You need to look for Unbounce Templates because your marketing campaigns can’t wait.

Every day lost trying to accomplish marketing-focused, strategic, and impactful landing pages are opportunities lost.

Just imagine how many leads (and potential sales you stand to lose just because you take all the time in the world to roll out an Unbounce landing page. 

Ultimate Resource Kit

The fastest way to get your landing pages up and running, especially when you are working with Unbounce, is to use the templates already available inside.

Templates help you design, deploy, and use your landing pages faster than ever.

When you use templates, you don’t have to start from scratch, you have a sense of direction as far as the design is concerned, and you’ll be able to make use of the time saved to do more important things when it comes to your campaigns. 

Here are 3 awesome sources for your Unbounce templates. Let’s dig right in: 

Templates, from Unbounce

As soon as you login into your Unbounce account (Get 20% off, for the first three months), and if you click on create a page, you’ll be given an option to choose one of the many templates available for your use within Unbounce.

After you choose your design, make necessary changes (swap out the logo, add your own images or pick images from Unbounce’s Integration with UnSplash, change the fonts, and style the buttons) and publish. 

Unbounce Templates from Funnelserve

If you are looking for “done for you” designs (complete with copy, design, two variants for A/B testing, etc.), you should check out funnelserve .

Funnelserve is a productized service that allows you get custom-designs for landing pages (or purchase templates right away). Just don’t forget to change the copy and design pertinent to your brand).

Or you also have the option of getting your Unbounce templates custom-designed (just leave instructions and access to your Unbounce account while checking out). 

Funnelserve’s Unbounce templates are designed from a marketing standpoint (with all the good stuff such as pixel-perfect design, high-impact copy, and a strategic angle to design). 

Envato Marketplace

Envato has been around for a long time and among various other things (such as WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, Shopify themes, etc.), you also have access to Unbounce templates from Envato.

The templates you get from Envato aren’t exactly designed from a marketing standpoint, they are still good options.

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Ultimate Resource Kit