Connect Facebook Lead Ad Campaigns To Your CRM

Did you know that Facebook Lead Ads can help you get at least 5X more leads at about 85% drop in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)? But you wouldn’t be able to make any good use of this if you According to Adespresso, Lead Generation ads can be a lead generation monster if you did it … Read more

Facebook Messenger: It’s the Money Maker You Are Ignoring

What do you think is a platform today that boasts of engagement levels enough to grow your business to a level you never thought possible? Which platform gives you the best opportunity to engage and sell? You’ll be surprised to know: Facebook Messenger. According to Inc, With more than 1.3 billion users, 2 billion + … Read more

Facebook Advertising Cost: Keep It Low

Facebook Advertising cost has already gone through the roof. You better know how to keep those costs down. Facebook is turning into a behemoth of an advertising platform with an incomparable number of visual formats for ads, the number of different campaigns you can run, the kind of audiences you can target, and the way … Read more

How to Create Facebook Messenger Ads (+ Connect With Your CRM)

Did you ever try using Facebook messenger app ads? If you didn’t, it’s time you took notice. If Facebook has 2+ billion active users, and Facebook Messenger platform alone has a whopping 1.2 billion users and counting. Chances are that the next person you talk to, your next customer, your neighbor, my dog, and all … Read more

6 Facebook Ad Creative Types That Kick Ass

Facebook is truly a behemoth. As such, it offers several creative types that you could use for advertising. Regardless of your business, Facebook advertising is an incredible fit to help you do branding, reach out to as many relevant people as possible, to generate leads, to help push sales, and more. There are many kinds of … Read more

Do Fb Ads Work?

Do you even have to ask this question: “Do FB Ads Work?”. Yes, because Facebook Advertising isn’t for every business. Let’s be upfront about it while you can think whatever you want about Facebook and it’s advertising platform. Straight off the bat, Facebook does not allow a few verticals or industries to advertise on it’s … Read more

Facebook Business Ads: How You Choke Your Own Efforts

Facebook business ads are your first line of defence, especially if you are looking for fast growth and business traction. Facebook is already a social behemoth with literally every person on the planet spending half a day on it. If your business isn’t making use of this powerful platform, it’s already losing out on opportunity. … Read more

How to Create Facebook Ads In Mailchimp

When one awesome tool integrates directly with a phenomenal platform for advertising, what do you get? When you get to create Facebook ads in Mailchimp, you get awesomeness, that’s what. MailChimp recently introduced a slew of new features such as fresh new pop-up options along with the ability to create Facebook ads from within MailChimp’s … Read more

Top Facebook Ad Budgeting Tips: Save Cash Now

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