39 Best Facebook Ads Resources That’ll Make You a Pro

Facebook Ads aren’t as straightforward as it might look like. That’s why you need a constantly updated list for Facebook Ads Resources covering everything you need to know. For several business owners, advertising on Facebook still feels like donating untold sums of money to charity or maybe even gambling. 

That’s because to do Facebook ads right, you’d need: 

  • A good online presence (what happens when your prospects want to take a peek behind your ads? What if they set out to see who you really are? Do you have blog posts? Do you have a social presence (besides Facebook, of course)? 
  • Great offers as a starting point for your landing pages & sales funnels (and that is assuming you have sales funnels in the first place). 
  • A certain plan, a structure, and a method to how you do your Facebook Advertising (No, setting up and launching campaigns willy-nilly doesn’t count). 
  • Time, resources, and money: No one succeeds with Facebook ads by launching a campaign for a few hours, a few days, or even a few weeks. Facebook needs time to make your campaigns work (and anyone who told you otherwise is an idiot). 

Earlier, I wrote about why you should focus on Facebook ads, that it’s not a magic wand (and you’d do better if you set your expectations right), several examples of Facebook Ads done right, and more. 

But learning never really ends, does it? There are so many awesome resources out there for you if you set your mind to learn the nitty-gritty of Facebook ads, as it were. Here are several resources you can make use of to master the art of Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads Resources

Just starting out with Facebook? It helps to dig into basics right away before spending your pretty penny on Facebook (because you’ll crash and burn, that’s why). Understand how Facebook advertising works, what you need to get started and more: 

Read: A Step-by-Step Guide to Facebook Advertising For Beginners  By Shopify

No, Facebook advertising won’t make you rich right away (or maybe it will, but that’s not for me to say). Set your expectations right when you are about to get started with Facebook Ads. Not setting the right expectations will lead you onto a road where there’s no end, tons of despair, and only oodles of disappointment. 

Read: What to Expect From Facebook Ads (Is FB Ads Right For You?)

This “always current” blog post from AdEspresso gives you a complete picture on just how much Facebook Advertising costs (across geographic regions, types of ads, targeting, placements, and more).

Read: Understanding Facebook Ads Cost: 2018 (& 2019 Benchmarks) By Adespresso

While you are on the topic of Facebook Ads costs, it might make sense to quickly go through a few tips to spend less and make more from your Facebook advertising campaigns: 

Read: Facebook Ads Expensive? Top Tips to Spend Less & Make More 

Still wondering about Facebook Ad costs? 

Alfred Lua of Buffer has gone into more detail about How much Facebook Ads cost (per country and more), and about how Facebook’s auction system works, all in a bid to help you understand how Facebook charges you for campaigns.

Read: How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost? The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising Pricing

Chances are that you might have already launched Facebook ad campaigns. There are also chances that your ads might not be working the way they should.

The team at Falcon sat down with David Lorentzen to delve deep into a few aspects of Facebook ads you shouldn’t have missed in the first place such as to read deep into Facebook data (& Analytics), making strategic choices, mastering the art of targeting on Facebook, and more. 

Read: The Evergreen Guide to Launching a Facebook Advertising Strategy by Falcon (@FalconIO) 

Thanks to the over expectations of small business owners (agencies and freelancers have a large role to play in this), Facebook ads (and also Google Ads and Quora Ads) are expected to be some magic wand. Like, launch a campaign and get rich in a week flat.

That’s not going to happen. So, as far as Facebook ads strategy is concerned, don’t ask for too much. 

Read: Facebook Ads Strategy: Don’t Ask For Too Much

As the team at Adespresso puts it,

“Running ads on Facebook can make your entrepreneurial dreams come true or can be a nightmare. It all depends on your Facebook Advertising Strategies.”

To succeed with Facebook ads, you need a business and marketing strategy. Oh, you also want tons of ideas constantly shifting in your head. To start with, there are at least 12 ideas to make your Pay Per Click campaigns on Facebook work harder. 

Read: Facebook Advertising Strategies: 12 Facebook Pay Per Click Ideas for High-ROI Campaign  by Adespresso

There’s nothing like a little inspiration for your Facebook Ads every now and then.

Plus, you’ll also learn a lot about how to use visuals (images), carousels, videos, and write killer copy for your ads. Heck, you could just steal this stuff and make it your own (for your brand, your offers, and for your campaigns). 

Here’s some inspiration going for you: 

Read: Facebook Ad Examples That Hit the Ball out Of The Park 

If you are aching for even more inspiration than just a few blog posts (such as those listed here), you can also check out Adespresso’s Facebook Ad Examples and Facebook Ad Gallery

Reaching out to your ideal audience on Facebook is possible. But to do that, you’d need to not only manage your audiences better but also manage your budget. 

Your budget could evaporate, however, if you don’t pay attention to a few things such as not targeting too big a target audience, not excluding audiences you should have excluded, forgetting all about lookalike audiences, or not paying attention to the powerful strategy that retargeting is. 

Maria Toft from Falcon has a crispy post on avoiding Facebook ad mistakes below. 

