Once you get used to it, doing videos is faster than writing a blog post, creating a whitepaper, or trudging up the hill to write your next PDF giveaway.

That’s good news because you’d need video for lead generation, branding, awareness, and more. Starting 2017 and beyond, video is going to be bigger than ever.

But video is hard, I hear you say. I know I was there (and I still am). I waited on the sidelines and never bothered with video for my business.

As for using video for lead generation itself, I always knew it was incredibly important as a marketing tool, as a storytelling platform, and as a lead generation machine.

I explored video when I got the idea to do online courses. No matter what I explore, how much I read about it, and regardless of the number of Youtube videos I watch, I come around to stop exactly at the point where I free and I just let that pass.

In the end, I wouldn’t create anything.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can start creating videos with what you have: your face, your voice, and your camera.

If you are still not in the mood to move out of your comfort zone yet, here are a few incredibly smart tools to help you make your videos fast and easy:


Michael, cofounder of Snip.ly, reached out to me with a single email showing me how they’ve used a blog post to make a quick video using their own, brand new, Lumen5.

By the time I watched the video, I created another one just to see how it goes.

Here’s the completed 1.06 minute clip I made, completely on my own.

No face, no stress, no need for any fancy equipment. Lumen uses artificial intelligence to pick up what’s important from a blog post or any other web-based link that you’d feed into it.

It then whips out scenes based on that content. You have the choice of editing how those scenes play out. Also, take the time out to create your into and outro for the video, pick music (they have tracks you can choose), and also choose the right colors for your brand.

Did I mention that it’s completely free?

Slide.ly By Promo For HQ Videos

Like awesomeness? Here’s what Promo is doing:

“Promo is the only service that gives you access to millions of premium video clips and hand-picked music complete with lifetime licensing.”

Slide.ly helps you create movie quality videos that are breathtakingly beautiful and result-oriented. You videos to reduce your CPC, for brand awareness, and for lead generation.


Take a look at their example videos and you know what I am blabbering about.

Sezion for personalized Video

What can you do with video, you ask?

Each time you book a time slot with your prospective client, how would it be if you can send in a personalized video (with the client’s name on it?). You can even go as far as integrating personalized video within your sales cycle

Say hello to Sezion. Create videos for any (or more) of the following use cases:

— Stay engaged with your customers
— Create videos that your social media followers will love.
— Engage with your email list.
— Send out personalized thank you emails for every lead registered on your website.
— Personalize videos for your eCommerce store.

What are you going to do?

Animoto For Simple Business Videos

Animoto has been around for quite a while. It was a simple way to create videos by mashing your family vacation photos or the entire series of chosen photos while your kid was growing up.

It wasn’t until Animoto for business [https://animoto.com/business] was created that it piqued my interest.

Animoto comes equipped with a marketing video builder and this quickly helps you create social worthy videos from a few images.

The marketing builder is a complete drag-and-drop interface giving you control over voice-over, text, and how the video finally turns out.

Vizia For Video Lead Generation

I’ve written about Vizia earlier, but it’s worthy of a mention in this context.

I’ll just quote myself here:

As such, Vizia has been built from the ground up by educators, for educators. Since video is also an incredibly powerful educational tool, it’s the number one choice for people who are involved with online educational courses, academia, and corporations that focus on training.

Using Vizia, you can incorporate multi-choice quizzes, collect feedback, and ask questions. More important, from a marketing standpoint, you can turn your passive viewers into active participants and also open up a dual channel for communications and improve your content by using the feedback you receive.

Vizia gives you simple –but powerful – tools to generate leads from your video content. You can use embeddable CTAs from within your videos and make your content share-worthy.

Vizia helps you turn your viewers into leads. It’s another thing that it was built for course creators.

As a marketer, you are only limited by your imagination to generate leads for your business with video.

VideoScribe For Explainer Videos

Not all videos have to be the same. You can, in fact, bring back the love for explainer videos without doling out cash by the kilo.

Head off to VideoScribe and use the tool to make as many videos as you like. Go ahead and explain concepts, ideas, thoughts, and even convert the content of your blog post or whitepaper into another explainer video.

VideoScribe gives you everything you’d really need (including pre-built templates), royalty-free music tracks, royalty-free images, and full functionality to customize your masterpiece the way you want it for your business.

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Hey! Just want to get this out of the way. Some of the links in the blog post (and/or videos) are affiliate links. This means that I’d earn beer money if you ever decide to purchase any of the tools, products, services, plugins, or anything else I could be linking to. For more details, please do read my affiliate disclosure policy. 

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