I’ll come out with it today.

About 16 years ago, I started my career with content writing — writing articles for SEO, blogging, and ghost writing. When I started then, I never realized that I’d get the fantastic opportunity to work with scores of clients for all these years helping them develop content for their marketing needs.

Those days, all I knew was writing and that’s all I would do. I wouldn’t ever know whether or not my articles or blog posts helped those clients in anyway.

A few years into my freelancing career and I got to learn that all that content I was writing was only a part of digital marketing overall. It was a mere cog in the wheel of complexity that digital marketing truly is.

Content marketing — all those blog posts, articles, newsletters — were (and still are) very important for marketing your business today.

I just didn’t know that when I started.

Why Learn Digital Marketing From Me?


Fast forward a few years and I now realize how content fits into digital marketing. But I also figured out that there’s so much more to online marketing than just content. As such, that marked my foray into end-to-end digital marketing where I helped clients:

  • Create and deploy complete digital marketing campaigns strategically.
  • Write blogs, create articles, and get their digital marketing engine going.
  • Help businesses get on social media and make an impact.
  • Help many small, medium, and even large (Surprise, Surprise) companies tap into the incredible power of email marketing (complete with autoresponders, campaigns, RSS-to-email campaigns, and more).
  • Work with businesses to build their sales funnels and then optimize those sales funnels for maximum results.
  • Get analytics into the equation and let businesses understand how their digital marketing efforts get them results accurately.
  • Teach clients how to use the data from analytics off their combined efforts off organic marketing and paid marketing to make the right decisions for data-driven marketing (and not let emotions, whims, or wayward ideas affect their own results)
  • Setup entire marketing automation sequences for many clients so that they could finally allow technology to help them instead of each client having to wear multiple hats.
  • I actually practice what I preach. I spend my own money on PPC campaigns, Native Advertising Campaigns, and I obviously blog, create Infographics, a video channel on YouTube, and I am regular on Social Media.

There have also been numerous consulting calls, one-to-one coaching sessions, and even long retainer agreements buried into NDAs over these years.

It’s been a long, fruitful journey and I am thrilled at what all these years have really been for me.

Why a Free Digital Marketing Course?


I spent all these years learning, screwing up, and learning some more. For me, digital marketing wasn’t just a skill I could learn and make money off it. I was, and I still am, passionate about Digital marketing and what It can do for your business (and mine).

As I prepare to bring my expertise, skills, and all these years of combined learning so that I can help small business owners and corporates, I’ve begun to realize that:

  • Everyone seems to be an expert on Digital Marketing. But they aren’t.
  • Despite all the information available online — from some really talented folks out there who’ve done it all and they also freely share what they do — many business owners, individuals, and corporations seem to have their own “version” of what works and what doesn’t.
  • Many businesses focus on just one or two of “all” the digital marketing channels available to them,
  • Businesses don’t seem to value the time, effort, and sheer dedication that goes into digital marketing done the right way.
  • There’s a right way to do digital marketing and there’s “your way of doing digital marketing”. It’s always the “right way” that wins and brings you results.
  • There are short cuts aiming to get you results today (read “slimy marketing”) and there are ways to prepare your business for the long-haul. It’s always the hard, sweaty, long-haul kind of marketing that really makes all the difference. Not to mention happy clients or customers for life.

I see a big gap in what’s to be done and what businesses do.

What you want = Results
What you need = a dependable, efficient, smart, and comprehensive way to get your results

There’s a huge connect between what you want and what you need. A huge part of the reason for disconnect is “You”.

It just looks like teaching, training, and consulting you on digital marketing is more important than just doing “what needs to be done”.

For that reason, I decided to engage in a lifetime of teaching, training, and consulting. To start with, here’s a super long, one-email-per-day email course on comprehensive digital marketing customized for you.

Depending on your interests, your goals, and your businesses, the course will automagically evolve itself to suit your needs.

Stop running your business like you don’t care anymore. If you mean well, you’d want to give your business and what it really deserves.

Signup for the free course now and get on the path to do marketing like a hero.