Facebook Business Ads: How You Choke Your Own Efforts

Facebook business ads are your first line of defence, especially if you are looking for fast growth and business traction. Facebook is already a social behemoth with literally every person on the planet spending half a day on it.

If your business isn’t making use of this powerful platform, it’s already losing out on opportunity.

Facebook is also investing heavily to make the platform future-ready for all businesses. It continues to add new features, more ways to build your audiences on Facebook, and even more ways to capture specific audiences that engage with all forms of content you create and/or share on Facebook.

Facebook now has artificial intelligence, machine learning, and complicated algorithms working together to make your campaigns work.

In short, Facebook Advertising is Kicking ass right now.

But there’s a problem.

Your Facebook advertising might not work for you — there could be general reasons such as your business not being the right fit. But there are other reasons, such as your stupidity, rigidness, and ego.

Your stupidity, ego, high-handedness, false bravado, and one up-man ship already affects your business in many ways, and this is already affecting how you manage your digital marketing in general.

Specifically, the way you are and the way you think also affects your Facebook advertising in many ways. You just don’t it because you normally don’t think you’d do anything wrong.

Most of the times, you are oblivious to the damage you cause to your own Facebook campaigns, and most of what you do with your Facebook campaigns is also a general reflection of what you do to your business, your employees, your relationships, your finances, and your life.

How you are — as a person — isn’t the point of this post (that’s a better angle for a lifestyle or self-help kind of a blog, right?)

But when you are the reason why your Facebook campaigns hurt, it’s a cause for worry. Here’s how you are hurting your Facebook Campaigns:

Stupid questions: Your Whats and Whys

I have lots of people talk to me about the possibility of doing Facebook advertising but they first inundate me with tons of questions. Now, asking questions is a good thing, and you should ask away. In fact, I’d recommend you ask questions and have a chat or call with me before you get started.

There are some awesome questions to ask like:

  • Could you show me examples of a few previous campaigns you’ve run and what the results were like?
  • What’s your usual strategy like when you start with campaigns?
  • What makes you a better agency than others?
  • Why should I hire you?
  • What will you bring to the table?

Then there are f*&^%% questions like:

  • Why are you so expensive?
  • Why do we need a landing page when we have a website already?
  • Email marketing? I don’t need that. I just need you to put up ads on Facebook, that’s all. Can you do that?
  • Why hire an agency when I can do it myself?

Stop asking the second lot of questions. They make you sound stupid.

There’s a limit to what Creativity can do

How cool are those ads you are creating? How beautiful are they? Do those photos of chocolates (or whatever it is that you sell) almost pop up of those pictures making people drool?

Maybe. Maybe not.

It doesn’t matter.

Creativity is great as long as it gets you conversions. Creativity copywriting can bring in millions of dollars in revenue. Great product photos make a real difference to your campaigns. Adding videos to your campaigns boosts your conversions even more.

I’d give it that.

But there’s a limit to just how much creativity you want to dabble with and pour it on to your campaigns.

Spending too much time on creative assets takes time and if you waste time, your competition can kick your ass with worse images and videos.

Why? Because they started first and creativity is overrated beyond a certain point.


Your Opinions Don’t Count

I’ve had clients tell me:

“Landing Pages? We don’t need landing pages. We like to point ads to websites”
“A/B testing. Why do we need that?”
Email Marketing Automation? That’s too much work and it wastes time. No thanks”

Listen, for once and for all, these opinions don’t matter. You are hurting your own progress and removing any chances of your campaigns succeed by saying stupid things like that. What exactly do you accomplish by saying, believing, and actually throttling your own efforts to make your business grow?

Your opinions don’t matter. My opinions don’t matter. What anyone else says doesn’t matter.

Data is the only thing that matters. Take data-driven decisions and stop asking your cousin for advice on what ad “looks” good.

Talking about aesthetics, “looks” don’t matter too.

Facebook Business Ads Don’t Always work

It’s true that Facebook isn’t for every business. Use Perry Marshall’s tool to find out whether or not your business is a good fit for Facebook.

For most businesses, Facebook business ads do work. If the platform is the right fit for your business and if you are are getting the Facebook ads strategy right. You just need to know how to use it the right way. For every business (which is supposed to be a good fit on Facebook) that frets and fumes about Facebook advertising doesn’t work, there’s another business that’s killing it on the same platform.

The difference is in commitment, campaign execution, how sales funnels are setup, and how you run and manage your campaigns (landing pages, A/B testing, and optimization) included.

Stop hurting your Facebook campaigns.

If you need help, sign up below. Just don’t ruin your own chances.

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