How to Do Good Webinars [ + Why Most Webinars Suck. User POV]

How to do Good webinars or handle webinars the right way, you ask? TL;DR: Be human. Provide value. Period. 

I subconsciously tuned myself out for webinars of any kind, by almost any brand — with the exception of brands like Leadpages, Demio (on the topic of webinars, no surprises there), and a few others. 

Most other brands and marketers? I am not signing up. Most of those who do, will not sign up again. Ever. 

If you have attended a webinar by now (which you most probably did), you will notice that most webinars suck. 

Do you know why most webinars suck? It’s because most webinars are selfish. Used as a sales gimmick with the agenda being to “sell”. 

The memo: No one likes to be sold. 

Then, there’s the little things that are common with webinars today. 

The host usually starts off with a ramble — talking about the sunny state of California, how they spent the last weekend in some exotic location, or just cosying up with other hosts, chit chatting for the next 10 to 15 minutes. 

I understand the need to show your personal side while doing a webinar. I also understand the need to connect with others and to try and make it all seem like it is the natural thing to do. 

I get all that. But then, we also have no time. There has to be a balance. 

Here’s the anatomy of a good webinar, just in case you were looking.

If the topic of the webinar is “How to get social media leads”, all I want to know is how to get social media leads, how do I make my social media work for my business, how do I ensure that social media works, and provides an ROI for the time and effort spent on social media. 

Here’s what you need to know to be able to do focused business-like webinars better (while still showing your personal side and bringing your unique personality to the table): 

Use the Right Webinar Platform 

Download software to attend a webinar? No thanks

The days of having to sign up and download a piece of software just to be able to attend your webinar are long gone. Nobody wants to click on a file, download the file, install, and then be able to attend your webinar.

Thankfully, there are several platforms and browser-based webinar tools available today that do not require downloads on the part of your attendees. 

Webinar platforms like Demio, for instance, are browser-based. Launch your webinar on the browser (along with several other features that Demio makes available for you). 

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Get right to the point 

Once you are done choosing the right topics for your webinar, go for it.

No one has the time to listen to all the rambling that you do while you’re trying to get to the point [In case you do get to the point, and do justice to your webinars] . 

People don’t want to know that you’re having all the fun you had with your team last weekend in an exotic location, or the trek up the Alps. 

Chit chat for less than 2 minutes if you have to. 

Say welcoming attendees, warming up the co-host, or for warming up yourself. 

Next thing you do is to get right to the point (those who arrive late can try to catch up what they missed by checking out the webinar replay). 

Give away Freebies 

You need to make it worth every attendees’ time, especially if your webinar extends up to 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour. 

It’d be great if you can give away something of value for them, for the time they spent listening to you. Agreed that webinar itself is  full of value, but it would be nice if you give them something to take away from  — in the form of a PDF document, a checklist, an eBook, a report, or others.

Push your freebies out and make your freebies enticing enough for people to take notice. Use webinar promotional assets (highly-recommended) to drive the nail into the wall.

This is also great for marketing itself, which then helps you nurture them later with email marketing so to speak. 

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Interact with Webinar Attendees

Far too many webinars go off on tangents, or on a ramble that doesn’t seem to end. 

There’s a place and format for that: It’s called a talking head video that you can quickly create with your webcam or use tools like  Loom, HippoVideo, or Dubb. Talking head videos are one-sided — you talk, others listen. 

Webinars — much like Live Streams — demand real-time interaction.

The charm of a webinar is that you are there, in person.

Ready to answer questions, eager to interact with your audiences, ask pointed questions, and to invoke engagement. 

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Whatever you do, don’t ramble.

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