Affiliate Disclosure Policy

Hi, I am Ash (founder of this blog — which is also a loving part of fetchprofits Academy).

Thank you for visiting. Thank you for reading.

I mainly do three things and those are the sole reasons this blog exists (along with the academy, my social profiles, my videos, courses, membership sites, and more). 

I’ve been a full-stack digital marketer all my life and this blog is a reflection of my journey as I work, discover, learn, and share content with you. 

I believe in being transparent and honest. I’d like to disclose that some links (especially to some products, services, templates, plugins, platforms, and SaaS businesses) belong to my merchant partners and are affiliate links

These links are only here so as to help provide some income while keep producing content. My endeavor is to keep the content available to you free of course while I can still make some revenue for the efforts I try to put in (If you have a blog, you should do the same). 

The products I mention, write about, share my videos on, or share on my social networks are excellent and trustworthy. I use some of them myself and a few others while working with clients. 

I’ve been working with these tools and services for years and I can vouch for them. For that reason, I also believe that you’ll benefit tremendously from trusting them as well. 

Now, please do note that the site has grown big in terms of content and the number of blog posts produced (which also includes the number of links scattered throughout the blog posts). 

It might or might not be possible to mention disclosures beside each link. However, clear and concise affiliate link disclosures are visible on top of each blog post or video available on the site. 

Just to be safe, please do assume that some 80% of the links are affiliate links or partner links (pointing to the products, services, merchants, templates, and tools that I could mention).

Other links on the site include links to previous blog posts, influencers, research statistics, and more.