Ecommerce Blogging: How It Works? [Like Magic]

eCommerce Blogging

eCommerce blogging is critical. Yet, most brands don’t even bother to say eCommerce and Blogging in the same sentence. Somehow, eCommerce brands lean towards paid ads (if at all). Depending on “Word of mouth” and social media alone is even worse. Not doing anything at all when it comes to marketing your eCommerce brand or … Read more

Social Media And Mental Health For Entrepreneurs

Social Media and Mental Health

Social media and mental health are directly related. So much that you bear the burden whether or not you are aware of what’s happening. According to WHO (World Health Organization), mental health conditions (the sneaky, silent pandemic that it is) are on the rise (read: 13% or so). Why am I talking about WHO, social … Read more

How to Save Time Editing Videos

How to Save Time Editing Videos

Learn how to save time editing videos and you’ll save thousands of hours. Period.  If you are a content creator, you would spend thousands and thousands of hours collectively over a period of time trying to just edit videos — not to mention time spent planning content, shooting videos, and sharing videos on social media. … Read more

How to Create Unbounce Popups [or Convertables]

How to Create Unbounce Poupups

Learn how to create Unbounce Pop ups (or covertables, as they are called) and you’ll make your website a lead generation machine. Unbounce Pop ups — by Unbounce — are lead generation popups — and they can also double up as prompts to push visitors to take some sort of action that benefits you as … Read more

How to Sell Services With Payhip [Step-by-Step]

Sell services with Payhip

Do you sell services? Are you a freelancer? Learn how to sell services on Payhip and build a systematic way to grow your freelancing business (even if it’s your side hustle). Payhip is completely free to use (paid plans give you more features and zero transaction fees). With Payhip, you can sell digital products, online … Read more

Create Airtable Client Intake Forms [Free & Powerful]

Client Intake Forms Airtable

Love Airtable? I do. Would you like to create Airtable Client Intake forms? This is an easy, free, and powerful way to streamline your services. There are million ways you can create forms. There’s Google forms. There are Google form alternatives. There are WordPress-specific form builders. This isn’t even the beginning of it all: WordPress … Read more

Shopify Booster Theme: The Best Shopify Theme, Ever?

Shopify Booster Theme

The best Shopify theme ever? Yup, the hunt won’t ever stop. I’ll cut down the chase for you: If you don’t ever want to deal with messy Shopify themes, deal with expensive Shopify experts, or using several apps to do several things, try the Booster Theme Want to read on? You just made my day. … Read more

10+ Pre-launch eCommerce Marketing Strategies [+ Examples]

Pre-launch eCommerce Marketing Strategies

Pre-launch eCommerce Marketing strategies allow you to hit the ground running, gear up for a firm path to revenue, create buzz, and build hype. Pre-launch strategies for eCommerce are what trailers are for Hollywood movies. eCommerce itself, meanwhile, is growing faster than you can imagine. According to Kinsta, more than 95% of purchases will happen … Read more

Sell Digital Downloads With Shopify: 6 Apps To Consider

How to Sell Digital Downloads On Shopify

If you’d like to sell digital downloads with Shopify, you certainly can (with a few apps, with some weird integration magic). Digital downloads can be absolutely anything that your customers can download. They could be: Concise video files eBooks Notion templates, Canva Templates, Webflow Templates, WordPress Templates, and more. Visual Art (art, digital paintings, NFTs, … Read more

How to Sell Online Courses on Shopify [With One App]

How to Sell Courses On Shopify

Would you like to learn how to Sell Courses on Shopify? You can. Read on to find out exactly how Choosing online course platforms was never easy. It’s also one of those online course creator challenges that truly exist. Normally, you’d want to use a dedicated platform built for selling online courses such as Podia, … Read more