Do you take 48 hours or more for a blog post? Do you go back and forth gazillion time with your web developer just to get your website running the way it should? Do you repeat the same “Do this, do that, change this, change that” routine with your graphic designers to create visuals, graphics, and branding assets?

Just stop.

You are doing no good that way. Your perfectionistic streak is hurting efficiency and speed. Your insistence on colors and shapes is costing money and time.

Then, there are a thousand other things that are critical for your digital marketing success but you can’t afford to spend three years on at the same time.

You have to make some decisions quick. Here are a few tips:

WordPress Hosting

This is 2017, and if you are still chasing shared hosting just because you’d like to cut some corners and save on bills, you are hurting yourself. For one, your journey with those shared hosting platforms would feel like a dream date until shit happens.

Most shared hosting providers come with hosting that’s unbearably slow. Plus, their servers are overloaded (because it’s cheap, Charlie), which makes your site even slower.

You shouldn’t have to think, blink an eye, or take a smoke break to think about this.

Pick any of the following, indulge in a few clicks, and you are up and running on rock-solid web-hosting in no time. After that, never worry about hacking, malware attacks, the fact that you didn’t backup your site, and page loading speeds.


If you still insist, at least go for NameCheap’s hosting (only because they have fantastic support). Or you can check out Hostinger

Website Platforms

If you have to create a new website today, what would you do?
After years, I’ve come to a few simple options:

  1. Use Webflow and create an HTML/CSS. Great support, blazing-fast websites, and an incredibly sleek (and functional) web page builder. Webflow also has a CMS, should you want to do blogging and such (which you should).
  2. Use WordPress. Really, don’t even second guess it. You could spend years just trying to catch up on the WordPress Sucks and Alternatives to WordPress posts, but that won’t help your business.
  3. If both of the above doesn’t work. Try DIY website builders. Not all of them are as good as they are made out to be, though.

Every platform has limitations. Take it or leave it.
Then, easy doesn’t mean it’s the best: For instance, Wix owns everything you create and you can’t move out of that box, for instance (the fact that Wix is popular worries me).

Weebly, however, let’s you export your Weebly website (along with the images and content) out to WordPress maybe? Take 30 mins. Take your pick.

Complete your website in a week maximum. Anything more than that is a sin.

Logo & branding

You don’t need a fancy Branding Consultant for your small business. You just have to spend a weekend over coffee, ponder over what you want your brand to represent (and how you are going to present it), and fire up tools like Logojoy to get your logo in minutes.

Plus, you also get a brand kit, your logo rendered in various colors (including the black and white versions), custom social media graphics created with your new logo, and you can always go back and edit your own logo for free.

You can also use TailorBrands and get your logo along with other graphics, corporate identity kits, brand books, and more.

Within an hour, you should have everything you need for branding. Period.

Digital Marketing Assets

You can’t spend forever on a blog post, a social media update, an infographic, or what have you.

You can’t afford to go slow on that. Plus, you aren’t lining up for the Pulitzer Prize, are you?

Since digital marketing requires you to crank out content with efficiency, impact, and speed, you can’t always be going back and forth with graphic designers. Neither do you have the privilege of learning Photoshop.

For content, either write yourself or hire me and I’ll write until your server crashes

For graphics, use Canva, Crello, or Stencil — any of those tools could give you graphic design superpowers, at speed.

When it comes to landing pages, use Unbounce and you also get A/B testing with it. You can also use Thrive, Leadpages, Instapage, and others.

You need ca ommitment to digital marketing. Don’t expect to get 6 posts up on your blog and then hope for the world to come beating at your door.

This applies to paid marketing channels such as Facebook ads and Google Adwords also. Just because you throw money at Google or Facebook doesn’t mean you’ll do it right.

What are some of those things that you are guilty of spending precious time over?

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