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Plain Text Emails Vs HTML Emails: What Should You Go With?

TL; DR Quick question: When it comes to email marketing, should you use Plain text emails Vs HTML emails? What should you use, and why? Answer: Mostly plain text. Sometimes HTML (always optional). I no longer have the time or the patience to convince clients when they...

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3 Reasons Why Call Tracking Is Absolutely Mandatory

The usual song-and-dance about ads and clicks, Inbound marketing, blogging, and email marketing is all good, but it lacks in something that’s critical for the very fabric of humanity. Personal touch. We are humans. We connect in person, or at least with voice. Bring...

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Focus On Lead Generation: Your Desperation Is Killing You

Most businesses want sales, revenue, and profits. That’s exactly what a business should aim for. Without focus on lead generation, however, you won't make it. Just not so soon. Just not the way you seem to think that because it’s the “online medium”, things are...

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