Shopify Collabs: Everything You Need To Know

Heard of Shopify Collabs? You might have. Or maybe you didn’t.

Shopify doesn’t push it hard enough and not many people are talking about it but It’s time to embrace the power of influencers (of all types), content creators, Shopify Collabs, and others.

What Is Shopify Collabs?

Shopify Collabs — built right into your Shopify Admin and Dashboard — helps you recruit and manage creators to promote your products, endorse your brand, and drive sales. 

Think of Shopify Collabs as a ready-made solution for launching your very own affiliate marketing program or partner program.

Imagine this for a second: You get to tap into the billion-dollar opportunity that affiliate marketing or partner marketing or inluencer marketing is without spending a penny. Affiliate marketing program, for free?

Building your business means building relationships with creators and influencers. However, it’s not as easy to build relationships and grow your business that way.

Look at any of these Shopify Success stories as to learn how hard it is to grow your eCommerce business anyway. For that reason alone, you’d need a simpler way to streamline the effort.

However, keeping track of every interaction and sale is tedious without the right tools. That’s where Shopify Collabs comes in.

What Can You Do With Shopify Collab?

Shopify Collabs can be your proxy CRM — for finding influencers and/or creators; tracking content creators, and your growing relationship with each of the chosen influencers or creators. Shopify Collabs is one of those Shopify apps you ought to use for sustained eCommerce growth.

Here’s what you can do with Shopify Collabs:

Influencer Directory

Browse the Shopify Collabs directory curated with of millions of creators. Search and filter by hashtag, keyword, location, and more to find and recruit the right creators to promote your brand.

You can actively search for relevant content creators or influencers and then invite them over to join your program. Or content creators can sign up directly using the invite links or on the invite landing page (see below).


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Build Branded Pages for Marketing Program

Creating a brand is critical not just for getting (and keeping) new customers but also to help build a community of partners, evangelists, and affiliates.

One of the starting points of building such a community is to build a Shopify branded page exclusively for your partner program or affiliate program for influencers and content creators [ Note: you can easily create landing pages with Shopify’s own landing page builder or by using a robust, full-featured Shopify theme]

Build a branded application page for your creator marketing program that aligns to your brand and values, and highlights the perks of joining.


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Build, Manage & Organize Community

To succeed today, you don’t need growth hacks and secrets. You don’t need to chase mysteries when the answer is right in front of you.

You need to build your own community for success. The likes of Nike, Harley Davidson, Colombia, Jeep, Apple, and several others grow because of the sheer power of communities.

Build your own. Hard or not, it’s the way to go. It takes time.

Manage and organize creators who apply to join your community. You’re in complete control when you are approving creators who would like to work with you.

Send Gifts. Track Products

Giving away products for content creators and influencers to sample, to show case, to review, and to talk about is a great way to get the word out. It’s also a terrific way to promote and market your eCommerce products (also applicable for online courses, digital products, services, and membership sites).

Send and track product gifts natively in your Shopify admin. No more manual collection of shipping addresses and contact information in spreadsheets.

Creators can claim gifts by selecting their own sizes, colors, and shipping locations.

Build a World-class Affiliate Program

Create and run an active affiliate program and you have the best of the entire world working on behalf of you brand. Imagine thousands of smart and active affiliates or partners working to create content, building communities, and working hard to push your brand and promoting your products.

You only pay for sale or for leads, depending on how you setup your affiliate program or partner program

Build a world-class affiliate program with discount code tracking and affiliate link creation that’s built to easily send offers to creators who can help promote your products. 


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Track Commissions. Pay Commissions

While you can still work with full-fledged affiliate marketing software, referral marketing tools, you can also use the built-in tools for tracking commissions to be paid to your content creator partners and influencers when they bring in the results.

Track and pay sales commissions to creators in just a few clicks.

Whether you’re launching a creator community, recruiting new creators, sending out gifts, or tracking affiliate offers and payments, Shopify Collabs is built to help start and scale work with creators.


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