Connect Facebook Lead Ad Campaigns To Your CRM

Did you know that Facebook Lead Ads can help you get at least 5X more leads at about 85% drop in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)? But you wouldn’t be able to make any good use of this if you

According to Adespresso, Lead Generation ads can be a lead generation monster if you did it right.

But earlier, Facebook Lead Ads were a pain to manage since you’d have had to download a  .CSV file and then upload your file to a CRM or email marketing service of your choice.

Things have changed (even within Facebook Ad Campaign manager or business manager) since then. You now have several options within Facebook and by using third-party apps or tools.

Here’s a rundown of your options to connect leads from Facebook Lead Ad Campaigns to Your CRM or Email marketing system:

Facebook’s Native CRM Integrations

First Facebook Lead Ads was first launched, there was no way to connect all those leads as a result of your campaigns to your CRM and/or your email marketing platform. You’d collect leads, but it was manual work every day (every hour, in some cases for big-budget campaigns) just to download, upload, and sync leads to a CRM system or to an email marketing system, or both.

Thankfully, Facebook has recently added native integrations with a few CRM systems and chances are that the CRM system might just be included.


If your particular CRM system or email marketing tool isn’t already in the list of native integrations available with Facebook, you can use Zapier to connect Facebook Lead Ads (premium feature) with the CRM of your choice.

Using Zapier, you can connect Facebook Lead Ads to a huge number of apps available such as MailChimp, Drip, Google Sheets, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more.

You can view the complete list of Facebook Lead Ads integrations available on Zapier.


Leadsbridge is an all-in-one lead generation platform. Think of LeadsBridge as Zapier but with a special focus on connecting leads with other tools.

While LeadsBridge has several different apps or tools to link one app to another, it’s their Lead Ads Sync that you should take a look at. Lead Ads Sync helps connect the leads you generate from your Lead Ads Campaigns straight to a CRM or email marketing tool of your choice. There’s a full list of Integrations possible with LeadsBridge


Connectio Suite has four distinct products: ConnectExplore, ConnectAudiences, ConnectLeads & ConnectRetarget.

Out of these four products, it’s the ConnectLeads product that helps sync the leads from your Facebook Lead Ads campaigns to your lists, funnels, CRM systems, or other tools you might use in real-time. In fact, with Connectio, users don’t even have to enter complete details into the lead generation forms that you create on Facebook.

ConnectLeads features an easy-to-use interface and allows you to link with virtually any funnels system, autoresponders, or customer relationship management software with pinpoint accuracy.

AdEspresso DataSync

Adespresso is a complete Facebook ads and Google Ads management and optimization tool. Adespresso DataSync (beta) is a feature built inside of Adespresso’s suite of tools that help you connect the lead data from Lead Ads campaigns to a CRM system or email marketing system of your choice.

To get DataSync, you’d need a paid Adespresso account. Adespresso also comes with automatic optimization, split testing, and several other features to make your campaign management easier.

DriftRock Lead Response

Driftrock Lead Ads Integration helps you connect your campaigns to any CRM or email marketing solution of your choice. Not only does Driftrock help you connect leads with a CRM but it also allows you to send out an auto-response immediately, as soon as a lead is captured. So, if you were to use Driftrock with a full-fledged email marketing automation system, you could still use Driftrock Auto response to keep your leads engaged.

Note: Driftrock also has LinkedIn Lead Generation Form Sync options.

Automate helps you create automated workflows with Facebook Lead Ads campaigns while letting you sync leads with a CRM of your choice.

With, it’s all hands-free and click-based automation setup (and that includes Facebook Lead ads). Automate has specific workflows (depending on your use case). For instance, you can choose to connect your leads to populate into Google Sheets. Or, you could trigger automated emails from Gmail to quickly engage with your new leads.

Am I missing any Facebook Lead Ads Syncing tools or options? Please let me know.

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