8 Best Live streaming Apps For Businesses (2023)

The world of live streaming — along with live streaming apps — is constantly growing and changing. What was once a niche form of content has become an essential tool for many different businesses, organizations, and individuals. From Facebook Live to Youtube Live, from Periscope to Twitch, from Amazon Live to [You guess what’s coming … Read more

9+ Successful Webinar Examples: How Brands Win With Webinars

Successful Webinar Examples

Looking for successful webinar examples? Want to get a sneak peek into how some successful brands use webinars to further their growth, build their respective communities, and grow sales and revenue?  Webinars are money makers. Yet, only 41% of marketers ever used webinars for what they can do (thanks to Jessica Swanda who wrote for … Read more

11+ Descript Features That Make You Go “Ooh, Wow”

Descript Features

Note: These Descript features are just the beginning. There’ll be more to come. As such, keep checking this blog post regularly for updates. Ever tried to do videos and then realized that you spend more time editing videos than actually creating them?  As it were, I am scared to do videos. Add the editing burden … Read more

How to Use Descript

If you’ve been wondering how to use Descript, here’s a bird’s eye view of how to use Descript to cut time short when it comes to recording, editing, collaborating, and publishing video and audio content.  Descript is one of the best things that happened to content creators, marketers, business owners, and everyone else who has … Read more

How to Do Good Webinars [ + Why Most Webinars Suck. User POV]

How to do good webinars

How to do Good webinars or handle webinars the right way, you ask? TL;DR: Be human. Provide value. Period.  I subconsciously tuned myself out for webinars of any kind, by almost any brand — with the exception of brands like Leadpages, Demio (on the topic of webinars, no surprises there), and a few others.  Most … Read more

How to Use Loom: 7 Different Use Cases

How to use Loom

Videos are incredible. Learn how to use Loom, especially for camera-shy, always-procrastinating content creators and business owners (like me). Sitting there and wondering how others do videos, live streams, or even talk on Twitter Spaces or LinkedIn audio events has already wasted half of my life.  If people like us wait, this is the last … Read more

How to Use YouTube For Business Marketing

See businesses using YouTube for Business marketing almost everyday? I bet you do. In May 2019 alone, there were 500 minutes of YouTube video uploaded every minute (of course, the range covers everything from “My Cute Cat” to “Reviews” to “Tutorials” and then a lot more than you can handle. According to SEMRush’s YouTube Statistics … Read more