Over the last some years, marketing has shifted from direct to a more subtle approach. The influence of Internet over our lives is the major factor that has contributed to this shift. Unlike face-to-face marketing, where you could directly approach a potential customer and rattle off your product descriptions, things are not so straightforward in the online world.

Here, you have to entertain your target customers, offer them an enriching experience and sell your products at the same time. The fact that makes Internet marketing strategies more challenging is that their expiry dates are too short. In fact, you could be all set to implement an Internet marketing strategy, when you receive negative reports about it.

So, what is the solution, you may ask me?

I believe that that the simplest way to handle this situation is to utilize your creativity and come up with interesting content marketing strategies. I would elaborate on my current favorite strategy-storytelling:

Storytelling: Are You Serious?

If this has been your reaction reading the sub title, I am not surprised. It is true that despite spending a major chunk of time online, some of us are yet to realize the importance of storytelling. For them, I would clarify in this post some of the ways storytelling can change perception of users about a website.

Storytelling Increases Recall Value

Most people agree that as compared to boring statistics, stories are easier to remember (if you do not believe me, ask your kids). In “The Power of Storytelling in Classroom”, the author has beautifully explains the explosive power of story-telling. According to the author,

Stories help us to organize and remember information, and tie content together”.

Incorporating stories in your website can be a smart strategy to enhance recall value of your website. It is possible that without a story, first-time users may forget about the information that you have offered in your website. However, if you tell them a good story, chances of forgetting your website are low. The best part is that in the 21st century, a huge range of digital tools are available for creating stories. Some of these tools include Zooburst, Animoto, Aviary, and PhotoStory3. You can use any of these tools or other resources for creating intriguing and interactive stories.

It is always Easier to Understand with Stories

Another advantage of using stories is that they allow people to understand your viewpoint quickly. They give an in-depth, richer insight into your personality and minimize the cognitive load.

As Susan M. Weinschenk says in her popular book ‘Neuro Web Design’, “Stories are an excellent way for us to process and store information…stories allow us to break down events into smaller units so that we can better understand the information being communicated”. So, set aside some days for developing nice stories and simplify the process of earning loyal visitors.

Storytelling Strengthens Emotional Bond

Did you ever cry while watching a movie or a heartwarming story? Chances are high that you have (we all have, in fact). This happens because stories allow us to feel the experiences characters have undergone. Thus, we feel sad when they go through any unfortunate experiences and feel happy when they overcome challenges successfully.

I gave this example to make you understand the fact stories are excellent ways of creating an emotional bond with their target users. And if you tell them honest and heartwarming stories, they would come back to your website for enjoying the feel-good factor associated with stories.

Storytelling offers various advantages to business owners. When told effectively, they create a positive image of yours and help users connect to you. The best part is that this strategy is comparatively new, so you can use it to your advantage.

Happy storytelling.

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