Online courses are the most efficient way to train or teach, period.

There’s nothing that comes close to it. Try setting up a location-based, offline training institute or a training center and you’ll soon give up on the sheer madness that the logistics of such an endeavor is.

Videos, graphics, and text — they make for the perfect ingredients to build out a structured learning path to help others get from A to B, as far as learning is concerned.

When you have a full-fledged online course platform such as Thinkific, you also have:

  • Everything you need to host your courses (including video hosting)
  • Various transactional-based emails such as welcome mails, course completion emails,
  • A professional online course website (along with multiple dedicated landing pages for each course you create)
  • Tons of resources available to help you launch your online courses, to price your courses the right way

Another online course platform worth checking out is Podia, of course.

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Online course platforms take away the headaches that come with fully-customized WordPress LMS approach to online courses. I just don’t want to waste time with WordPress LMS, it’s just not my thing.

Why teach online? What’s up with Online Courses? Why Fetchprofits Academy?


For most agencies, freelancers, and digital marketing professionals, there’ll be a time when the majority of work involved is educating clients (and others) and the actual work takes a backseat.

You know how it is when you set up a simple prospecting call with a potential client and end up:

  • Educating clients on what they should do and shouldn’t do.
  • Helping clients understand why this approach is better than that.
  • Letting clients get a clear and realistic understanding of what digital marketing channels work best and what won’t.
  • Providing customized solutions to each clients’ business.

It’s lot more education than anything else.

If and when clients start working with us, then there’s a need for “continuing” education.

In the end, education is a part of what I do here as I work with clients all over the world and in various stages of their digital marketing efforts.

For me, clearly, there was always a need for a proper online training setup required to help achieve the “education” part. Plus, there was also my personal need to get away from trading time for dollars, to reduce the time spent on education or consulting clients, and to make this process a more efficient one.

That explains the launch of our brand new academy or learning center, or resource hub, or whatever you’d like to call it.

It’s a new journey for me since I have to battle with my demons on making videos, using videos and other content in a structured manner to make them into courses and to actually structure my own thinking to create content that makes a difference.

At the moment, there are only three short courses available:

The Freelancing Course

How to Build Chatbots For Facebook Messenger


The Quora Ads Course (Free Course)

What’s coming up with fetchprofits Academy?


There’s only one reason why the academy exists: it’s to empower small business owners and rookie digital marketers to make digital marketing work for respective businesses.

It’s about learning, empowerment, and getting better. Ultimately, that’s also the journey I want to take as an entrepreneur.

At the time of this writing, if you signed up for my ultimate resource kit or any other resources, all that is going to be delivered by Drip Email Automation System.

I’ll also be moving my ultimate resource kit and several other resources into the fetchprofits academy to make it all available at once, for free.

While I’ll still be using Drip, I am going to using email marketing for:

  • Lead Nurturing for the online courses
  • Driving engagement for each of the courses using emails
  • To drive actual sales by moving subscribers of free resources to paid courses or by helping push sales of individual online courses.
  • Others

Excited? Say hello to the academy and sign up for the Free Quora Ads course and learn how to get up and running with Quora ads in 10 minutes flat.

There are a lot more courses planned for the academy to help you learn digital marketing and for all of us to have a trusted, close-knit, and passionate community to bank on.

A few courses that are coming up soon:

  • The Smart Email Marketing Course
  • Complete Course On Retargeting
  • Google Adwords Course
  • Facebook Advertising Course
  • The Sales Funnels Course

What do you think about the new academy? I’ll be excited to hear from you.

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