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Online Video: 12 Ways To Amplify Conversions & Engagement

Online Video: 12 Ways To Amplify Conversions & Engagement

Online Video is big; it adds life and vitality to your business.

If you are an individual, it helps you grow an audience, boosts your credibility, and allows you to tell your story.

Instead of just waxing eloquent about the impact of videos on your brand and your profits, let’s explore how video achieves miracles.

If you’ve been thinking whether video works for your business, here are at least 12 substantial reasons why video marketing is a blessing for your business:

The numbers are staggering

Did you know that In 2012, Comscore recorded that these 180 million viewers watched 33 billion videos, which also includes a staggering 11 billion ad videos. A whopping 90% of all consumer IP traffic originated from video then. Comscore noted that about 85% of U.S Internet users watch 22 hours online video. It also recorded the total number of video viewers at 180 million.

Fast forward to 2017, and the numbers are even more staggering.

According to Mary Lister of Wordstream, who helpfully compiled video statistics for 2017,
Youtube alone has more than a billion users (1/3rd of the whole Internet). Each week, about of the entire Internet population watches an hour worth of video on Facebook or YouTube. More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube alone.

Here’s the kicker: more video is now uploaded every 30 days than all the video ever created by major U.S Television networks for the last 30 years.

With more than 51% of marketing professionals swearing by video content, it’s time you dust off that camera or whip out your smartphone. Now.

Video offers the best engagement & Conversions

Lindsay Kolowich of HubSpot points out that just by putting a video into your email boosts engagement by 200-300%? Or when you combine video with full-page ads, the engagement goes up by 22%. Landing page conversions increase by 80% just by adding a video on your landing pages.

If consumers get to watch a video, 64% of them are more likely to buy products online.

Video conversion rates

Credits: Hubspot

video engagement

Credits: Hubspot

All those little calls-to-action that run through the video such as “learn more”, “visit us”, “practice for free today”, “sign-up for more” work tremendously well within a video taking user engagement to a whole new level.

Not to mention the traffic that you’d get from YouTube alone, and now that’s a channel by itself.

Videos convert like magic

Armando Roggio of Practical Ecommerce drives a point straight home: nothing beats video as far as conversions are concerned. The article mentions a case study of (a video creation company) at least 46.22% increase in conversions for two retailers.

So, you think only big budget retailers use video for high conversions? According to the folks at Visual Website Optimizer, Carl Juneau – a personal trainer – uses videos at his website and saw his conversions peak at 46%. — the popular authority site on Muscle Power building – almost entirely uses videos for training, conversions, and boosting its own store sales or paid expert training programs.

Video brings personality. As close to being real

The video is the closest your can come to actually being “In-person” with every viewer watching videos. Video multiplies the power of “being there” to an enormous scale. With video instruction videos, for instance, it’s as good as sitting in a class.

While the video itself is hosted on a scalable infrastructure allowing for multiple views at the same time, every user gets the feeling of exclusivity apart from the flexibility of viewing, pausing, stopping, or returning to the instructions much later.

With the sheer potential of video, you are left with more possibilities for marketing, a humongous chance to build your brand, engage with your audience, and tap into profits.

Use video to grow your business published at least 51 Ways to use Web Video to Help Your Business grow, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For all you know, your videos might just get “viral” with you possibly flirting with one of the many secret strategies that make videos go viral.

But then, I’d say this while on the topic of being viral: don’t count on it; just focus on the content.

As for most things in business, you’ll need a strategy to use videos, but it’s a strategic that has a resounding payoff making videos an undeniably tempting marketing channel.

Teach your audience

Videos engage, teach, communicate, inform, motivate, convert, persuade, and sell. Videos are as good as you sitting in a conference, taking a class, doing a meeting, or conducting a group coaching session. There’s a reason why the “How To” Category on YouTube is popular.

In fact, the ability to teach can be a real differentiator for your brand or business. As Jennifer Rooney of Forbes writes,

Teaching brands, or brands that educate consumers on not just the product they’re buying but the context in which they’re used— think Betty Crocker teaching women how to cook or Lunchables teaching kids how to assemble a sandwich— hold a special value and can build attachment above and beyond brands that don’t provide such education.

The opportunity to learn from brands can possibly lead to longer-term loyalty and referral.

What will you teach today? If you ask me, I’d just started a YouTube Channel trying to do my best to teach and educate (please do let me know what you think about it?)

Focus with 1 Video per campaign rule

This is more of a rule than an idea. Since this rule is often forgotten or overlooked, I thought it makes sense to include it here. Every piece of content (audio, video, and text) should have a purpose. Your campaigns should lead readers/visitors/users to something specific.

You don’t get much with generic videos or generic traditional campaigns all leading to the same URL. Follow the 1 video – 1 campaign rule: create a separate video that sits on a specific landing page you want visitors to go to. For instance, have unique videos for newsletter sign-ups, landing pages, home page, your blog, or any other web property.


