Facebook Advertising Guide: Launch Campaigns Like a Pro

Why bother with “another” Facebook Advertising Guide? Because when we spend our own money to run our own campaigns, our insights and perspectives are pure gold. But wait. How big is Facebook advertising, you ask? According to Craig Smith of Expanded Ramblings, there are more than 4 million businesses and individuals using the platform to … Read more

How to Use Your Facebook Business Manager

If your business has a Facebook Business Mange (which you mostly should) and if you have anything to do with Facebook Advertising for your business, you should use your Facebook Business Manager. It’s built for businesses so why won’t you? Let’s address the “Why” first: Facebook launched “Business Manager” to separate your personal Facebook account from … Read more

Facebook Ads That Work, In 10 Steps

How do Facebook ads work? Do Facebook ads make sense for your small business? Facebook ads can work great for your business. Only, if you do it right. Craig Smith of Expanded Ramblings thankfully curated some Facebook Advertising Stats. There are 4 million advertisers on Facebook, at the time of this writing. 70% of the … Read more

Facebook Ads Rejected: Here’s a Profitable Workaround

Facebook ads rejected. It’s common, and there could be several reasons why that happened. I have clients who come to us repeatedly with a singular question: “My Facebook ads were rejected. Can you help?” Of course, we can help. Just not in a way you’d expect. I mean, we are not going to take the … Read more

Facebook Ads Basics: What It Really Takes To Get Results?

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the newest, in-demand destination in town. Lately, there’s been a lot of action on the ad inventory side and Facebook has been trying to do what it can to compete in the extremely competitive ad land scape. You can’t even put Facebook out of any kind of a media buying plan or off … Read more