Read: 5 Typical Facebook Ad Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Budget by Falcon (@FalconIO)  

Not all Facebook ads are built equal. Depending on your business, use cases, objectives, and the stages of the funnel your prospects are, you’d have to use different ad types available on Facebook. Here’s some insider input on Facebook creatives & when to use them: 

Read: Facebook Creative That Convert (How & When To Use Different Ad Types) by Shopify

At some point, provided you kept working on your Facebook ads, a time will come when your problem will be to scale up your campaigns. Here’s a post on Shopify that helps you learn how to expand your target audiences, building your funnels, segmenting your audience, and more. 

Read: How to Scale Your Facebook Ads (While Maintaining a Healthy ROAS) 

Facebook Lead Ads Resources

Looking for basics on Facebook Lead Ads? Too much information online about Facebook lead ad basics bothering you? Read up on this comprehensive post by the teams at HubSpot and Buffer and get started with Facebook Lead Ads Already 

Read: How to Setup Facebook Lead Ads by HubSpot 

Running Facebook Lead Ad campaigns is not enough. Facebook connects with a few popular CRM tools and email service providers. If you are not lucky, however, you’d need to import your leads manually.

Thankfully, you have smart ways to dynamically import leads to your email marketing services providers such as MailerLite, Moosend, Drip, Klaviyo, ConvertKit, or MailChimp. 

Read: Top Options to Connect Facebook Lead Ad Campaigns To Your CRM 

Facebook Video Ads Resources

It makes sense to learn about Facebook Video Ads from a team that has created software to build Facebook Video ads (among others).

The team at BannerSnack took the trouble to go deep into how to create and launch your Facebook Video Ad campaigns including information such as how to create campaigns, the video formats you should be using, and more. 

Read: Step-by-Step Guide to Create & Launch Facebook Video Ads By BannerSnack (Creatopy)

Looking for a complete guide on Facebook ads by people who practically live, eat, and breathe Facebook video ads? The expert team at AdEspresso created this guide (everyone needs this stuff) for Facebook ads (for marketers and entrepreneurs alike). 

Read: Facebook Video Ads: The Guide Marketers are Looking For (Strategies Included)

If you are launching Facebook ad campaigns, using video ads for Facebook is a no-brainer.

Hey, if you don’t have big Hollywood budgets and roving teams with tripods and cameras to do videos for your business? You don’t need that. 

There are video creation tools that you could use to create regular videos (for Youtube, For your online courses, or for creating videos as lead magnets), here are some specific Facebook video ad creating tools you could use right away

Read: How to Create Facebook Video Ads (& Not Break The Bank)

You don’t wade into the Facebook Video Ad waters without hearing from the experts on Facebook Video Ads best practices first.

The team at Falcon has a few tips on Facebook video ads best practices for you first such as the need to grab attention earlier, to make a good impression with your brand, focusing on sound-off views, and more. 

Read: Facebook Video Ads: 15 Essential Best Practices for 2019 By Falcon 

Need some inspiration for Facebook video ads? Karola Karlson has painstakingly put together several Facebook video ad examples for you to be inspired from. If that’s not enough, Karola also has another 142 best facebook ad examples.  

Don’t ever complain that you don’t have resources for inspiration now, will you? 

Read: 21 Facebook Video Ad Examples (2023 Guide) by Karola Karlson 

Facebook videos get over 8 billion views, on a daily basis collectively. Now, let that sink in for a moment.

Instead of scratching your head about what kind of videos to create for your Facebook Video ads, the team at Connect.io has made it easier for you by showing you not just examples of Facebook Video Ads but also several reasons why those Facebook ads worked. 

Read: 10 Great Facebook Video Examples (+17 Reasons Why They Worked) By Connect.io 

Instagram Ads, Instagram Videos, Instagram Stories (Ads, Tools, & More)

Shopify has some of the best guides for “almost everything” when it comes to e-commerce. But staying on the point of Instagram advertising, their beginner’s guide to advertising on Instagram has a nice ring to it if you are trying to promote an e-commerce store. 

Read: Beginner’s Guide To Advertising On Instagram, By Shopify  

The more you learn, the more you earn (that’s the adage). This 6-step guide on how to advertise on Instagram is as crisp and short as it can get when it comes to Instagram advertising. Coming from a social media behemoth of a tool, you can take it with eyes closed. 

Read: How to Advertise on Instagram: A 6-Step Guide to Using Instagram Ads by HootSuite 

You don’t just want to launch Instagram ads and leave it at that. With more than 1.7 billion accounts using Instagram stories and with more than 500 million users latching on to Instagram stories every day, you want to be sure to improve your results while you are at it. 

Read: 9 Tips For Creating Instagram Stories That Convert By Later

Using Instagram for your business isn’t just about using an app — there’s an entire ecosystem out there — from Instagram regular feeds to Instagram stories; from posts with captions to IGTV. How do you make sense of all of this while you are out and about? Shopify has a post on it. 

Read: How to Make the Most of Instagram Video, With Posts, Stories, & IGTV by Shopify 

With so much to do with Instagram (and then to run your own business, you’ll need the help of some amazing tools to create your Instagram stories and to power up your Instagram game in general with snazzy videos, Instagram updates, and more. 

