39 Best Facebook Ads Resources That’ll Make You a Pro

Facebook Ads aren’t as straightforward as it might look like. That’s why you need a constantly updated list for Facebook Ads Resources covering everything you need to know. For several business owners, advertising on Facebook still feels like donating untold sums of money to charity or maybe even gambling.  That’s because to do Facebook ads … Read more

Facebook Ads Marketing Strategy: Don’t Ask for Too Much

For most people, there’s no Facebook Ads Marketing Strategy — there’s only trial and error (more error than positive trials). It’s tempting to create Facebook ads and send all the traffic to a landing page with a yellow (or is it red?) shiny button which says “Buy Now”. Asking for the sale way too soon … Read more

Why Use Facebook Lead Ads?

Would you like to generate sales qualified leads or marketing qualified leads at a fraction of the cost? Wouldn’t it be really nice to have a lead generation machine of sorts when it comes to generating leads? How much better would all this get if you had an automated way to let Facebook do all … Read more

Facebook Ads Management: Why You Need It Now?

If you ever wondered as to why you need to invest in active Facebook Ads management, think about this: As of 2019, there are over 2.32 billion Monthly Active Users (MAU) on Facebook according to Zephoria. Let it sink in. As far as your business is concerned, you don’t have to like Facebook personally. But … Read more

How to Run Facebook Campaigns

Want to run Facebook Campaigns but overwhelmed? Ever looked at the options available for you within your Facebook Ads Manager? It’s bewildering, to say the least. Seasoned pros (me included) often struggle with the ever-changing Frankenstein that the Facebook ads platform could be. If experienced pros could find the Facebook ads platform perplexing, ever imagined … Read more

Reduce Facebook Ads Cost: Top Tips To Spend Less & Get More

Are Facebook Ads expensive? Maybe, maybe not. Are you worried about your rising average Facebook Ads Cost? Do you still think you can generate positive ROI (Return on Investment) or ROAS, given the unstoppable rise in Facebook Advertising costs (and also on Instagram)? Absolutely, but only if you are willing to give your campaigns some … Read more

Connect Facebook Lead Ad Campaigns To Your CRM

Did you know that Facebook Lead Ads can help you get at least 5X more leads at about 85% drop in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)? But you wouldn’t be able to make any good use of this if you According to Adespresso, Lead Generation ads can be a lead generation monster if you did it … Read more

Facebook Messenger: It’s the Money Maker You Are Ignoring

What do you think is a platform today that boasts of engagement levels enough to grow your business to a level you never thought possible? Which platform gives you the best opportunity to engage and sell? You’ll be surprised to know: Facebook Messenger. According to Inc, With more than 1.3 billion users, 2 billion + … Read more

Facebook Advertising Cost: Keep It Low

Facebook Advertising cost has already gone through the roof. You better know how to keep those costs down. Facebook is turning into a behemoth of an advertising platform with an incomparable number of visual formats for ads, the number of different campaigns you can run, the kind of audiences you can target, and the way … Read more