How Unbounce Apps Power Up Marketing Workflows

Unbounce Apps Power Up Marketing

Salesforce? Salesforce App Exchange Amazon Web Services? AWS Market Place Shopify? Shopify App Store Thinkific? Thinkific App Store. WordPress? Plugins. See the pattern? All of the app stores (from Google Play and Apple App Store to Shopify App Store, Thinkific App Store, and Unbounce apps (of course) are built to help you use apps that … Read more

How to Build Landing Pages That Convert

How to Build Landing Pages That Convert

Every business out there needs “conversions” [Meaning results, in plain English). Learning how to build landing pages that convert is the first step towards that goal. The issue, you ask? Too many opinions floating out there. Plus, pre-conceived notions, marketing managers who think they know it all, and adamant small business owners who insist on … Read more

Conversion Rate: The (Real) Score of Your Success

Conversion Rate

You do know about conversion rate. But you really didn’t give it the importance that you should have given it. Did you ever think about “a good landing page”, a “beautiful landing page”, or a “landing page that kicks ass”? You’ve been thinking wrong. The only thing that makes a landing page good, bad, ugly, … Read more

16 Best Live Chat Tools: Talk to Sell?

Live chat tools

What you think about live chat has nothing to do with the actual business. Live chat is powerful. It brings in sales, revenue, and profits. The numbers are on the wall. Your competition is already taking notice. According to Gorgias, more 85% of companies are projected to be using it in 2022 (your competition is … Read more

Shopify Shop Pay: The Accelerated eCommerce Checkout Advantage

Shopify Shop Pay

Launched in 2017, Shop Pay (formerly Shopify Shop Pay) is Shopify’s accelerated checkout feature which is now facilitates eCommerce sales for more than 100+ Million buyers purchasing from Shopify stores. Note: At the moment, Shopify Shop app is available for Shopify Merchants in Canada, the United States, Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.  One-tap Checkout … Read more

How to Create AI-Driven Product Descriptions & More [Shopify Magic]

Product descriptions with AI Shopify Magic

Learn how to create AI-driven product descriptions with Shopify Magic and save time. Focus more on crucial aspects of eCommerce store management, automation, eCommerce business growth, and on eCommerce marketing. Remember a few AI tools you could use for eCommerce product photos? Now, use AI for product descriptions as well. Product descriptions will make and … Read more

How Lokalise and Webflow Localization Expands Reach

Lokalise and Webflow

Learn how Lokalise and Webflow together can expand your reach multifold & reach out to customers in their language. Create content for the hungry “non-English speaking (also reading, listening, and watching) customers” Would you invest in a “single” stock? Would you put all your money in a single financial instrument, and call it a day? … Read more

12 Best Affiliate Management Software For Your Business

TL;DR: Looking for the best affiliate management software? Of all the affiliate management software tools available for your business, I highly recommend Tapfiliate, PartnerStack & Shareasale — all platforms have excellent tools, paranoid support, and awesome global reach. Do you want to multiply your sales with a recruited army of affiliates or partners? Would you … Read more

5+ Powerful Webflow Ecommerce Apps (Zero Hassles)

webflow ecommerce apps

Webflow is infinitely customizable by itself. Bolt on powerful Webflow eCommerce apps and you get yourself a super-functional, sinfully beautiful, ultra-fast, and completely operational website monster. If you’ve already embraced the intuitive design platform Webflow (or you don’t mind trying), the good news is that there are powerful eCommerce apps available to supercharge your online … Read more