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FunnelServe: Lead Generation Tools & Services For Your Business

FunnelServe: Lead Generation Tools & Services For Your Business

Every business should be generating leads, right?

Pop-ups are irritating but they just work, whether you agree or not.

You can’t possibly generate leads (and hence sales) without landing pages, and you know that already, don’t you?

Yet, you’ll see that many websites don’t have pop-ups. Many businesses don’t use landing pages for generating leads.

Most business owners don’t even know. Some of them do but the cost of developing these landing pages and pop-ups can be a point of friction for many of us.

Or maybe it’s just laziness.

In any case, with every website visitor and with every penny spent on paid advertising campaigns, opportunities are lost.


The Trouble With Landing pages & Popups

There are a few issues with it comes to implementing landing pages and pop-ups to help you generate leads:

  • You have to depend on developers or designers to design lead generation landing pages and pop-ups. Now, in this day and age, that’s complete stupidity.
  • Using Pop-up building tools like OptinMonster or landing page builders like Unbounce or Leadpages are great options but you’d still have to spend money each month to have access to these platforms AND spend time building the actual lead generation elements.
  • For your landing pages and pop-ups to work, you’d need to think of offers to make. You’d need to nudge, push, cajole, and push some more to get your potential visitors to part with their email address.
  • If and when you can think of offers to make, you’d have to have just the requisite skill (and time) to develop landing pages and pop-ups to ramp up leads.
  • Your landing pages and Pop-ups have to work in conjunction with an email service provider — with marketing automation in tow — to nurture your leads.
  • You’d then have to test one landing page against another, one pop-up against another, and continue to do this A/B testing until you find your champion combination.
    You can see why it’s such a pain in the ass.
    We thought about it, long and hard.

Want to ease some of this pain?

We thought we’ll make it easier. How about:

  • Get access to only as many pop-ups and landing pages as you need to, paying only one-time for them?
  • How about not having to pay recurring bills for tools like Unbounce, LeadPages, Instapage, Thrive Pages, and others?
  • Would it be nice if you could just pay $10 or so for a pop-up and $39 for a landing page (one-time) while those lead generation elements are designed and managed by us?
  • Say you want to change the design of a pop-up later, would you like it if you could just send us a message and we do it before you even finish writing your email?
    FunnelServe is our brand new product and it was built to serve just that
    FunnelServe is #LeadGeneration made easy. Get completely hosted & managed #landingpages and/or pop-ups and customize them for your own business (or have us do it).


How to Do Smart Lead Generation with Funnelserve?

With FunnelServe, you can:

  • Get unique and custom funnels built for your business that’ll sit well with the tools you use. Pay one-time.
  • Purchase completely designed, hosted, and managed landing pages (on an ad-hoc basis), only when you need to, for an affordable price.
  • Buy and download a single Javascript code to have a fully-developed and designed pop-up show up on your website.
  • All of your landing pages, Pop-ups and funnels are hosted, integrated, setup, and managed on our end so that you don’t have to.
  • Get any changes needed for any of your lead generation elements by chatting with us, sending us an email, talking to us on live chat, or by calling us.

Check out funnelserve now. Get 20% off landing pages and pop-ups anytime you decide to buy (you’d have to subscribe though), and tell us what you think.

3 Landing Page Design Flaws That Can Sabotage Marketing Results

3 Landing Page Design Flaws That Can Sabotage Marketing Results

You know that landing pages are important. You’ve heard about landing pages and maybe you even use landing pages for absolutely every interaction where you expect a certain action to take place (like sign up for newsletter or sign up for whatever).

The trouble is that businesses and marketers using landing pages tend to work according to what they think is right, or going by what they’ve read and learnt, or because their neighbor told them so (just as it is with digital marketing in general).

Sometimes, a few things you do will sabotage your own digital marketing efforts. Some decisions you make with landing pages will work against you.


Here are some of those landing page decisions that can sabotage your own marketing efforts:

The “No link” rule

We are humans. We are creatures of habit.

Once we get used to using websites (which most of us do), we think that a landing page is just a miniature, one-page wonder.

Landing pages are wonderful, but they aren’t websites.

Many landing pages still have multiple calls to action, various links, and even social media buttons right on the page which wasn’t supposed to have anything except the main call to action.

Your habit of adding links and buttons could turn out to be disastrous for your landing page’s conversion rate.

Follow the “no link” rule and avoid adding anything that can be clicked on the landing page. You can have your social buttons and other fancy stuff on the “thank you” page if you insist.

