How To Use eCommerce Customer Service Scripts

Learn how to use eCommerce customer service scripts the right way and you’ll meet your goals like you meet yourself in the mirror.

using customer service scripts for eCommerce is one the most natural ways to retain customers, build your brand, and turn your regular customers into diehard evangelists.

Plus, there are several other benefits as well. Using customer scripts is usually the base for smart eCommerce customer service automation. This is on top of why customer service is essential for business growth anyway.

eCommerce customer service scripts are pre-written messages (SMS, emaIL, and short-form responses for social media that you could create, manage, and use repeatedly over a period of time.

This helps you assess and resolve some of the most frequently asked questions, cut down on the usual customer service Turn Around Time (TAT), ensure that you let your customers feel that their queries have been acknowledged.

When you learn how to use eCommerce customer service scripts, you save resources which can now be used for other critical eCommerce functions such as marketing, store design, store management, and more.

Having said that, there are some right ways to use eCommerce customer scripts. This is how they roll:

Save time, pick up ready-made scripts and templates

You don’t have to start creating customer service scripts from scratch (This ain’t no Booker Prize stuff). Several customer service platforms and tools have several scripts and templates you could start using. Gorgias calls these customer service scripts as ‘macros’ and there are several of them (used for various purposes).

In fact, the folks at Gorgias compiled an entire list of eCommerce customer service scripts that were inspired by several top brand.

You have eCommerce customer service scripts to deal with:

  • Order issues
  • Order updates
  • Shipping issues
  • Product issues & Quality control
  • Returns
  • Billing issues and payment problems
  • Gift cards, coupon codes, and others
  • User account and website (or eCommerce store issues)
  • Checkout issues


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Edit Customer Service Scripts [Make scripts your own]

Your brand has a voice. There’s a certain way you feel, sound, and communicate.

Anything goes as long as you aren’t boring (or maybe even condescending). Yes, there are businesses and brands thinking that they are way above their own customers [They won’t last a day]

Pick these templates, ready-made scripts, or maybe even scripts that youcdeeveloped as a brand and make them your own.

Infuse your personality throughout.

Even though these are eCommerce customer service scripts, you don’t have to make them sound drab, boring, and predictable.

Instead, make your eCommerce scripts sound real. Like real humans talk. Like you are human, talking to another human.

Add humor, empathy, reasoning, sympathy, love, and care.

The way humans are supposed to.

Track Responses, KPI, and Results

Business performance is all about results. That’s it. That’s the Godly wisdom everyone seems to overlook. The case is the same for customer.

Track results because you are not running a charity (even charitable organizations and NGOs need to track performance).

Customer service performance might seem like an intangible thing. Maybe it is.

But the results you get when you provide exceptional customer service are as raw and as real as they get.

Remember that if and when everything is the same for two different brands within the same industry, it’s the quality of customer service (and how your customers feel) that’ll give you the edge. Like I keep saying, customer service is the profit centre you often ignore.


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eCommerce Automation + Ready-to-use Scripts [Macros] = Sweet

Use eCommerce customer service automation and you already help lower the work involved with customer support.

This helps your agents to focus on more pressing needs, help them work efficiently, and become more productive. Your business cuts down costs, optimize resources, and also help do better when it comes to serving customers.

When you learn how to use eCommerce customer service scripts along with the gifts of automation, what you get is pure gold. Improve value, boost brand image, reduce turnaround time, and delight your customers.

Add other forms of eCommerce automation such as live chat, email automations, product + inventory sync, SMS marketing, social media automation, automated paid ads and sales funnels and you have even more going for you.


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Learn When Not To Automate & eCommerce Scripts

Just because eCommerce scripts and automation (or a combination thereof) are available, it doesn’t mean you set it and forget it.

There are instances when you shouldn’t be using eCommerce scripts at all. In some cases, automation won’t solve your problems (just like throwing money doesn’t solve all your problems either).

Working with disgruntled customers, angry customers, customers dissatisfied with your products or services — for instance — are all cases when scripts and automation (or canned replies and empty promises) just won’t help.

That’s your chance to rope in real folks. Actual, live agents to deal with customers when needed. These are times when live chat running on automation, chat bots, and canned email replies give way to real people putting out fires.

This is also when human skills come into play — a range of empathetic replies, real feelings, real talk, avoiding certain phrases, and knowing how to deal with it all.


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Do you use eCommerce customer service scripts for your eCommerce business? Do you measure KPIs and results after?

Tell me all about it on Twitter, LinkedIn, or my LinkedIn Brand page.

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