Facebook Messenger: It’s the Money Maker You Are Ignoring

What do you think is a platform today that boasts of engagement levels enough to grow your business to a level you never thought possible? Which platform gives you the best opportunity to engage and sell?

You’ll be surprised to know: Facebook Messenger.

According to Inc, With more than 1.3 billion users, 2 billion + conversations, here are a few Facebook Messenger stats that’ll blow your mind away:

  • 260 million new conversations are started daily.
  • Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion users. Yes, billion. That’s more users than Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram combined.
  • Facebook Messenger adds 100 million new users every five to six months
  • Users have 7 billion conversations on Messenger every day. That’s over 2.5 trillion conversations every year
  • Over 2 billion messages are sent each month between people and businesses. If you think Messenger is only for people and not brands, you’re wrong.

Do what you are doing but get people to start interacting with you on Facebook messenger. That’s where they all are, and that’s where they will be.

Facebook Messenger has 80% engagement rates and 4-10 times higher CTRs than email marketing
With more than half of the entire Facebook’s user base lounging for more than 4+ hours on the platform, Facebook messenger is literally a money maker for your business.

Here’s how you can start tapping into Facebook messenger’s power and grow your business:

Not sure if you knew this but you have a dedicated link that goes straight to your Facebook messenger allowing others to start chatting with you.

It goes something like https://m.me/[yourbrandname]

In my case, it’s https://m.me/fetchprofits

Get that link and start using it everywhere — on social media, within your blog posts, email marketing, and even on your business cards.

Use the link within your LiveChat software and possibly everywhere else you have potential for others to see and click on links.

Yes, Facebook Messenger is that important. You won’t just let 1 billion active users do nothing now, would you?

Build and Deploy Chatbots

Using simple tools like Chatfuel — and there are several other tools to help you build Facebook Chatbots — start building your first Facebook messenger Chatbot. Make sure it’s active and that it triggers each time potential (or existing) customers start talking to you.

When you use Chatfuel, you’ll automatically get a piece of code you can add to your website to have a little chat window open up on the bottom right corner of your website ( or you can also use Facebook’s native code) as shown below:

FB livechat

Chatfuel also gives you a dedicated landing page featuring your brand and a “chat now” button to help you initiate conversations.

Chatfuel Landing Page

How cool is that?

Use Chatfuel to automate

Chatfuel makes use of groups, sequences, and user-defined attributes to develop, design, and trigger automation workflows.

Using Chatbots own artificial intelligence, you can let your bot(s) know how to respond (and with what type of messages or prompts) based on what inputs your users provide.

Chatfuel makes it simple and fast to deploy your bot (s), depending on your business needs. Featuring an entire gallery of pre-built Facebook messenger bots for various use cases and different types of businesses, just pick your poison and get started with it.


Of course, you also have a way to start building your own Facebook messenger chatbot.

Integrate & Do the Dance

When you build Facebook Messenger bots with Chatfuel and also have all of your marketing workflows triggering, you’ll be able to use Chatfuel’s analytics to see how your Facebook Messenger subscribers are engaging with your content while the actual messages are shown in the Facebook Business Manager.

But then, you can integrate third-party analytics too, when you work with Chatfuel. Plus, you can also use Zapier and integrate Chatfuel with WordPress, for instance. Or deploy complete email marketing automation, in addition to Chatfuel’s sequences.

Are you using Facebook messenger for your business? How is it working for you?

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