Why You Should Be On Pinterest Really?

Can you actually sit there and avoid more than 72.8 million users with 85% of them female (you do know they make all the buying decisions, don’t you?).

Pinterest is all visual, boasts of buyer intent, and is a fresh alternative to Facebook and Twitter. It’s as much an opportunity for you to boost impressions, bring in some traffic, and get you all the branding you need.

And some brands do it really well.

Creating on boards on Pinterest also helps you to collect, curate, and share information that’d otherwise get drowned in the order of the posts you publish on your blog.

Pinterest recently rolled on “Buy” pins feature with clear intent to send out a message: Pinterest means business and it’s business you don’t want to miss out on.

Now, I know what you are thinking: Damn, another social network to get on? Like being on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram wasn’t enough?

No, it wasn’t enough. Yes, stop wondering why you should be on Pinterest, and here’s a smart way to get there:

Say Hello to TailWind

The Tailwind App is a suite of powerful tools to help you manage your Pinterest for Business or Pinterest for yourself. It boasts of Pinterest management, analytics, and other marketing tools.

Much like HootSuite is an exhaustive app to help you manage your social media in general, the TailWind App helps you manage Pinterest specifically.

Manage & Automate Pins

Sure, the “Pin It” button on your browser is handy, but it’d still call for your active management. Social manage is best done passively (where the active part should only be responding to others and actually getting into conversations). Use TailWind to create, manage, and automate your Pinterest updates calendar.

You can instantly create a “Pin Schedule” if you like based on your audience engagement, make your boards go viral, and bring in much needed traffic. You can schedule multiple pins at once (Chrome Extension available).

Obviously, you can track pins, repins, likes, comments, traffic, and revenue (I know you are salivating now).

Monitor & Gain Insights

You don’t want to throw out pins in the dark. You’d do well when you know your audience better, monitor your performance, and create just the kind of content your audience needs.

TailWind also allows you to gain insights about your audience, helps you gather interesting content to pin, curate amazing content, discover conversations, identify influencers, and also gives you a way to monitor your brand impact on Pinterest.

Analytics & Reporting

All your effort on Pinterest shouldn’t go without those rewards. That’s why it makes sense to use analytics to help you steer yourself to success.

Tailwind App helps you track growth, measure Pinterest followers over time, benchmark virality of your content, and analyze revenue. Measure the impact of your conversations, the content you share, Pin performance, traffic, and your individual pin growth.

Testing on Pinterest, yeah.

Content marketing has changed and posting “anything” won’t do. You can, instead, filter your pins by boards, categories, keywords, or hashtags to dig deeper and see what kind of content seems to be working for you.

See which of your pins are the most successful, analyze activity using heat maps, and also determine best days and time slots for optimized Pinterest Management.

Check out TailWind today and tell me how it works for you.

If you’d like to connect with me on Pinterest, I’ll be happy you did.