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Best Analytics Tools In 2023 (& Why Use Them)

best analytics tools

For many businesses, when it comes to analytics tools, they don’t know where to start. What are the best analytics tools? Why should you use any of them? How does one tool work better than the other?  This blog post will talk about the benefits of using different analytics tools and why you should consider … Read more

8 Best Live streaming Apps For Businesses (2023)

The world of live streaming — along with live streaming apps — is constantly growing and changing. What was once a niche form of content has become an essential tool for many different businesses, organizations, and individuals. From Facebook Live to Youtube Live, from Periscope to Twitch, from Amazon Live to [You guess what’s coming … Read more

Instapage AI Content Creator: Future of Landing Page Creation

Instapage AI Content Creator

Did you get the memo on the brand new Instapage AI (Artificial intelligence) content creator? Instapage has always been a robust, dependable, and feature-rich (no nonsense) landing page builder. It’s something I’ve used extensively as a digital marketing consultant and as a marketer. Instapage was featured in my landing page software builders post as well. … Read more

Drip Onsite: Smart Lead Generation On Nitro Boosters

Drip Onsite

Have you heard of Drip Onsite? It’s a brand new feature by Drip — the popular email marketing program for eCommerce (and other businesses) with its powerful list management, automation workflows, and so much more. In case you didn’t know, Drip acquired Sleeknote a few years ago. Now, Drip is bringing in the sheer power … Read more

10 Facebook Ad Examples That Hit The Ball Outta The Park

Facebook is growing bigger. As you read see these Facebook Ad examples, Facebook just touched the 2 billion mark and is continuing to grow. Before you know it, the social platform will be a juggernaut that’ll be ard for businesses to resist. Facebook (apart from the dreaded name change) is also consolidating its assets, introducing … Read more

How to Create Popups With MailerLite

How to Create Popups With MailerLite

MailerLite can do many things, and learning how to create popups with mailerLite is one of those things you should know about. Popups are the ultimate gateway for potential visitors to get into your marketing system. Regardless of your opinions and thoughts about popups, these are lead generating systems that just work. Yes, you can … Read more

Shopify Collabs: Everything You Need To Know

Shopify Collabs

Heard of Shopify Collabs? You might have. Or maybe you didn’t. Shopify doesn’t push it hard enough and not many people are talking about it but It’s time to embrace the power of influencers (of all types), content creators, Shopify Collabs, and others. What Is Shopify Collabs? Shopify Collabs — built right into your Shopify … Read more

Shopify Store Automation: One-Click Automations With Mechanic

Shopify Store Automations

Heard of Mechanic for Shopify? It’s a super app for Shopify Store Automation and it’s astonishing just how some apps worthy of mention just slip by sometimes. Mechanic by Lightward is a smart and super app, used for development and eCommerce workflow automation platform for Shopify. Shopify merchants, developers, partners, and agencies of all sizes … Read more