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So, the marketing world has come to this: mobile gets more important than ever before, according to a timely post by Patricia Redsicker of Social Media Examiner. Email marketing is still in. Social media has permanent rush-hour traffic and your marketing budget still stays the same. Meanwhile, you have a business to run. You have leads to generate; you’ll need customers more than ever. While the onus of responsibility grows constantly and the pressure feels like a 10-tonne truck on your shoulders, what you’ll need to do now is pretty simple. Here’s the best route:

Keep your website simple

“I need a website with 10 pages…”
“I want my website to be like a portal, really”
“How many more pages can we add? Will you be able to add graphics and lots of content on my website?”

Really? Who cares?

The number of pages doesn’t matter. Your website design matters until it grabs the attention but it’s worth nothing more than a pretty picture if it can’t keep your visitors engaged.

You need simplicity. Precision. Focus.

Establish your workflow around simplicity. Weed out anything you don’t need on your website, and then some more. Websites today, most of them at least, look like crowded community kitchen with a lot of things cooking while everyone in there is still hungry and clueless. You ruin chances of conversions. Your brand image gets diluted. The more polluted your website is, the harder you’d have to work to get your message across. On the Internet, your customers have no time, patience, or love for you. Either you get the point across or you won’t.

Traffic is old school. Conversions are new age goals

Almost every business now knows how to get traffic to his or her website. Your traffic numbers could run the digital counter into the millions or the numbers could be too embarrassing for you to even talk about. Yet, traffic isn’t as important as it’s made out to be. It’s the conversions that you should be focusing on. Paul Dunay wrote a post on Social Media Today and this is what he had to say:

“You want sales, not just visitors”

“You want insight, not just raw numbers”

If a 100,000 disinterested and clueless visitors end up on your site, what do you achieve really? You’d spend dollars and you’d flap your arms about but that’s it. No conversions. No sales. No customers.

Blog + Social Media is just the beginning

Have a blog, will go social, and there, I’ve done it, haven’t I? No, you haven’t. You did start and I’ll tip my hat but there’s a lot more to be done. For one, you’ll need to make sure you are responsive, throughout. You’ll then need to setup a workflow for email marketing (includes opt-ins, campaigns, auto responders, etc.). You’ll also need paid advertising, landing pages, webinars, slide decks, images, and graphics.

You have to produce videos. You have to host offline seminars if it makes sense for your business, participate in trade shows, deploy events, launch podcasts, publish magazines, and sponsor conferences.

Marketing is like breathing. Once you start doing it, it never stops.

SEO is dead. Today, It’s about semantics, intent, and quality

Mark Jackson of Search Engine Watch warns about how SEO is dying. It’s evolving, changing, and every thing we ever learnt about search optimization is now ready for an overhaul. Today, it’s about matching the semantic intent of search users. It’s about exceptional content that solves problems (plug in inspiration, motivation, instructions, ideas, content curation, and other variants here).

No more rehashed posts with keyword phrases pasted all over. Say goodbye to any of the link building methods we all grew up with (on the Internet, that is). It’s about three things today: quality, quality, and quality.

How are you working on your marketing? What are your greatest challenges when it comes to marketing? We are all eyes. Give us a shout.

Img Credits: Sri Harsha on Flickr