Read: 17 Instagram Stories Design Tools To Power Up Your Instagram Game 

Facebook Ads for eCommerce

You could do all the tootsie stuff like writing blogs, getting on social media, answering questions on Quora, trying to work on your SEO, and whatever. It makes sense to do this for a blog or an online publication. 

What do you do when you sell products on an e-commerce store? All this work can take you time, but you just don’t have enough of it.

You’d stand on top of a building and shout, but I don’t think you are going to do it anyway.

Read: Facebook Ads For Shopify Stores: How to Sell Smart, Forever 

Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook are hot. They were built specifically to promote your eCommerce stores and it’d be a shame not to use the power of simple automation and Facebook’s targeted reach along with smart linking to your eCommerce Store (such as Shopify).

The team at AdEspresso has a succinct guide on how to use Facebook Dynamic Product Ads for eCommerce. 

Read: A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Dynamic Product Ads For eCommerce 

Facebook Messenger, Chatbots

More than 66% of Facebook users use Facebook messenger daily. From a marketing perspective, it’s a rush of gold for you to make use of leading to a higher-engagement selling scenario. 

Read: 27 Mobile Messenger Statistics That’ll Change The Way You Think about Marketing By MobileMonkey 

With more than 1 billion+ users and counting — and given that almost everyone is on the messenger platform — your Facebook messenger chatbot invariably becomes a valuable tool for you to consider for a wide variety of use cases — starting from customer support all the way to help you make sales. Looking for specific use cases for Facebook Messenger Chatbots? 

Read: Top Facebook Messenger Chatbot Use Cases That Rock 

Facebook Messenger has 80% engagement rates and 4-10 times higher CTRs than email marketing. With more than half of the entire Facebook’s user base lounging for more than 4+ hours on the platform, the Facebook messenger is literally a money maker for your business.

Read: Facebook Messenger: It’s The Moneymaker you are Ignoring

Facebook Ads A/B Testing Resources

Split testing your Facebook ads gives you a way to make smarter decisions minus your own judgments or preconceived notions. In effect, you’ll make data-driven decisions thanks to split testing or A/B testing as it’s called. Adespresso has the simplest guide on Facebook Ads Split Testing so far. 

Read: Facebook Ads Split Testing 101 By AdEspresso 

A/B testing makes sense at the gist of it, but then it’s not for everyone and there is a certain time and place for it. Split testing is part science and part art and you just have to know when it use it and when not to.

The team at Wordstream has put together a helpful post on when to (& when not to) do split testing for your Facebook ads. 

Read: When (& When Not) To Use Split Testing For maximum Impact

It’d be nice if we were living in a fairy tale and all that you had to do was to click on a button and your campaigns will roll out to make you rich.

That’s not the case and Johnathan Dane of KlientBoost knows that better than anyone else. So he created this mammoth of a 121-point split testing guide for Facebook ads so that you don’t make any mistakes when it comes to split testing your Facebook Campaigns. 

Read: Facebook Ad Testing: The 121- Point Master Guide

Want a truly authoritative spin on A/B testing Facebook Ad Campaigns? ConversionXL is where you should be headed for something like that. Andrew Hubbard went on to write a definitive guide on how you should structure your Facebook ad campaigns for A/B testing, how to organize your split tests, and more. 

Read: A Crash Course on A/B testing Facebook Ad Campaigns

Knowing that you have to do split tests or A/B tests is one thing; actually knowing where to start is a little harder than that.

The team at Connect.io provides about 23 different split test ideas you can steal from and make it your own so that you launch your A/B split tests with confidence. 

Read: 23 Simple Split Tests To Optimize Your Facebook Ads

Following the post above by Andrew, Alex Birkett wrote another humongous post including everything you ever needed to know to do your A/B testing well. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Alex goes all the way to ensure that you know how to do A/B tests, the tools you’ll need for A/B testing, reading results from your A/B tests, and more. 

Read: A/B Testing Mastery: From Beginner to Pro, In a Blog Post

Facebook Bidding, Audience Management, & More

I mentioned earlier that Facebook ads is not some magic wand. You can’t expect to get results without putting in the work.

Wondering what kind of work? Igor Simovic has a post on how to use Facebook ad bidding to help you reach your campaign goals for less money. 

Read: The Complete Guide to Facebook Ads Bidding 

Facebook Ads work only leads to more work. Facebook campaign bidding management and budget optimization is a herculean task and the team at Naytev has a compact, easy-to-understand, and possibly a fun way to learn all about Facebook campaign budget optimization along with best practices. 

Read: Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide & Best Practices

You can always learn the basics. You’ll only do better when you go beyond and hack into “hacks” if you know what I mean. Understand how Facebook bidding works, learn to manage your Facebook ad campaigns like a pro, and by the time you are done with Karola’s post on Facebook bidding management, you are sure to be a pro. 

Read: Facebook Ads Bidding: 54 Tips, Hacks, and Methods to Know by KlientBoost

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