to be on your own and you certainly are on the war path for entrepreneurship. You aren’t going to look back and you finally found your love in business.

Starting a business is admirable, but sometimes, you’ll let things slip (especially with digital marketing).

Plus, there are some ‘ways’ you do digital marketing for your business that could be hurting your own chances of success.

Here are some of those:

You don’t test and validate ideas


Entrepreneurs tend to be decisive loading with the ability to take risks. They are visionaries and they put everything they’ve got into making their dreams come true. Reads nice out of a self-help book.

In reality, you should do all that backed by data, and not emotions. Testing and validating your ideas and opportunities is a no-brainer.

When it comes to digital marketing, you should be using any methods available to you to test and validate ideas.

  • Have an idea for a new business? Validate your idea by throwing up a landing page and spend $50 on Facebook ads or Google Adwords.
  • If and when you do launch, use a combination of both organic and inorganic digital marketing to promote your business (depending on any one digital marketing channel is plain stupidity).
  • Be sure to grow your email list from the start and find ways to nurture your leads to get the results you want.

Picking the wrong team


While consulting clients on digital marketing all over the world, I see a recurring pattern.

Most people that my clients hire are downright pathetic. Be it in-house teams or shady agencies that they end up working with.

Entrepreneurs either want to do it all by themselves, which is fine. If you do need help, take your time and do your due diligence.

You don’t want to work with any digital marketing professional or a digital marketing agency that never does what it preaches.

You don’t want to be asking a Facebook Advertising freelancer for help with Facebook ads when they never spent their own money running a few campaigns of their own.

You want to be careful about the choices you make when it comes to choosing the right digital marketing agency

Don’t assemble teams in haste picking up a completely wrong set of people. Or don’t underpay and undervalue great teams (or agencies, vendors, or freelancers that you work with).

You are at strike three.

Impatience is Poison


Everything takes time — be it relationships, mastery of skills, for things to happen for your business, and with digital marketing..

Impatient that most entrepreneurs are, it’s a characteristic that’s guaranteed to hit your chances of success.

It’s understandable that you have the pressure to perform, pay returns to placate your funding sources, and go to market fast.

Yet, impatience kills your marketing faster than it takes to sustain it. Even for something as quick as Facebook marketing or Google Adwords, you’ll still need time to optimize your campaigns or to split test your campaigns until they bring in profits.

There are no silver bullets to solve your problem in the next 24 hours. Period.

Doing (& Spending Money) On Exactly What Won’t Matter


Ever see entrepreneurs spending months and days on things like Logos, websites, branding, and other such nitty gritty? Have you seen teams huddled in useless meetings (or are you doing this yourself?). Do you spend all your time doing fancy strategy sessions, planning, and forecasting?

Do you often spend days or weeks just trying to finalize a blog post title or take several weeks to launch paid campaigns? Are you wasting time on metrics that only massage your ego but not serve your business?

You are wasting time. All that time is opportunity cost.

Stop doing all that. All you should be doing is to find your next customer or client. Put systems in place, automate your processes, and more.

You can do everything else later.


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