Top 7 eCommerce Support & Service Tools [Like No Other]

Why should you look for the top eCommerce support tools? Coz’ Customer support is pure money on the table.

That’s why.

Earlier, in a blog post titled customer support for eCommerce, I wrote about how some 8000 brands surveyed by Gorgias revealed that great customer support has led to a whopping $1.1 billion in extra revenue just by being proactive and being helpful to the customers.


Customer support, unfortunately for most businesses, only lends itself as a business function and not as a revenue driver for most businesses is not a profit centre at least that’s what they think.

If done well, customer is an incredibly powerful revenue driver for your eCommerce business.

In any typical industry, if your products and services are all considered equal, it’s customer support that will give you the edge that you require. 

Want to get an immediate edge right now?

Here are some top eCommerce customer support tools that can help you speed up your customer support service and make your ecommerce business a customer champion. 









If you’ve been looking for an eCommerce Support tool that gives you more bang for your buck, you should check out Gorgias

Gorgias is the customer service platform purpose built for eCommerce. It helps to manage your support in one place, automate answers, give answers to common questions, and increase your support agent efficiency. 

One of the main reasons why you should consider Gorgias is that everything remains in a central location and in one single interface and you can reduce your customer response time of first response time by almost 66% and more. 

Further, Gorgias is purpose-built for eCommerce businesses. You should be looking at other options (below) if you are a regular business, a SaaS business, or other types of businesses. 

Gorgias  helps combine the power of automation integration and centralize all your customers data in a single customer management and support  software (in a single interface) to allow you to provide exceptional and fast support all from one place. 

For instance you can connect all your communication channels to quickly access questions from shoppers and answer shoppers requests without losing time in between.

Gorgias helps bring your  live chat, email, social media, and phone into one single interface, instance. You could also enable self-service (such as FAQ pages or a Knowledge base).

Unleash Macros (snippets of scripts pre-loaded but personalized).

Setup rules that trigger when certain actions occur.

Or use built-in user intent and sentiment detection to be proactive with customer support. 


According to Gartner, Zendesk has been rated as the number one tool in digital marketing customer service use cases.

More than 100,000+ businesses rely on ZenDesk to make customer services better and customer support. ZenDesk offers  a comprehensive and efficient customer service solution that is easy to use. 

Your business with Zendesk, your teams are set up for success and it helps keep your business in sync with everything you need in one powerful package. 


FreshDesk is another amazing solution for eCommerce which helps to engage in more meaningful conversations with your potential customers and existing customers across channels with each customer. 

Freshness has a suite of products — omnichannel suite – which is the most complete support solution with the fastest time to value that’s possible today. 

Brands such as Bridgestone, Aramex, Order In, Pearson, Decathlon all use freshdesk to help manage customers and make every agent a customer champion. 

FreshDesk’s comprehensive suite of tools help your remote agents build trust, accelerate customer experience innovation, and provide a lot of other solutions. 


HelpScout has a lot going for it, including rave reviews from the G2 crowd.

HelpScout is another eCommerce support solution that brands can’t get enough of. It’s trusted, it’s been there for a while, and it provides everything you need to offer a seamless and smart customer experience. 

Get a complete suite of solutions such as live chat, shared Inbox, knowledge base, omnichannel messaging, integrations, and automations.

Helpscout also comes with reporting and analytics that you can actually use. The popular eCommerce support solution also features “customer management” features to help your customers feel like VIPs. 


Intercom is already popular with the fact that they have a messenger that people and businesses absolutely love. 

Intercom is a complete customer communication platform that provides you with bots, apps, product tours and more such as email and messages along with the help centre to help you build great customer relationships along the way. 

Trusted by some amazing brands such as Amazon, Facebook, Shopify, Microsoft, and Unity intercom provide solutions that go across the spectrum including support engagement and marketing. 

Intercom helps unleash the power of conversational support and combines what is otherwise a disjointed customer experience that most businesses have. 

Intercom enables you to unify your customer support and marketing automation efforts in a single platform. 

Groove HQ

For a long time now I personally love the kind of content that Groove HQ puts out (from a content marketing strategy standpoint).

For a while, the company has been an inspiration for just how content marketing should be done and how content strategy provides long-term holistic and comprehensive results for a business. 

Groove HQ helps to collaborate with a shared inbox so that your team can work together tov provide proactive customer support. You can combine all of your channels such as email, social media, chat, and phone. 

The shared inbox also comes with private note assignments, and complete customer history. 

You can also provide a comprehensive knowledge base with key features such as a fully responsive and customisable theme which can be on brand with your business.

You can provide article performance and search reports for your knowledge base as well. Your knowledge base is also optimized for mobile.

GrooveHQ’s automation features that help you move faster and eliminate the busy work so that you can pay more attention to your customers. Some of the key features include rules, custom holders, canned replies, and tags as well. 

Groove also helps you take advantage of smart decisions with reporting. For example you have access to conversations and resolutions per day, average resolution time, any happiness score can take advantage of to see how well you are doing with customer support. 

You can also take advantage of groups native integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Trello, Shopify, and Zapier. 


Are you looking for a better way to handle your customer support tickets?

HappyFox has just the right tools to help you deliver outstanding support and achieve your business goals. 

It is considered as the best helpless software for six years in a row according to PC Magazine and all-in-one helpless ticketing system provides faster and better support for your customers.

With brands such as Whirlpool, Jabra and Leapfrog trusting the solution to provide exceptional customer support every day.

HappyFox helps you keep everything together, To stay in control of your ticketing system and get things done fast. 

While it’s not a complete solution like Gorgias or the others above,it is the perfect solution to help tailor your support ticket system in all forms, analyse your desk metrics and create solid actionable items with your customers.

Handle your ticketing system far better than you would otherwise do. 

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