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Top Shopify Migration Apps [2023]

Top Shopify Migration Apps

Looking for the top Shopify Migration apps? Shopify boasts of more than 3000+ apps on the Shopify App Store — the apps themselves adding tons of features and functionality to an already robust eCommerce platform. It’s hard to find the right app (for anything) from among those 3000+ odd apps. Entrepreneurs and eCommerce brands selling … Read more

Content Marketing Mistakes: How You Destroy Yourself

Content Marketing mistakes are so common, widespread that it’s now considered mainstream. When mistakes go mainstream, it’s a recipe for disaster (circle back after 10 yrs and read this post again, just in case). Sad. But true. These content marketing mistakes hurt you. Content marketing myths, mistakes, misunderstandings, and blindly reading a Tweet or a … Read more

Principles of Personal Branding: 5 (Harsh) Things To Know

Principles of Personal Branding

Just like principles of management and principles of personal finance, there’s principles of personal branding as well — unwritten rules that work much like the boring but incredible power of compounding. We are all different: What personal branding means to you (might not be what it means for Oprah). Further, picking off of personal branding … Read more

How To Benefit From Meta Business Suite [14+ Ways]

Benefit from Meta Business Suite

Do you use Meta Business suite? If yes, you should know about ways to benefit from Meta Business Suite. Let’s say your business has something to do with Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Whatsapp ads (soon to come?), Instagram Stories, Instagram reels, Facebook Stories, and so on. Can you imagine the … Read more

ConvertKit Creator Profile: How to Use It

ConvertKit Creator Profile

ConvertKit just launched ConvertKit Creator Profile (beta) and it’s a terrific feature to use. Here’s all about ConvertKit creator profile, how to create ConvertKit Creator profiles, and how to use it to your advantage. Use ConvertKit Creator profile as your home to present who you are as a blogger, content creator, live streamer, or a … Read more

Boost Productivity With Descript: 5+Tips: Here’s How

Boost Productivity With Descript

Would you like to boost productivity With Descript, save time, and do more for less? You can (and you should). Imagine the ordeal of creating short 5-6 minute videos, like I do for my courses and for my YouTube Channel, and still end up spending almost 2-3 hours per video — just to remove my … Read more

Social Commerce Examples: Social Meets Da Dollar

Social Commerce Examples

Why Social Commerce examples? Why Bother? What’s that got to do with making the money and teetering your way to the bank (laughing?) Everything, if you ask me. Social commerce sales roll into an avalanche of profits when you start thinking about how human-centric your business is. Most businesses aren’t. For several brands and businesses, … Read more

How to Get Influencers For Your Brand

How to Get Influencers For Your Brand

Wondering how to Get Influencers for your brand, products, and services? Want to get influencers to promote your products or services? There’s something to be said about someone else putting in a good word. Yes, influencer marketing is all the rage now and that’s for a good reason (although I’d be very careful about who … Read more