ECommerce Subscription Examples: 15+ Brands [6 Categories]

eCommerce Subscription Examples

Looking for eCommerce subscription examples? Do you want to see how some brands use the enormous power of eCommerce subscriptions to keep their customers paying for much longer? eCommerce subscription business models are a revolution — not so much in the idea or concept (that’s been around for ages. You’ve been subscribing to Netflix for … Read more

Moosend Email Marketing: How To Start, Create, & Roll

Moosend Email Marketing

If you are wondering how to create Moosend account and use Moosend Email Marketing for your email marketing campaigns, this is the blog post for you. Note: The simpler your email marketing program is to start with, the faster you get to use the power of email marketing broadcasts, email marketing campaigns, email marketing automations, … Read more

Shopify Collabs: Everything You Need To Know

Shopify Collabs

Heard of Shopify Collabs? You might have. Or maybe you didn’t. Shopify doesn’t push it hard enough and not many people are talking about it but It’s time to embrace the power of influencers (of all types), content creators, Shopify Collabs, and others. What Is Shopify Collabs? Shopify Collabs — built right into your Shopify … Read more

8 Best Live streaming Apps For Businesses (2024)

The world of live streaming — along with live streaming apps — is constantly growing and changing. What was once a niche form of content has become an essential tool for many different businesses, organizations, and individuals. From Facebook Live to Youtube Live, from Periscope to Twitch, from Amazon Live to [You guess what’s coming … Read more

Best Analytics Tools In 2024 (& Why Use Them)

best analytics tools

For many businesses, when it comes to analytics tools, they don’t know where to start. What are the best analytics tools? Why should you use any of them? How does one tool work better than the other?  This blog post will talk about the benefits of using different analytics tools and why you should consider … Read more

AI-Driven Landing Page Design: Speed Up & Manage Better

ai-driven landing page design

Landing pages are essential tools to generate leads and convert them into customers. If you are a business or a marketer, it’s time to leverage AI. It’s time to use the gifts you get now. Never before in the history of mankind was any of this available. Join the webinar on how marketers and businesses … Read more

How to Automate eCommerce Support

How to automate customer support

Would you like to save time and learn how to eCommerce support? Do you want to build systematic processes, rules, and faster ways to deliver delight (on top of products and services) to your customers? Last month, I just threw away a plane ticket (meaning I didn’t even bother showing up at the airport to … Read more

Shopify QR Codes [Shopcodes]: Make Mobile Shopping Easier

Shopify QR Codes

Have you heard of Shopcodes — Shopify’s own QR code system which enables mobile eCommerce? It’s time to get a box of crackers and sit down to “do that little thing” to help grow your eCommerce business or your Shopify store. When the Japanese Company Denso Wave first created QR codes (in 1994) to track … Read more

Shopify Benchmarks In Analytics & Reporting: How It Works

Shopify benchmarks In Analytics

Recently Shopify overhauled Shopify Analytics, Shopify store reporting, and eCommerce benchmarking (new). eCommerce benchmarks are the digital equivalent of “multiple moments of truth”. Traffic sources, visitor engagement metrics, Competitive growth metrics, order dynamics, session engagements, channel specific metrics, customer retention, device platform leading to revenue stats, and other eCommerce KPI are critical for eCommerce success. … Read more