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Would you rather do blogging, spending time on social, writing out emails, managing paid ads, and building landing pages or would you be better off managing your actual business?

Yeah, I thought as much

My Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Getting you results

I develop a complete marketing strategy (not just digital) and let digital marketing be your voice, your leading marketing & lead generation machine. I also teach marketing courses online. 

Checkout the fetchprofits academy. Or visit my YouTube Channel.

I also help freelancers take on a business path that they’ll be proud of at TrooperTribe. 

My approach to digital marketing starts with:

  • Websites, blogging (on schedule)
  • SEO & Content Marketing
  • Social management (for impact)
  • Email marketing (for lead nurturing & sales)
  • Paid advertising (across platforms that are a good fit for your business
  • Landing pages (because websites don’t convert as well as landing pages do), sales funnels, and marketing automation.

Our Values

Passion, attention to detail, honesty, and client comes first. 


Contrary to what most people (including marketers) think, digital marketing needs attention to detail and diligence.

Client First

You come first. Your business is my business. I grow when you grow.  
Everything I do or say is for your benefit. You can hate me, but you’ll surely benefit from us


One digital day is equivalent of 6 months in the real world, and we know that. Plus, dependency and consistency have always been my hallmark. 

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