The “Buy Now” Button

While nothing stops you from having a seemingly harmless “Buy Now” button on your landing page, it’s the worst thing you could do for your business

I’ll tell you why: no one gets up on any given morning deciding to be on your pipeline. It’s not as if customers are sitting there with a card in hand waiting to swipe, tap, or pay up.

Your customers need time to think, to ponder, to verify, to compare, or to just wait for the right time. Think about your own shopping habits: you don’t always end up buying online on your first visit to a merchant, would you?

Landing pages are designed to generate leads through an action that virtually has no friction.

Requesting customers to download an eBook or to signup to receive an exclusive set of videos doesn’t ask for much.

Asking for a sale the first time visitors see your landing page? That’s a little too much to ask, if you ask me.

You don’t test pages

You create a landing page and you launch it. You let the world see it and many visitors eventually make their way to visit your page.

Some of them take action and some of them won’t (Hopefully, you are collecting these audiences appropriately to have a retargeting campaign set up later).

You now have data with you. Your Facebook ad got 324,876 impressions resulting in a total of 156,487 clicks. Of those clicks on your Facebook ad. Since not all clicks lead to landing page visits, let’s assume you had a total of 67000 visitors to your landing page.

Your landing page (a single version, let’s call it A) converts at 20%.

The question: How do you know if 20% is the best you can achieve? You won’t know until you test your pages.

If you had version A and version B and if you sent visitors to both the versions equally, you’d know which of the versions performed better.

Not doing this? You are basically throwing money out into the drain.

Don’t make decisions just because you can. Make decisions based on data, and because that data tells you a story.


New launch: Unbounce Landing Page Templates for Sale

New launch: Unbounce Landing Page Templates for Sale

For over 16 years now, I’ve always focused on providing complete, end-to-end digital marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses.

My journey started with Blogging and then one thing led to another and today I do everything from blogging to Marketing Automation for clients.

It’s been a great journey so far but providing services for clients who are almost always in another time zone was taking its toll on me. I absolutely loved what I did but keeping up with time zones and trying to deliver digital marketing services to clients on a one-on-one basis was taking its toll on me.

After all these years, I wanted to experiment with e-commerce. I wanted to sell something that I am really good at, that I absolutely love working on, and that has the potential to scale and grow. My agency needed a way out of the complexity of providing services alone.

Starting today, we are working on custom Unbounce landing pages that you can purchase right from the fetchprofits store.

Our Unbounce landing pages ship with:

  • Design and copy
  • Two variants A and B (for A/B testing)
  • Brand matching “thank you” page
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Design and marketing best practices

We’ll also take care of additional things you’d need to make sure your Unbounce landing page works flawlessly such as:

  • Adding custom domains to your Landing pages or integrating Unbounce Landing Pages with your WordPress site.
  • Customizing templates for your brand, campaigns, or business
  • Adding tracking codes and The Facebook Pixel.
  • Integrating your landing pages with an email marketing service provider or email marketing automation software of your choice (We recommend MailChimp or Drip)

Here are a few Unbounce landing page templates already up and ready for sale:

Consulting pro

Consulting pro is an Unbounce Landing Page template created for consultants, freelancers, coaches, and other professionals who’d like to grow their business by generating leads with a free giveaway such as a Blueprint, an eBook, an exclusive set of videos, a cheat sheet, a toolkit, or a resource kit.

Purchase the template, swap your logo, change the colors to match your brand, and you are good to go.

Simplicity Loans

Loans Landing Page

If you are in the financial services Industry, you know how picky your customers are and how expensive paid campaigns can be. For that reason, you’d need simple landing pages that quickly get to the point and convert. You are in luck if your business deals with providing loans to your customers.

Simplicity Loans is an Unbounce landing page template that’s simple, succinct, and is built to convert.

Realty Showcase


Are you a real estate company, a real estate agent, or a homeowner with multiple properties to showcase? The realty Showcase is an Unbounce landing page template that’s built to “showcase” multiple properties.

Each of the buttons reveals a light box which in turn allows you to show more images or you can add more detail pertinent to each respective property.

Of course, you can swap, change, or edit absolutely anything you want.

Walnut & Crimson

Have a real estate business but want to focus on only one exclusive property at a time? The Walnut Unbounce landing page template for a single property is built for you to promote a single property (as against multiple properties).

How do you find the Unbounce landing page templates so far? Be sure to bookmark the URL for our store and keep visiting to check out new Unbounce landing page templates as they are uploaded.