16 Best Live Chat Tools: Talk to Sell?

Live chat tools

What you think about live chat has nothing to do with the actual business. Live chat is powerful. It brings in sales, revenue, and profits. The numbers are on the wall. Your competition is already taking notice. According to Gorgias, more 85% of companies are projected to be using it in 2022 (your competition is … Read more

Best Business Blogging Tools [Use Or Miss The Boat]

Are you sold on the benefits of blogging for your business? That’s a good start. Along with the right business blogging tools, blogging itself lies at the foundation of inbound marketing. With business blogging, you get relevant traffic, you have a chance to make an impact, you open windows to help existing (and potential) customers … Read more

Email Sequences To Swear By: Connect First (Sell Later)

Email Sequences

Do you run email sequences for your eCommerce store or for your business? There are chances that you do. There are also chances that you don’t. If you don’t, launching “some welcome email sequence” is way better than no emails at all (really, your business deserves better that complete silence after a visitor signs up … Read more

ECommerce SEO Approaches Need To Change: Here’s Why

ECommerce SEO Approaches

Here’s the thing with eCommerce SEO approaches (and SEO in general) — everything you read (or watch or listen to) online is written by marketers for marketers — It’s a half-hearted attempt for eCommerce brands, small business owners, content creators, and bloggers. Why half-hearted? These eCommerce SEO approaches — propagated as absolute truth — isn’t … Read more

Powerful Automated eCommerce Email Marketing Workflows You Should Use

Automated eCommerce Email Marketing workflows

If you aren’t using automated eCommerce email marketing workflows, it’s a superpower you aren’t using.  You could practically switch off all of your marketing campaigns, marketing dollar spends, and all the effort you take to promote Shopify stores and just focus on automated eCommerce email marketing workflows for all I care.  Why, you ask? No, … Read more

Shopify Shop Pay: The Accelerated eCommerce Checkout Advantage

Shopify Shop Pay

Launched in 2017, Shop Pay (formerly Shopify Shop Pay) is Shopify’s accelerated checkout feature which is now facilitates eCommerce sales for more than 100+ Million buyers purchasing from Shopify stores. Note: At the moment, Shopify Shop app is available for Shopify Merchants in Canada, the United States, Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.  One-tap Checkout … Read more

Conversion Rate: The (Real) Score of Your Success

Conversion Rate

You do know about conversion rate. But you really didn’t give it the importance that you should have given it. Did you ever think about “a good landing page”, a “beautiful landing page”, or a “landing page that kicks ass”? You’ve been thinking wrong. The only thing that makes a landing page good, bad, ugly, … Read more

How to Build Landing Pages That Convert

How to Build Landing Pages That Convert

Every business out there needs “conversions” [Meaning results, in plain English). Learning how to build landing pages that convert is the first step towards that goal. The issue, you ask? Too many opinions floating out there. Plus, pre-conceived notions, marketing managers who think they know it all, and adamant small business owners who insist on … Read more

Shopify POS Overview: One Tap Away From Omnichannel

Shopify POS

Shopify POS is a powerful solution built to help you sell in-person, online, or go completely “omnichannel”. Shopify already powers more than 4.4 billion websites globally, processing $79.5 billion in average order value in 2022. According to DemandSage, Shopify also pulled in $5.6 billion revenue in 2022, has a market capitalization of $56.63 billion and … Read more

How to Do Ecommerce Store Marketing Like a Pro

Ecommerce store marketing

Without doing eCommerce Store marketing, you’ll only hear crickets and the sound of your head buzzing. It’s not enough to get a great idea, a minimum viable product, or setting up a great foundation for an eCommerce store; you have to do  much more. One of those things that several entrepreneurs who start with eCommerce … Read more