Video For Calls to Actions

Those CTA buttons are everywhere. It’s getting harder to have people “opt-in”. Maybe video is how you’d stand out.

Building your list, getting subscribers for your newsletter, having people sign up for your recently launched mobile application – each of these are results you might want for your business.

Calls to actions can come within videos with tools like Turnstile for Wistia or Convertplayer. Or you could use videos to further nudge buyers to take action on landing pages and on web pages where you have prominent Calls to action buttons placed.

Video could very well be the virtual handshake you could extend to your potential customers or subscribers.

Video series on Youtube and Vimeo = Links Back to Website

Video is big, and so the video hosting sites such as Youtube and Vimeo are even bigger. Thousands of visitors through video sites everyday, and for a business that should be reason enough to show up. Create interesting videos, punch in a message with relevant information, and then drive your conversions sky-high.

A video packs in quite a bit, but it makes sense for viewers to take action towards the end of the video. So where would they go from here? What’s better than your website, a landing page, or even your blog?

Did you know that you could have your QR code show up on videos too? has a helpful blog post that explains how this is done.

Video for Live Chat and/or contact form

Depending on your business model, there are often times when your customers might want to contact you, chat up with you, send in a request for proposal, ask for a quote, or perhaps do a live chat session. They have questions and they want you to answer.

With the current crop of LiveChat tools and solutions available, you could do that easily. But using video for a livechat before you send in a quote, a proposal, or while have them contact you with their requirements can take your sales closure rate to another level altogether.

Use Video for free downloads & to grow your list

“Free” is a powerful word (yes, even now) and you could use it to do multiple things, all at once. Give away access to your products or services; give out free whitepapers or reports that establish your expertise or credibility.

Earlier, it was impossible to re-route customers through other forms of lead generation such as traditional marketing, trade shows, inbound calls, etc.

You could now route your leads to have them download something for free. This way, you have a targeted list of potential buyers who can be nurtured and primed for a purchase (when your clients are ready).

Video To Pump Up Social media Impact

Social media is undeniably huge.

If you have been confused as to what role it can possibly play for your ROI, like many small and medium business owners still do, using video in combination with your regular social media updates be a great way to increase the size of your respective social media channels such as Facebook Fan pages, Twitter followers, or LinkedIn Connects.

Today, you can also easily create Ads for social media using Video — powerful, effective, and this can literally kiss your competition goodbye.

The common denominator for each of these different ways to get inbound leads or to elicit specific actions from your customers is a great video.

Creating great videos that work for your business doesn’t have to be rocket science.

Just ask us and we’ll show you the way.

You just have to start getting used to the medium. Ask me, it’s tough for me to do a single video. But, I am trying.

Are you thinking of using video for your business? Tell me how.

Why Bother With YouTube Advertising?

Why Bother With YouTube Advertising?

As on 2016, according to MakeUseOf more than 500 – 600 hours of Video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute. One-third of the entire world’s population is on YouTube already with businesses with just a few videos out there (on branded channels) get more exposure than thousands of dollars worth of traditional advertising.

Interestingly, at the time of writing this, Youtube has already gone mobile.


YouTube Mobile Stats


According to Kit Smith of BrandWatch,

  • On average, there are 1,000,000,000 mobile video views per day

  • YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and third most visited site after Google and Facebook

  • 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

  • There are 3.25 billion hours of video watched each month

  • More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices

  • The average mobile viewing session lasts more than 40 minutes

If you are still asking Why YouTube Advertising? So, I only ask you this: Why not?


YouTube is 11X bigger


YouTube is a big bad boy. Your brand misses out on a lot if it’s not on YouTube one way or another. According to John Koetsier of VentureBeat, as on 2015, YouTube is at least 11 times bigger than Facebook (still a minnow compared to Google?). In the United States alone, Americans give away a combined average of 8,061 years in a single day to YouTube (Facebook grabs about 713 hours).

Now, put that into a Global perspective and the numbers are mind-boggling. Ever single day, YouTube takes away 46,000 years of the people in terms of time spent.


YouTube Is Still the Preferred Media Choice


YouTube viewers absolutely love videos, and YouTube is still the default choice. Average viewers tend to watch YouTube for a significant amount of time – 20,40, and even a full hour.

Younger viewers tend to watch even more. Viewers aged between 13 to 17 tend to skew towards YouTube more than Facebook by almost 19 times.

And what about Television? Viewers today watch just as much video as they watch Television. But then, TV time did decline while viewers aged between 18-49 ended up watching YouTube more than 44%, according to a Nielsen’s report in association with Google.


YouTube Videos = Longer Shelf-life


Good video ads on YouTube (and “good” isn’t because you liked your own brand’s video ad) tend to leave viewers wanting more. But most other video ads are only “fleeting” – they play for a couple of seconds and they are gone – from the screen, and from the mind.

