Top Shopify Apps For Shopping Cart Abandonment

Top Shopify Cart Abandonment Apps

Imagine this: you spend hours putting your blog posts together, sharing your posts on social media day after day, or maybe you spend on Facebook ads and Google ads. Regardless of what you do to get potential customers to your website, you are already trudging along uphill with the monster reality of shopping cart abandonment. … Read more

How to Create AI-Driven Product Descriptions [Shopify Magic]

Product descriptions with AI Shopify Magic

Learn how to create AI-driven product descriptions and save time. Focus more on crucial aspects of eCommerce store management, automation, eCommerce business growth, and on eCommerce marketing. Remember a few AI tools you could use for eCommerce product photos? Now, use AI for product descriptions as well. Product descriptions will make and break eCommerce sales. … Read more

Create Websites Fast: How (& Why) You Ought To Do It

Create websites Fast

If anything, you should aim to create websites fast. Like in an hour or so. Because you have absolutely no time to lose.  Trying to choose which platform to search a website on, trying to figure out the logo, trying to work with databases, and any of that nitty-gritty pertaining to technical aspects of setting … Read more

How To Use eCommerce Customer Service Scripts

How to Use eCommerce Customer Service Scripts

Learn how to use eCommerce customer service scripts the right way and you’ll meet your goals like you meet yourself in the mirror. using customer service scripts for eCommerce is one the most natural ways to retain customers, build your brand, and turn your regular customers into diehard evangelists. Plus, there are several other benefits … Read more

6 Insanely Fast WordPress Themes (& Gorgeous Too)

There are thousands of WordPress themes. But you are busy, and looking for fast WordPress themes isn’t exactly like browsing an art gallery (although that sounds nice!). The WordPress theme universe is big. You, however, have no time. With the Core Web Vitals Google Update coming through (In June 2021), you better be prepared. More … Read more

6 AI Tools For eCommerce Product Photos

AI Tools for eCommerce Product Photos

Using AI tools for eCommerce product photos (and for marketing additionally) can help you speed up the process of having to use several different product images, photo photo variants, and more. You’d find a way to use AI tools and apps for eCommerce product photos even you have a large team of creative professionals hired … Read more

eCommerce Landing Pages: 6 Reasons Why You Need Them

eCommerce Landing Pages

eCommerce landing pages are the equivalent of giving you what you want, when you want it. Without landing pages, your eCommerce website is just running off its mouth, speaking incoherently, spewing out gibberish. Targeted eCommerce marketing demands eCommerce landing pages — and the reason isn’t just better eCommerce conversions (although that’s a big one). Here … Read more

9 SMS Marketing Apps for Shopify: Text Is King

SMS Marketing Apps Shopify

SMS marketing for Shopify stores (or eCommerce and businesses in general) is the low hanging fruit everyone ignores. Did you know that Americans check their incoming SMS messages around 47 times per day? The age group between 18-24 checks their phones for messages at least 86 times per day. There are a lot more interesting … Read more

How to Automate eCommerce Support

How to automate customer support

Would you like to save time and learn how to eCommerce support? Do you want to build systematic processes, rules, and faster ways to deliver delight (on top of products and services) to your customers? Last month, I just threw away a plane ticket (meaning I didn’t even bother showing up at the airport to … Read more

AI-Driven Landing Page Design: Speed Up & Manage Better

ai-driven landing page design

Landing pages are essential tools to generate leads and convert them into customers. If you are a business or a marketer, it’s time to leverage AI. It’s time to use the gifts you get now. Never before in the history of mankind was any of this available. Join the webinar on how marketers and businesses … Read more