Shopify Shop Pay: The Accelerated eCommerce Checkout Advantage

Shopify Shop Pay

Launched in 2017, Shop Pay (formerly Shopify Shop Pay) is Shopify’s accelerated checkout feature which is now facilitates eCommerce sales for more than 100+ Million buyers purchasing from Shopify stores. Note: At the moment, Shopify Shop app is available for Shopify Merchants in Canada, the United States, Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.  One-tap Checkout … Read more

Boost Engagement for Shopify Stores: 5 Ways

Boost Shopify engagement

Looking for ways to boost engagement for Shopify stores? More engagement only means more interest. According to PwC, more than 86% of customers stated that they willing to pay more for good engagement and experiences that blow them away. Also, from PwC, here’s the gist: “Give customers a great experience and they’ll buy more, be … Read more

eCommerce Website Fundamentals: You Can’t Skip These

There’s more information online now on eCommerce website fundamentals or about how to start eCommerce businesses online. Now more than ever. However, there’s almost no “execution” on any front whatsoever. There’s that little here and that little there. “Little” won’t do for you. There are some absolute eCommerce business fundamentals that you can’t have opinions … Read more

Sell Digital Downloads With Shopify: 6 Apps To Consider

How to Sell Digital Downloads On Shopify

If you’d like to sell digital downloads with Shopify, you certainly can (with a few apps, with some weird integration magic). Digital downloads can be absolutely anything that your customers can download. They could be: Concise video files eBooks Notion templates, Canva Templates, Webflow Templates, WordPress Templates, and more. Visual Art (art, digital paintings, NFTs, … Read more

Top eCommerce Video Tips: Build Audience. Make Sales

eCommerce Video Tips

Looking for eCommerce Video Tips? Be prepared for a ride. We’ll cover videos for eCommerce marketing — from reach to audience building; from customer support to conversions and sales. Turning video views into conversions and sales is all that eCommerce video content is about. More than 84% of consumers reported that they are convinced by … Read more

6 AI Tools For eCommerce Product Photos

AI Tools for eCommerce Product Photos

Using AI tools for eCommerce product photos (and for marketing additionally) can help you speed up the process of having to use several different product images, photo photo variants, and more. You’d find a way to use AI tools and apps for eCommerce product photos even you have a large team of creative professionals hired … Read more

How To Use eCommerce Customer Service Scripts

How to Use eCommerce Customer Service Scripts

Learn how to use eCommerce customer service scripts the right way and you’ll meet your goals like you meet yourself in the mirror. using customer service scripts for eCommerce is one the most natural ways to retain customers, build your brand, and turn your regular customers into diehard evangelists. Plus, there are several other benefits … Read more

How to Create AI-Driven Product Descriptions & More [Shopify Magic]

Product descriptions with AI Shopify Magic

Learn how to create AI-driven product descriptions with Shopify Magic and save time. Focus more on crucial aspects of eCommerce store management, automation, eCommerce business growth, and on eCommerce marketing. Remember a few AI tools you could use for eCommerce product photos? Now, use AI for product descriptions as well. Product descriptions will make and … Read more

Top Shopify Migration Apps [2023]

Top Shopify Migration Apps

Looking for the top Shopify Migration apps? Shopify boasts of more than 3000+ apps on the Shopify App Store — the apps themselves adding tons of features and functionality to an already robust eCommerce platform. It’s hard to find the right app (for anything) from among those 3000+ odd apps. Entrepreneurs and eCommerce brands selling … Read more