If you do video ads right, however, you get a long shelf-life for video ads. You only have to see these 10 videos that have hundreds of millions of views and more than 21 million cumulative subscribers.

And then, there’s TrueView.

Running TrueView ads helps you not only promote new videos for your business but also drive past videos in your collection. Overall, this helps boost your brand presence and engagement.

According to Visible Measures, brands using TrueView see their previous video view increase by, wait for it, 500% “after” posting new videos.

Need I say more?


Extend Phenomenal Reach & Engagement


Consider this, from YouTube Official Stats:

  • YouTube has over billion users (1/3rd of all the people on the Internet)
  • YouTube (YouTube on Mobile) reaches more 18-49 year olds than any cable network in the US (and the world).
  • YouTube allows viewers in more than 88 countries navigate the site in about 76 different languages (and that’s 95% of all Internet Population).

YouTube isn’t even Just YouTube anymore. Online video is now part of the furniture, at home, in the living room.

In the UK, for instance, the fastest growing screen for “YouTube” watch time is the humble TV, and the rate of that increase has been doubling year-on-year.


Higher ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)


Spending on YouTube Video Ads can help yield a higher ROAS – about 2X to 8.5X or even higher – across categories.

The high Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is directly tied in with higher revenue.

Google commissioned MarketShare to use Media Mix Modelling (MMM) to provide insight on how it’d look like if media spend moved from Television to YouTube.

For a specific example, Google reports this:

“One category we examined was action movie tickets; at average spend levels, US$1 spent on TrueView generated 7X the box office revenue of US$1 spent on TV. For action movie tickets, a 20% shift of ad budget from TV to YouTube would have increased marketing-driven revenue by 25%.

Be there, When You Are Expected


More than 3 billion people in the world have “moments that matter”. Those moments matter to them, their family, their friends, and their lives.

Marketers and businesses have a new job to: show up at the right time, with the right message, and make the right impact.

We have no “online sessions” anymore; it’s so over, this 1990s thing. Today, people “live” online.

Sparks of inspiration now originate while users are “online” than when they are in the shower.

Consider this snippet, from Think With Google:

“Online video is also the new default solution in those “I-want-to-do” moments – 59% of web users in the UK use YouTube when trying to find out how to do something.
What’s more, a whopping 83% of web users under 35 believe that they can find a YouTube video on anything they want to learn.2
Brands can connect with more potential customers by aligning their brand content with these “I-want-to-do” moments.

Youtube is huge and phenomenal. It’s where your customers are spending all their time. Many of them actively upload their own videos as I write this. Plus, never before has there been a media platform that’s not only huge by itself but also allows you direct access to tell your story, grow your brand presence, get traffic, and even generate leads (top of the funnel).

What are you going to do with video?

6 Incredibly Smart Tools To Use Video for Lead Generation

6 Incredibly Smart Tools To Use Video for Lead Generation


Once you get used to it, doing videos is faster than writing a blog post, creating a whitepaper, or trudging up the hill to write your next PDF giveaway.

That’s good news because you’d need video for lead generation, branding, awareness, and more. Starting 2017 and beyond, video is going to be bigger than ever.

But video is hard, I hear you say. I know I was there (and I still am). I waited on the sidelines and never bothered with video for my business.

As for using video for lead generation itself, I always knew it was incredibly important as a marketing tool, as a storytelling platform, and as a lead generation machine.

I explored video when I got the idea to do online courses. No matter what I explore, how much I read about it, and regardless of the number of Youtube videos I watch, I come around to stop exactly at the point where I free and I just let that pass.

In the end, I wouldn’t create anything.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can start creating videos with what you have: your face, your voice, and your camera.

If you are still not in the mood to move out of your comfort zone yet, here are a few incredibly smart tools to help you make your videos fast and easy:


Michael, cofounder of, reached out to me with a single email showing me how they’ve used a blog post to make a quick video using their own, brand new, Lumen5.

By the time I watched the video, I created another one just to see how it goes.

Here’s the completed 1.06 minute clip I made, completely on my own.

No face, no stress, no need for any fancy equipment. Lumen uses artificial intelligence to pick up what’s important from a blog post or any other web-based link that you’d feed into it.

It then whips out scenes based on that content. You have the choice of editing how those scenes play out. Also, take the time out to create your into and outro for the video, pick music (they have tracks you can choose), and also choose the right colors for your brand.

Did I mention that it’s completely free? By Promo For HQ Videos

Like awesomeness? Here’s what is doing:

“Promo is the only service that gives you access to millions of premium video clips and hand-picked music complete with lifetime licensing.” helps you create movie quality videos that are breathtakingly beautiful and result-oriented. You videos to reduce your CPC, for brand awareness, and for lead generation.

