Over the years, I’ve always struggled with our network of websites. Fetchprofits, Rebelpreneur and Groovywebtools have been around for about 9 years now.

In that time, each of the sites (yes, including this site you are at) have been compromised, hacked, screwed with, and taken down for a total of 4 times. I can still remember the agony, pain, and a sinful amount of time I had spent just to get the sites back to normal.

I did every mistake in the book of “Royal Screw Ups You do With Your WordPress Sites” [There’s no such book. I just made it up].

Eventually, I moved this website to Flywheel and that’s where it’s been living for the last 2 years or so. It’ll continue to because it gives:

  • Super-fast hosting
  • Malware checks and prevention
  • Hacking prevention and hacker-proof hosting
  • CDN
  • Automated Daily Backups
  •  Extraordinarily good support (even if they are just available on chat)

Our clients usually choose Flywheel or WPEngine. I don’t even think of any other options for them, and I usually insist.

However, I have a wish list. I’ve always wanted to use StudioPress Themes for at least one of my sites. Rainmaker Digital — the company that makes Studiopress Themes also owns Synthesis Hosting, Digital Commerce Academy, the Rainmaker Platform, and the very famous CopyBlogger Blog that you might very well have bookmarked by now.

When I started out many years ago, The Genesis Framework and any of the Studiopress themes were out of my focus since I only used to work as a freelance writer or blogger. I had nothing to do with themes, frameworks, or websites.

Today, as we work with clients across the digital marketing spectrum — from websites to landing pages; from blogging to social media; and from analytics to conversion rate optimization, I find myself working with websites, themes, and frameworks.

Then, came along a new avatar that Studiopress took on: Studiopress Sites.

Studiopress sites give you everything that The Genesis Framework, Synthesis Hosting, the SEO tools (Like Scribe), attraction suite, Social Media tools, and much more for a single price payable yearly or quarterly.

Here’s what is included with Studiopress Sites:

  • The Genesis Framework (naturally)
  • 20 Mobile-Optimized Designs
  • WordPress-Specific Cloud Performance
  • No Upcharges for Bandwidth, Storage, CPUs, and RAM
  • Advanced SEO Functionality
  • Automatic WP, Plugin, and Theme Updates
  • Rock-solid Security Scanning
  • One-Click Install of Premium Plugins
  • World-Class Support

In short, It’s WordPress made easy without sacrificing power or flexibility. It’s perfect for bloggers, podcasters, and affiliate marketers, as well as those selling physical products, digital downloads, and membership programs.

Industry Standard Design Framework


Once upon a time, frameworks were all the rage. For an average business owner like you and I, however, that doesn’t mean a thing. All that we care about is that our website is up and running, it looks good, and it makes you money.

But it certainly helps if the website is based on a framework that’s rock solid. Won’t it?

The Genesis Framework already powers over 500,000 WordPress sites, and it’s the foundation of your new StudioPress Site. With search engine optimized code, airtight security, instant updates, customizable widget and layout options, and a huge developer community, Genesis is the framework that makes WordPress easier, without sacrificing power or flexibility.


20 Mobile-Optimized HTML5 Designs


I’ve always held the belief that How your website looks never matters; the only thing that matters is how well your website works for you.

Instead of losing sleep over this slide show or that or fussing over the graphics on your site (or the colors), the only thing you should be concerned about is how your website delivers. How does it perform? How much money does it make for your business?

It’d be nice if the next WordPress theme you buy takes care of the aesthetics, design, and the “oomph factor”. Studiopress sites comes with over 20 Mobile-optimized, sleek, and beautiful themes for your business.

In fact, you want sleek, professional design — without paying a fortune for it and without fearing instant obsolescence as web design evolves. Choose from a score of included turnkey “mobile optimized” HTML5 designs that provide beautiful frames for your content.

Feel free to personalize any of the included themes by tweaking the CSS, or go to a completely custom Genesis child theme.


