8 Landing Page Tips From Real Experts

Landing Page Tips From Experts

The trouble with advice and landing page tips specifically? It’s all over the place. I personally know folks who dole out advice on landing pages without ever having built one or even used one.   So, if you really needed advice, take it from those who make landing pages a part of their life. Pick … Read more

How To Use Google Bard for eCommerce Marketing

How to use Google Bard for eCommerce Marketing

Google Bard for eCommerce marketing? Why not? While there’s Chat GPT, it’s use is limited (for free users) and is a paid product if you’d like to use it well enough. Now, don’t roll your eyes. I know that this is one of the many “How to Use Google Bard” posts that you’ll end up … Read more

Better Mental Wellness For Entrepreneurs: 6+Tips

Mental Wellness for entrepreneurs

I didn’t realize that there’s a larger need for better mental wellness for entrepreneurs (includes bloggers, content creators, small business owners, self-employed professionals, and many others). Mental stress is global. Mental illness, stress, and depression is evil and happening as you read this — cutting across geographic boundaries, races, and age. I thought social media … Read more

7 Best Shopify Retargeting Apps

Best Shopify Retargeting Apps

Retargeting is a powerful way to engage potential customers and encourage them to take action. See some of the best Shopify retargeting Apps to help take your eCommerce business to the next level 👇 Retargeting marketing campaigns use the power of advertising that follows your potential customers around the internet, reminding them about your brand … Read more

Facebook Ads For Shopify: How to Sell Smarter, Forever

Did you just set up a Shopify Store? Want to Run Facebook Ads For Shopify Stores? Are you staring at a big round “zero” on your Shopify’s Sales Dashboard? It could be depressing, to say the least. But that’s where everyone starts. You could do all the tootsie stuff like writing blogs, getting on social … Read more

Shopify Benchmarks In Analytics & Reporting: How It Works

Shopify benchmarks In Analytics

Recently Shopify overhauled Shopify Analytics, Shopify store reporting, and eCommerce benchmarking (new). eCommerce benchmarks are the digital equivalent of “multiple moments of truth”. Traffic sources, visitor engagement metrics, Competitive growth metrics, order dynamics, session engagements, channel specific metrics, customer retention, device platform leading to revenue stats, and other eCommerce KPI are critical for eCommerce success. … Read more

Shopify QR Codes [Shopcodes]: Make Mobile Shopping Easier

Shopify QR Codes

Have you heard of Shopcodes — Shopify’s own QR code system which enables mobile eCommerce? It’s time to get a box of crackers and sit down to “do that little thing” to help grow your eCommerce business or your Shopify store. When the Japanese Company Denso Wave first created QR codes (in 1994) to track … Read more

Top Shopify Apps For Shopping Cart Abandonment

Top Shopify Cart Abandonment Apps

Imagine this: you spend hours putting your blog posts together, sharing your posts on social media day after day, or maybe you spend on Facebook ads and Google ads. Regardless of what you do to get potential customers to your website, you are already trudging along uphill with the monster reality of shopping cart abandonment. … Read more