Take a look at their example videos and you know what I am blabbering about.

Sezion for personalized Video

What can you do with video, you ask?

Each time you book a time slot with your prospective client, how would it be if you can send in a personalized video (with the client’s name on it?). You can even go as far as integrating personalized video within your sales cycle

Say hello to Sezion. Create videos for any (or more) of the following use cases:

— Stay engaged with your customers
— Create videos that your social media followers will love.
— Engage with your email list.
— Send out personalized thank you emails for every lead registered on your website.
— Personalize videos for your eCommerce store.

What are you going to do?

Animoto For Simple Business Videos

Animoto has been around for quite a while. It was a simple way to create videos by mashing your family vacation photos or the entire series of chosen photos while your kid was growing up.

It wasn’t until Animoto for business [] was created that it piqued my interest.

Animoto comes equipped with a marketing video builder and this quickly helps you create social worthy videos from a few images.

The marketing builder is a complete drag-and-drop interface giving you control over voice-over, text, and how the video finally turns out.

Vizia For Video Lead Generation

I’ve written about Vizia before on Groovywebtools, but it’s worthy of a mention in this context.

I’ll just quote myself here:

As such, Vizia has been built from the ground up by educators, for educators. Since video is also an incredibly powerful educational tool, it’s the number one choice for people who are involved with online educational courses, academia, and corporations that focus on training.

Using Vizia, you can incorporate multi-choice quizzes, collect feedback, and ask questions. More important, from a marketing standpoint, you can turn your passive viewers into active participants and also open up a dual channel for communications and improve your content by using the feedback you receive.

Vizia gives you simple –but powerful – tools to generate leads from your video content. You can use embeddable CTAs from within your videos and make your content share-worthy.

Vizia helps you turn your viewers into leads. It’s another thing that it was built for course creators. As a marketer, you are only limited by your imagination to generate leads for your business with video.

VideoScribe For Explainer Videos

Not all videos have to be the same. You can, in fact, bring back the love for explainer videos without doling out cash by the kilo.

Head off to VideoScribe and use the tool to make as many videos as you like. Go ahead and explain concepts, ideas, thoughts, and even convert the content of your blog post or whitepaper into another explainer video.

VideoScribe gives you everything you’d really need (including pre-built templates), royalty-free music tracks, royalty-free images, andfull functionality to customize your masterpiece the way you want it for your business.

If you’d like to support my new start with Video, please do subscribe to our channel

Video Marketing: It Beats Every Other Content Form

Video Marketing: It Beats Every Other Content Form

By the time you read this, the heat is on for you to climb that video marketing train. It’s getting more important to show up in person (finally, once again) after years of hiding behind websites, content, and social media account handles.

Video is fresh, stimulating, interesting, and it’s a great tool for narration. It’s the weapon of choice for marketers today, and it’s going to get more important in the future.

Video is a great way to “showcase”

Would you consider real estate is a tried-and-tested, sometimes boring, and ruthlessly unyielding industry for marketers? Maybe, it is. It won’t be with video as a marketing too. The Insider at IDX Central throws out some statistics that should stick:

  • Online interactivity is majorly attributed to video by 50%
  • More than 73% sellers are likely to list with a real estate agent who used a video
  • Customers are more likely to click on a video thumbnail as compared to a picture or text (even worse, statistically)

There are companies that are already doing this.

According to Andrew Follett – founder and CEO of Video Brewery – each minute’s worth of a video is equivalent to 1.8 million words (3,600 web pages and at least 150 days of writing).

The average user, as ComScore notes, is exposed to about 32.2 videos per month. Over a 100 million Internet users watch videos online each day. At least 90% of online shoppers state that they find video helpful in making their decisions to buy, compare, or “not buy”.

Is there any better way to show?

Short-form video: the future of marketing?

Kerrin Sheldon – a self-taught filmmaker, photographer, and the co-founder of the travel & documentary site [] – writes:

“Short-form video is the future of marketing”.

More users now consume online video, more than ever. Marketers now use video to engage audiences, while taking advantage of the low barriers to entry, better equipment (that’s affordable) for shooting videos, and the ever-increasing quality of videos thanks to the equipment and knowledge available today.

Add to this, the rise of avenues to distribute video (apart from YouTube).

What will you feed the monster?

It’s not surprising that video will get all that attention. Sean Rosensteel – a contributor for – alludes to a few points Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D  makes on why video trumps everything on the web:

  • Video redirects our attention to faces. That makes information more credible.
  • Voices convey rich information. Plus, our animal brains are wired to believe in what we see and hear.
  • With video, it’s not just content. There’s emotion too.
  • All those movements within the video are attention grabbers. Marketers would love that.

Video is compelling. Video is a medium that can tell stories that we’ve all come to love. It’s through videos that our need for entertainment plus the essence of information is passed on to us.

What do you think?