Top Marketing Automation Tools: Affordable, For Everyone

It’s no secret that marketing automation is the way to go. With the number of marketing automation tools available at your fingertips, it’s almost a sin not to use some of these for your business.

Note: Some marketing automation tools go into the realm of iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) for enterprise clients such as Celigo, workato, and others. These iPaaS tools are beyond the scope of small business owners, freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, course creators, bloggers, and the like.

We are not getting into these iPaaS tools at all. We are talking about affordable marketing automation tools that help you connect with various SaaS apps that you can use for marketing automation.

The best tools of the trade are all about automating various aspects of your business.

Be it marketing, advertising, customer service, operations, or even the regular drudgery that some of the work we entrepreneurs have to end up doing on a daily basis.

Marketing automation simplifies everything and saves you time and money. If you’re not using marketing automation, then it’s time to get on board!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what marketing automation is, why it’s so powerful, and which marketing automation tools are the best out there. is one of the popular Zapier alternatives and is a promising marketing automation platform.

It doesn’t have the same long list of integrations as Zapier, but it offers more robust features and helps you automate, marketing, sales, and business processes.

Automate is more affordable, easier to use, and features business automation “bots” (as they are called) to help you grow your business.

With Automate, you can create:

– Simple workflows: Create simple one-to-one automation workflows or just sync data between two apps.

– Complex workflows: Create workflows spanning across multiple apps in minutes. Add delay, conditional logic, format data, and do much more.

Armed with Data encryption at rest and transit, data retention controls, and audit logs, Automate ships with more than 200+ (at the time of writing this) connectors to help you connect any of the apps you are probably using (or you those that you might).

Yes, Automate is better than Zapier in many ways and is drag-and-drop level easy.But that’s your call.


Integromat comes with its own suite of integrated tools— software designed for use for individuals, small businesses, and even medium-sized businesses. Integromat is pegged as another one of those promising marketing automation tools.

Integromat boasts of 650+ apps and 3000+ free templates for you to help kickstart your simple or robust workflows for marketing or business automation.

Integromat is a well-rounded choice for marketing automation as it offers CRM, Document Management System (DMS), Marketing Automation and much more.

In fact, Integromat has been selected by Gartner in their 2017 Cool Vendors list of vendors that are highly innovative or influential on the market.


Leadsbridge leans slightly over to the “marketing and advertising” side of things. More so than trying to “automate” everything.

Interestingly, Leadsbridge started with the simple premise of making your marketing less tedious and more impactful.

Leadsbridge has more than 380+ different connectors that try to help you iron out kinks in your marketing workflows, paid to advertise, sales funnels, and more.

By helping you connect directly with popular advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google Ads, and LinkedIn, you can make leadsbridge streamline your marketing efforts.

For instance, I already covered how Leadsbridge helps you connect your Facebook Lead Ads campaigns with your CRM. Or you could use Leadsbridge Autosync to give your retargeting campaigns a boost.

Talking about Retargeting, do sign up for my online course on Retargeting [Pre-launch].


You can’t have a list about marketing automation without mentioning Zapier. It’s been a pioneer of sorts in trying to make marketing automation possible and affordable for everyone.

With more than 3000+ apps and counting, Zapier is constantly growing and adding more ways to automate your business (or even automate tasks to boost your personal productivity) than you can ever keep a handle on.

Further, Zapier’s library of third-party apps includes major players in the marketing automation space like MailChimp, Convertkit, Drip, SalesforceIQ, HubSpot CRM, and Marketo Marketing Cloud.

Besides, the company has recently made headlines for its integration with Slack: now you can automate tasks right from your messaging app.

More often than not, several new SaaS apps and others are constantly working with Zapier to make their apps compatible with Zapier so that end users can make apps work together.

If it wasn’t obvious already, marketing automation tools like Zapier, Automate, LeadsBridge, Integromat, and others have already democratized personal productivity, business automation, and more.

I have a feeling we’ll have more of these no-code app connectors coming in soon.

In conclusion, what tools did I miss? Any more recommendations for me? (except the huge, iPaaS or enterprise-level automation software). Tell me all about any new tools you might find.

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