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Webflow Review: Is It the Perfect WordPress Alternative?

You know what the issue with Wordpress is? For non-Wordpress techcies --  but aficionados nonetheless (like me) --  I can’t go beyond a certain degree of customization regardless of the Wordpress theme I am using. I really don’t need to customize we website so much...

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How To Create Contact Forms With Gutenberg (3 Quick Ways)

Upgrade to Wordpress 5.0 and you’ll see Gutenberg will come home, knocking on your door. As a long-term Wordpress user, Gutenberg will change everything you were used to with Wordpress. Using “blocks” in spite of everything else, using Wordpress will be pretty much...

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Shopify For Ecommerce: The Only Platform You’ll Need

TL; DR: When starting a business, just sign up for Shopify and get started. Put the effort into marketing and not on the “platform”. For e-commerce, Shopify is everything you need. Period. I’ve seen way too many people waste time trying to think about the right...

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