Free Shopify Tools [Whether or Not You Use The Platform]

Free Shopify tools

Did you know that you have access free Shopify tools, even if you have no intention of using Shopify at all?  That’s right. There are things about branding, content marketing, and so much more we can learn from Shopify (but we aren’t getting there now). This repertoire of free Shopify tools works really well for Shopify … Read more

Business Blogging Basics Revisited: You are Overcomplicating It

Business Blogging Basics

Another business blogging basics post? Am I out of my mind? No, I am not. But several solo business owners, content creators, businesses (all sizes), marketers, and even those that call themselves “content marketers”, “content strategists”, or “insert any fancy titles” seem to have lost their collective minds.  There’s a lot of information out there … Read more

Is Social Media a Waste of Time for Business?

Is Social Media a Waste of Time For Businesses

The big question: Is social media a waste of time for business? It’s a tricky question to answer. Being active on social media definitely helps grow your business, give your brand a solid social (and web) presence, improves your personal branding, allows you to network at scale, help you get social proof, and even get … Read more

Gumroad Alternatives: 3 Best Platforms I Could Bet a Million Dollars On

Gumroad Alternatives

Looking for Gumroad alternatives? It’s time you do so. Not just for the platform features or reasons pertaining to software, but a lot more.  For one, there’s been that hideous Gumroad redesign — it’s a “take it or leave it” proposition as far as “design goes”. How this redesign affects your conversions as a Gumroad … Read more

Monetizing Newsletters: 3 Proven, High-Impact, and Personalized Ways

Monetizing Newsletters

Monetizing newsletters? Just how do you do it? Between Affiliate Marketing and Sponsorships, which is a better way to go about it?  First, the primary purpose of your newsletter should be to enhance your personal branding (brownie points for everything else you do) — the sheer power of one-to-one communication at scale that’s possible with … Read more

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome: Poof, Gone Forever

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

If you want to know how to gain confidence to make videos, learn how to beat you’d have to go deep and beyond videos themselves.  For once, it’s critical to stop thinking about videos as a content type or how powerful videos are, and so on.  It’s easy enough to list out the power of … Read more