I work out of a shared office and so there are usually other entrepreneurs around me. For several years, I’ve actively avoided making any sort of small talk or active networking in shared office spaces because I meet many wantrepreneurs than entrepreneurs. The kind of people I meet – I am sorry to say – can only suck your life out of you. I have written about these specific types of wantrepreneurs on LinkedIn earlier.

On a random Saturday, I was on a course-taking mode doing nothing but taking all sorts of courses all day long. Facebook Blueprint, Convertkit’s Launch Your Own Business Masterclass, and many others.

One guy casually walked up to the spot where I usually sit and popped this question: “What do you do?”

Me: I run a digital marketing agency.

Him: Businesses don’t need a digital marketing agency, do they? We can do it everything ourselves.

Me: Yes, of course, you can.

Him: You have lots of competition too, don’t you?

Me: In a way, generally speaking, yes.  But I don’t mind competition.

Me: What do you do?

Him: I am creating an app – an aggregator of sorts.

Me: Awesome. Good for you.


The talk was trash. There wasn’t any takeout at the end of it all. I hated every bit of that conversation. One point stood out: his vehement denial that a “business doesn’t need a digital marketing agency”.

Businesses need digital marketing agencies. Here’s why:

You know shit

So this guy, in the middle of the conversation, said everything I was hoping he wouldn’t.

We hire writers to write for our blog. We only pay $1 per blog post. It’s another thing that I’d have to sit down and edit or rewrite everything myself.

I have an in-house team of digital marketers. We run ads on Google and Facebook. We only do advertising for brand recall.

A/B testing? Bah, my business doesn’t need that. We have unlimited funding (Who is the jackass who is funding you asshole?)

The trouble with digital marketing is that absolutely everyone can claim to be an expert at it – knowing whatever they know and clinging on to it like God has spoken.

Sadly, you bring the same knowledge to your business. You throw money. You hire monkeys. You do shit all the time thinking you are doing the right thing.

How many wrongs will you do until you get a right?

You are an entrepreneur, not a marketer

You are in business and it’s your business to manage your business. Unless you are a digital marketing freelancer, SEO professional, founder/co-founder of a digital marketing agency, you wouldn’t deal with marketing on a daily basis. For instance, I am a digital marketing professional and I also have the responsibility to do all the marketing needed for my own agency. So, I have a dual role here.

For tax consultants, lawyers, salon owners, real estate consultants, and all other business owners out there, marketing is not what they are good at.

Some of you try to do it by yourself (and that’s your call) but that’s not what you are good at.

If you attempt DIY, you’ll fail

Even if you happen to “know a lot about digital marketing” it doesn’t imply that you should do it yourself simply because you just can’t.

If you did, you’d not have the patience to do it the right way – the kind of stuff you’d need to do on a consistent basis to ensure that you get the results you seek.

You don’t have to write like Stephen King but you’ll be just as good as him when it comes to the volume of writing (for blog posts, other content) you’d have to do.  You won’t have the time to spend on social media. For many folks, the marketing technology stack – and to deal with it – is enough to make you give up.

Your time is better spent elsewhere

Digital marketing is a full-time thing. You’d have produce so much content that it never ends, technically. You’d then have to spend time (and do the work) for social media, setting up email marketing and marketing automation, build landing pages, manage ad campaigns, worry about conversion optimization, and more.

Do you have the time to do that? If you do, who the heck is going to run your business?

You are your biggest bottleneck

Good digital marketing depends on data. Decisions are made based on trials, experimentation, and a considerable amount of failure.

If it were left to you and I, we’d be making decisions based on emotions. Or based on what mom told us. Or perhaps you have a friend who knows someone who knows someone else who dabbles with digital marketing, and this friend told you something crappy.

In any way you look at it, you are truly a problem for your own good. You are a bottleneck when it comes to your business and digital marketing specifically.

Your opinions and mine, they don’t count.

What counts is how digital marketing helps your business grow.  Do yourself a favor and let professionals and digital marketing agencies do what they are supposed to do.

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