Content Marketing Tips

No one’s interested in you. Life on earth existed without your products and services. It’ll continue to exist without your offer.

Customers are like immovable objects in a vortex of information. If you want to move customers, stop the “information circus”.

Create something bold, compelling, and attractive.

That’s where the “creativity” in writing kicks in. Creativity leads to innovation. Those who innovate make it big.

As long as Nokia ran on Symbian, the mobile phone industry chugged along. When Apple launched iPhone in 2007, the industry went nuts. iPhone was a bold move.

The iPhone killed the scattered empires Nokia, Motorola, Sony, and other mobile phone makers.

So, the “best practices” say that you should create posts 500-600 words long. Throw in your keywords. Seduce spiders. Write and publish regularly. Get on social media. Do this, and do that.

In short, why don’t you start looking like others? What’s the big deal about you, anyway?

The future is for the bold. Sissies can find another free blog to write on. God knows he’ll generously allow them to post trash and promote links on Twitter and Facebook.

It’s the start of the week. So, resolve to write content that zaps:

  • Don’t create content that sounds like you are another “Internet marketing” guru. If you ever see another long-form sales letter, you are likely to be mugged online.
  • Give Google the middle finger. Diversify your marketing strategy. You can’t possible depend on Google exclusively for your business. Entrepreneurship was all about being on your own, doing what you like, and profiting from it? Since when you did you acknowledge Google as your overruling boss?
  • If the world insists on writing 500-600 word posts. Go write long-form. Or go short. No one cares. All that the readers care about is the meat of the content and not the length of the post.
  • Large, bold, opinionated, and in your face – that’s your framework for writing blog posts. Good guys finish last, didn’t you hear?
  • Yes, do get on Social Media. Please stop being someone else though.

What’d you do?