Fast Loading Performance


Slow websites suck your websites’ (and hence the potential of your business) away. Your shared hosting can never give you the kind of speed backed by sophisticated technology stack to power your WordPress site.

Get started setting up your StudioPress Site right away on our infrastructure that’s optimized specifically for peak WordPress performance. Site speed and page load times are too important to be jammed on a box with hundreds of generic WordPress installs. More importantly, never face the experience of your site crashing just because you succeed in getting big traffic.

Zero “Hosting” Hassles


Remember the story about how all of my websites (including this one) went down one after the other? Hosting is not something you think about in your shower. If your hosting fails or if you run into trouble, however, hosting is all that’ll keep you up awake through countless nights.

Not only do you enjoy superior speed and performance with your StudioPress Site, you also avoid the hassle of self-hosted WordPress, like surprise expenses for bandwidth upcharges, storage, CPUs and RAM. Even as your StudioPress Site remains solid during surprise traffic spikes, you won’t pay extra for short-term success on the way to sustained higher traffic.

Rock-Solid Security


Running a business is hard as it is, and the last thing you want to worry about is about the security of your WordPress site. Because WordPress is popular, it stands out like a sore thumb with a perpetual, open invitation for hackers worldwide.

Your WordPress needs security. It needs care.

Even beyond the security features built into Genesis and the included automatic plugin and theme maintenance, there’s more to protect your StudioPress Site. Our architecture is designed to maximize security and performance — including intrusion prevention, continuous scanning and monitoring for malware, distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection, and more.


Advanced SEO Functionality


Don’t chase gimmicks and tricks to manipulate your search results, because you can’t. Focus on writing good content and get linked instead.

However, it won’t hurt to keep your website primed for SEO.

The SEO features of the Genesis Framework helped make it the industry standard among WordPress users. For StudioPress Sites, however, we’re taking it even further, with advanced schema control, XML sitemap generation, robots.txt generation, asynchronous JavaScript loading, enhanced Open Graph output, breadcrumb title control, AMP support, and more.


Automatic Plugin and Theme Maintenance


One of the most common reasons why you get hacked in the first place is because you didn’t care to update your themes and plugins.

Most people don’t have a clue. Those who do almost always learn it the hard way.

Getting hacked is no laughing matter, and the number one way bad guys get in is through outdated themes, plugins, and old versions of WordPress. Many WordPress site owners now spend $79 or more every month to have an outside service keep things updated and safe. StudioPress technology takes care of this for you at no extra charge. Opt-out if you want!


One-Click Install of Included Plugins


Ever wondered if you could trust a theme or not? With all those plugins available, how do you know for sure that the next plugin you’ll upload won’t crash and burn your WordPress site?

Never wonder which plugins are trustworthy, thanks to your StudioPress Site’s repository of one-click solutions for the premium functionality you desire. Choose from an ever-expanding selection including WooCommerce, Design Palette Pro, AMP, Beaver Builder Lite, OptinMonster, AffiliateWP, Soliloquy Lite, Easy Digital Downloads, Restrict Content Pro, Ninja Forms, WPForms Lite, and more to come.


World-Class Support


When something happens, you need help. Never underestimate the importance of good support. All the hosting recommendations we ever provide are based mostly on the strength of a hosting providers’ support system.

WPEngine and Flywheel already take top positions when it comes to support. Studiopress is one of the very few who really provide support at that level.

StudioPress Sites are truly unique, in the sense that the entire service has been designed from the ground up to promote integrated ease-of-use while eliminating confusion and the chance that something will go wrong. And yet, you should rest assured that if something does go off the rails, our friendly support team is standing by 24/7 to assist you in getting back on track fast.

Most of the advantages you’d see above are absolutely important. You won’t know how important it is until you screw up, or you have the vision, or maybe you are just wise you learn from others’ mistakes.

Your WordPress website resembles your business, makes you money directly, and is responsible for your branding. It is everything your business stands for and for that reason alone, you should see what Studiopress sites can do for you.

Take a look at what Studiopress Sites can do for your business.

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