6 Facebook Ad Creative Types That Kick Ass

Facebook is truly a behemoth. As such, it offers several creative types that you could use for advertising.

Regardless of your business, Facebook advertising is an incredible fit to help you do branding, reach out to as many relevant people as possible, to generate leads, to help push sales, and more.

There are many kinds of objectives (and matching conversions depending on your campaign objectives).

Some of the common Facebook Ad objectives could be lead generation, conversions, traffic, reach, and so on.

Facebook has made it incredibly easy to use several different ad formats and ad types to help you connect, engage, reach out to, and to meet your objectives.

Facebook as more than just one type of ad format, and it’d help you understand what each ad format is like, what they are used for, and how you can best use them to meet your goals.

Here are some of the types of Facebook Ad creatives you should be using for your business:

The good old Image ads

Facebook Ad Creative Types

Image ads are the staple of every Facebook campaign. They are quick & easy to create and this format allows you to launch in a few hours or in a day maximum. You could use Image ads for practically every single type of campaign objective you have on your mind — for reach, for traffic, for lead generation, for branding, for sales, for engagement, and more.

Your image ads will consist of an ad (we usually create two ad versions A and B for A/B testing), a title, a description, a display link, an actual destination URL, and a button that you’d have to pick from Facebook’s native options.

The video Ad

Facebook Ad Creative Types

One step up from the regular image ad, video ads function and work just like Image ads do, except (you guessed it) that you’d have a video working as an asset instead of an Image.

As you know it, videos provide for a superior engagement opportunities. Videos are great to showcase your products or services, communicate your story better, and are incredibly effective for branding, reach, lead generation, or sales.

Facebook allows you to use regular videos and also vertical videos and you can take advantage of the either or both of the options.


Facebook Ad Creative Types

Think of carousels as a collection of images available for your audiences to scroll through — much like a slideshow without ever leaving Facebook’s interface.

Carousels help you tell a story, show off your product collections, linearly explain a process, or communicate with your audiences, one image at a time.


Facebook Ad Creative Types

Here’s where it really gets interesting with Facebook advertising. Canvas is a full-screen experience provided for you to expand on your regular image ad, video ad, or carousel ad.

Instead of having your audiences to click through an ad and go to a landing page, you can use Canvas to showcase your products (include images and videos) just like you’d do on a landing page.

You can design your Canvas just as you’d design attractive and high-converting landing pages.

In fact, Canvas is a full-screen, responsive, fast-loading landing page built to popup occupying the entire phone screen when ads are clicked on.

In one word: it’s beautiful.

The verdict: Use it or lose it



Facebook has another option for a full-screen experience when it comes to your creative assets, and it’s called “Collections”.

Perfect for ecommerce sites (while even service providers can use it), collections allow you to showcase your products and services along with other details, calls to action, prices, and more.

Facebook Ad Creative Types

You could add both collections and canvas elements to your regular ads, video ads, and carousel ads.


Facebook Ad Creative Types

Restricted to Instagram, Facebook Ad Stories and Instagram Stories are both beautiful, visual, and incredibly effective Ad creative types you could use. They are full-screen experience that triggers on Instagram itself after clicking on an ad. It’s a great way to showcase your brand and can help push up your engagement with audiences.

These full-screen experiences (be it on Facebook or on Instagram) or both are ways for you to let the world know more about your business by using the best of digital media, Facebook’s and Instagram’s power platforms, and mind-blowing creatives.

Have you gone beyond regular Facebook ads yet? What are your favourite Facebook Ad creative types? Did you get a chance to explored how these various Facebook ad creatives work for you?

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