The WordPress universe is gigantic. It powers more than 60% of the sites on the web. The community reeks of love, the support is always there, and there’s a never-ending choice for Themes, plugins, frameworks, and scripts.

WordPress is good that way. For marketing, however, you’d need to look for something more specific. You’d need plugins that meet your marketing needs. You’d need plugins that pay you back.

Here are some of those WordPress Plugins for Marketing:

Unbounce for WordPress Plugin

Unbounce is the world’s best landing page builder (truly, and it’s no exaggeration) next only to LeadPages. Given the whopping number of WordPress users, landing pages stood in line asking for WordPress asylum for a long time now.

Unbounce my favorite builder for creating landing pages quickly and then integrating these landing pages into lead generation workflows and campaigns.

With the Unbounce for WordPress plugin, Unbounce has truly bought the platform to life.

Talking about Unbounce and Leadpages, if you need custom landing pages done, do visit funnelserve to purchase landing page templates and custom-designs for your landing pages.


Consider this: you are about to launch your business and your website is in the making. Let’s assume that it’d take you a month for the website to go live. What lives on the domain until then?

A 404 page?
No page?
Google Adsense?
Or a plain “coming soon” page with nothing else on it?

Your “coming soon” or “launching soon” or “Wait till we go online, you impatient squirrel” pages are digital real estate and they still have the potential to get you leads.

How, you ask? Use SeedProd. It’s a must have WordPress plugin that helps you put up landing page lookalike of a “coming soon” page and also helps you collect leads with something like:

“Be the first know”
“Join the beta”
“Get exclusive first access”

I don’t have to tell you more than that.

Scribe For WordPress By RainMaker Media

Get an insanely cutting edge over your competition with the popular Scribe for WordPress by RainMaker Media.

Using data from Open Calais, Moz, Bing, Google, and many other sources, Scribe is like your little content marketing expert living inside your WordPress dashboard. It helps you with content evaluations, SEO analysis, keyword research, and tons of other things you’d need when you set out to blog or create content.

See Scribe In Action With WordPress

Mouseflow for WordPress

Mouseflow is a genius of a tool that records live sessions on your website. It’s not the recording that’s the “genious” part, although it’s cool. It’s the vast volume of insights you get just by looking at a live recoridng of what your visitor does on the website.

Where does she click?
How does she scroll?
Where does her attention go?
How does she move about on the site?

Plus, you also see:

How does my website look on different browsers?
What’s that thing there?
Hey, where’s the “about” page I wrote?

You can use Mouseflow by installing a piece of code. If you don’t want to do that, use the WordPress Plugin for Mouseflow.

Watch videos of your visitors browsing the site right now. Plus, get all the action on clicks, actions, movement, scrolls and more.

Yoast for SEO WordPress Plugin

No list is complete without Yoast’s popular SEO plugin. While WordPress is already built for SEO out of the package, Yoast plugin for SEO gives your WordPress god-like powers. All you have to do is to install it for free, set it up right, and make sure every blog post is optimized while publishing.

If that little dot next to the “SEO” status doesn’t show green, you don’t publish. Period.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

No marketing is worth the dollar (or the hour) you spend on it without analytics. The fact that you can measure, analyze, and keep tab on your traffic is the very essence of digital marketing.

Google Analytics should be your starting point for analytics. For WordPress, there’s the Google Analytics Dashboard for WP, which makes it easy for you to keep tab of your traffic, visitors, and daily sessions. Of course, the real meat is inside Google analytics and not on the numbers the plugin displays on your dashboard but this is good enough a teaser to give you those numbers you need.


All that blogging, social media management, email marketing, and hustling is no good if you have a WordPress machine vulnerable to hacks, attacks, and a ton of other things that you’d have to do just to keep your WordPress website going. This part, right here, is called foundational infrastructure – that something you need to stay alive.

WPGuards – a free plugin for WordPress – allows you some peace of mind. If you use wordpress, you know how you scramble to update plugins, do automated backups, monitor your uptime, do security scans, and more?

Stop doing that. Just install WpGuards.

What are your favorite WordPress plugins? Did I miss out on any noteworthy plugins? Please let me know and I’ll update this list.

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