Twitter For Business: How Twitter Helps You Get Business

Small businesses have a losing proposition on social media, and that includes Twitter.

All that futzing around with others’ content, engagement, conversations, tweets, retweets, favs, shares, and everything else that goes on out there is a major time suck in a way.

That’s time consuming. Here’s how:

Time spent on social media

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And see how much time marketers & business owners whittle away on social:

TIme marketers spend on social

Img Credits: Buffer blog

Save time with Social

Neil Patel wrote a post on the Buffer blog to show that business owners spend 50% more time on social media than non-business owners. Sam Milbrath of HootSuite writes about how hard it is to scale up services (if you are an agency) and mange multiple accounts while have to schedule your updates on social media.

It doesn’t have to be that way thanks to technology. Armed with industry leading social media management tools such as HootSuite, you can practically scale your social media efforts.

Technology apart and putting social media awesomeness aside, there are a few things you should be doing on Twitter.

Here’s what:

Know what social media wants. Give it just that

Most businesses expect something from all the time and effort they put into social media management. They’d go like:

  • We want our fans and followers to grow over time.
  • Get us 12,546 Twitter followers by the end of 3 months.
  • What is Social Media ROI?

Here’s some news for you: there’s no way you can buy your way into people’s hearts.

Throwing money at social media is like paying every visitor at a dinner party to listen to non-stop pitching about your products and services, all night long.

Expecting fans and followers to grow is to assume that you are so awesome and that you are desperate for the world to like you.

All that is lame.

Social media is “social” media. Get social or get out. Grow organically or die.

Create a system. Now

You won’t be able to “wing” it on social. Because winging it takes all day. You’ll need a system. This is how it could be:

  •  Assign yourself exactly X number of updates per network, per day/week.
  •  Signup for a HootSuite Pro Account and use scheduling, auto-scheduling, or bulk uploads features to post updates into the future.
  • If you can, upload posts (counting up to 100s, if you have to) ahead of time using Bulk uploading and forget about it.
  • Well, you can’t really forget since your updates get some traction and love. When you do, retweet, fav, and thank people.
  • Get into conversations for exactly 30 mins a day, and no more than that.

Here’s the most important thing after you spend your 30 minutes: get off social media and focus on something else.

Focus on building relationships

When you are out there, having conversations or seeing new followers follow you or when you get into a live Tweet chat, it’s your opportunity to build relationships with real people. Focus on that.

  • Head out to their profile and see what they do. Who are these people?
  • Visit their websites, check out their blog posts, follow them back to stay tuned to their tweets, and support their cause.

Say, like this:

• Make your follow Fridays focused on one person/brand/company per #FF tweet. You know? Something like this:

Be good on social

Don’t get nasty. Don’t turn into a drone, and don’t overdo anything. That includes over using hashtags, as Hayley Mullen of Unbounce notes.

Also, stop using automated messages, not responding to all the love you get, hustling and peddling on social, and more.


How does Twitter work for you? What are you on Social for?


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