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How to Sell Digital Products With ConvertKit Commerce

How to Sell Digital Products With ConvertKit

Learn how to sell digital products with ConvertKit Commerce and you’ll get an email marketing system built-in. ConvertKit is a terrific email marketing tool that helps you grow and manage your email subscribers. Did you know that you can sell digital products with ConvertKit commerce, run paid members’-only newsletters, sell coaching services and regular services … Read more

ConvertKit Upsells: Make Irresistible One-Time Offers

Use Convertkit Upsells if you are looking for ways to grow your email list and grow your business. An upsell is a sales technique where a company tries to sell a customer a more expensive or upgraded version of a product they are already interested in. For example, if you are considering purchasing a product, … Read more

Customizing Shopify Themes: Quick 3-Point Primer

Customizing Shopify Themes

If you are itching for the almost universal need to “Fix it while it’s still not broken”, welcome to the club. It’s an itch that just doesn’t go away. Thousands of brands and businesses, bloggers and content creators spend more time tweaking, breaking, changing, building, designing, and “perfecting this thing or that”. Design has a … Read more

Marketing Plan for Content Creators: Simple & Powerful

The era we live is one of the best times for content creators to work and thrive in; a solid marketing plan for content creators then will only solidify the path to sustained and long-term growth. Note: Most of us are hard-wired to think (or you’ve been told, just so that someone else can sell … Read more

Top eCommerce Trends You Can Swear By

Top eCommerce Trends

Each of these top eCommerce trends has hidden layers of opportunities for businesses that dare to adapt and even thrive. Read on ๐Ÿ‘‡ Businesses and brands are still grappling with whatever was thrown at them. After lockdowns, black swan events, restrictions, supply chain fiascos, and overall uncertainty, businesses figured out the need for creativity, innovation, … Read more

How to Add Custom Domains In ConvertKit

How to Add Custom Domains In Convertkit

You’d want to learn How to Add a Custom Domain to ConvertKit for several reasons. If you were looking for answers, here’s the post just for that. ConvertKit is a leading email marketing solution that allows you to generate leads using sign up forms and landing pages. It allows you to run paid newsletters — … Read more

9 Smart eCommerce Support Best Practices [2023 & Beyond]

eCommerce Support Best Practices

You need smart eCommerce support best practices because if everything else remains the same between your competition and your brand, it’s how you do customer support that’ll make a difference in how your brand grows. It’ll be the single-most, defining, and profitable thing you’d do. Brands make billions with customer support. Note: Most of these … Read more

Leadpages Review 2023: It’s Time For Digital Domination

Leadpages Review

Disclaimer: This Leadpages review comes in late, almost at a time when there are at least a dozen other landing page builders in the market, and thatโ€™s for a good reason. I needed to be absolutely sure about what I am writing below. Further, LeadPages has grown over the years and now comes with even … Read more

Linktree Alternatives: Stop Looking [+ 6 Options]

Linktree Alternatives

Off late, there’s been a jump in search for Linktree alternatives. This is “too-much-drama-to-handle-while-I-still-have-a-business-to-run”. Business owners, bloggers, affiliate marketers, content creators, or [plug what you do in here] don’t have the time for this. Note: I am not against Linktree. Nor do I stop using Twitter. It’s just that there might just be better ways … Read more