For over 16 years now, I’ve always focused on providing complete, end-to-end digital marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses.

My journey started with Blogging and then one thing led to another and today I do everything from blogging to Marketing Automation for clients.

It’s been a great journey so far but providing services for clients who are almost always in another time zone was taking its toll on me. I absolutely loved what I did but keeping up with time zones and trying to deliver digital marketing services to clients on a one-on-one basis was taking its toll on me.

After all these years, I wanted to experiment with e-commerce. I wanted to sell something that I am really good at, that I absolutely love working on, and that has the potential to scale and grow. My agency needed a way out of the complexity of providing services alone.

Starting today, we are working on custom Unbounce landing pages that you can purchase right from the fetchprofits store.

Our Unbounce landing pages ship with:

  • Design and copy
  • Two variants A and B (for A/B testing)
  • Brand matching “thank you” page
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Design and marketing best practices

We’ll also take care of additional things you’d need to make sure your Unbounce landing page works flawlessly such as:

  • Adding custom domains to your Landing pages or integrating Unbounce Landing Pages with your WordPress site.
  • Customizing templates for your brand, campaigns, or business
  • Adding tracking codes and The Facebook Pixel.
  • Integrating your landing pages with an email marketing service provider or email marketing automation software of your choice (We recommend MailChimp or Drip)

Here are a few Unbounce landing page templates already up and ready for sale:

Consulting pro

Consulting pro is an Unbounce Landing Page template created for consultants, freelancers, coaches, and other professionals who’d like to grow their business by generating leads with a free giveaway such as a Blueprint, an eBook, an exclusive set of videos, a cheat sheet, a toolkit, or a resource kit.

Purchase the template, swap your logo, change the colors to match your brand, and you are good to go.

Simplicity Loans

Loans Landing Page

If you are in the financial services Industry, you know how picky your customers are and how expensive paid campaigns can be. For that reason, you’d need simple landing pages that quickly get to the point and convert. You are in luck if your business deals with providing loans to your customers.

Simplicity Loans is an Unbounce landing page template that’s simple, succinct, and is built to convert.

Realty Showcase


Are you a real estate company, a real estate agent, or a homeowner with multiple properties to showcase? The realty Showcase is an Unbounce landing page template that’s built to “showcase” multiple properties.

Each of the buttons reveals a light box which in turn allows you to show more images or you can add more detail pertinent to each respective property.

Of course, you can swap, change, or edit absolutely anything you want.

Walnut & Crimson

Have a real estate business but want to focus on only one exclusive property at a time? The Walnut Unbounce landing page template for a single property is built for you to promote a single property (as against multiple properties).

How do you find the Unbounce landing page templates so far? Be sure to bookmark the URL for our store and keep visiting to check out new Unbounce landing page templates as they are uploaded.

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