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Vertical Media Solutions doesn’t just provide resume writers who can polish your resume to perfection. The company has an extensive background in recruiting and candidate placement, as well as job coaching. This distinct advantage means that their clients benefit from the vast knowledge and experience of our industry professionals.

Other resume writers focus on cleaning up formatting and highlighting job skills. Most of them have never actually been in the hiring seat.

While crafting a polished resume is a good start, it neglects to address the other important factors that set top-notch resumes apart from the rest.

VMU’s background in recruiting gives us valuable insight into the best practices and current trends in hiring. We know what today’s hiring managers want and don’t want, because we interact with them daily

Vertical Media Solutions had a unique request since their regular lead generation process wouldn’t involve a simple PDF download, a free trial, or a free white paper download. Their lead generation required screening of potential clients.

The only way to do that would be for Gordon to actually schedule a phone call for 30 minutes worth of consulting for free.

The landing page was built in two versions (A & B). One version had the image of a woman behind on the hero section and the second version (B) had the image of a resume.