How to Use Videos For Marketing [To get Results]  

Learn how to use videos for marketing (with confidence, purpose, and speed) and you have a winner on your hands. 

Ask those who suffer from the lack of all of this (that’s me), and you’ll know the pain. There’s no point in asking Gary Vaynerchuck, right? 

Both you and I know that videos are a hot thing (so I won’t bore with you video stats for marketing). 

According to the Marketing Landscape Report 2022 by Semrush, it so happens that video happens to be one of the top five content types in addition to other types of top performing content types across the board, such as: 

  • Emails
  • Blog Posts/Articles
  • Ads
  • Guest Posts
  • Videos (you are here). 

You don’t want to be making videos just for the sake of making videos. You want to make videos easily (without spending a lifetime trying to produce videos and then to edit them), to build your influence, to generate traffic, to build trust, to generate leads and get  business results.

Note: Results  are not things like follows, likes, comments, views, and so on (although they help). 

Results = $$$

Here’s how to use videos for marketing:

Making Videos Is Easier [Than we think] 

How do Videos Help? 

Free Video Tools To Use

Topics to Make Videos on 

How To Use Videos: Most Important Use Cases For Video

Making Videos Is Easier [Than we think] 

For one, no one cares about you (or me) as much as we think.

As I write this, we are already drowning in information overload. You are competing with cat videos, never-ending social toxicity, Instagram reels, influencers, models, car videos, and random “idiots on cars” compilations. 

Apart from the crappy videos (not excluding social media flexing videos), there’s only that much room for you to make a mark. 

So, I say, do it while you can. 

If you are just getting started, videos can seem hard. Learn to beat the imposter syndrome (that’s just a waste of time and kills potential), get rid of the need to be perfect, focus on pushing content out (regardless), and take action. 

Once you get down to it, making videos is much easier than we all think. 

It’s another thing if you’d like to make delicious drone shots, do videos like professionals do, or make Hollywood movies ( I wasn’t talking about professional video production at all). 

Making videos — as an entrepreneur, a content creator, a service provider, a rising social media influencer — is now a mandate. 

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How do Videos Help? 

Ideally, you would want to show up in person, display that blazing smile, show your warm and approachable demeanor, and shake hands with confidence to make the deal (or to persuade or to make a difference). 

If you can’t do that, then Videos and the next best thing. 

Videos, by themselves, are a class apart. Used in a bewildering variety of ways — as a type of content class — videos are the closest you could get to make an impact (and not just dispense information). 

Your videos could be consumed by themselves or they could be: 

  • Short social media videos, instead of a Tweet or a LinkedIn post. Or videos for TikTok, SnapChat, Facebook, or elsewhere
  • Videos for YouTube
  • Short, crisp, and focused videos for online courses 
  • Videos used for sales prospecting
  • Videos used for coaching or consulting programs. 
  • Webinars (as a class of content for nurturing, lead generation, and more) 
  • Live streams (as a class of video content for engagement, community building, lead generation, thought leadership, and so on). 

Like I said, there are never-ending (and bewildering enough to be intimidating use cases for videos). 

If you are like me, you might still be struggling with videos. As such, there are some tools that allow you to make videos easily… 

5 Free Video Tools To Use

When you are just starting out, you don’t need anything elaborate such as dual monitor setups, microphone stands, or fancy software tools such as Adobe Premiere pro or Final Cut Pro — you’ll just know when you need these when the time comes. 

What you do need though is a free set of video tools that you could use. Here are some of the best free video making tools (upgrade only when you need to): 




Restream [For live streams]

Demio [For webinars]

Topics to Make Videos on 

What topics you need to make videos on really depends on what you do, your business niche, the topics you focus on as a content creator, and more.  

The idea is to establish thought leadership, credibility, engagement, viewership, and more. 

Here a few examples: 

Traditional business: Make videos on how your products are made, video testimonials from delighted customers, behind the scenes videos, videos showcasing products, and more. You can also create videos to feature highlights, events, features, and even team members. 

Freelancers, content creators and bloggers: Say what you want to say with video. In addition to everything else you do, establish credibility and thought leadership with videos, live streams, and webinars. 

The key is consistency (I know, I need to work on this as far as videos go). 

CEOs, CXOs, executives: Get featured on interviews, show up as guests on other live streams or webinars, or launch videos for thought leadership. 

Personal branding: If nothing, just show up on video to make a mark for yourself, leading with content. You can also create videos or share the videos you create with your own newsletter. 

Don’t overthink it.

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How to Use Video For Marketing: Use Cases

Once you start getting comfortable with making videos and learn how to make videos with confidence, you can do a lot more with videos. 

For a few use cases, videos are a no brainer — such as videos for YouTube, videos for sales prospecting, Videos for social media influence/engagement, and videos as a part of a digital product, video tutorials you’d sell on Payhip, or videos as a part of online courses

That much is obvious. 

While there are possibly a million use cases for videos, here are the most important use cases for video (as for as business and getting business-centric results go):

Videos for Advertising  

If you are into Pay Per Click advertising or if you’d like to take advantage of the sheer potential of advertising on Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, or on Facebook, videos can do better. 

The best news — at least as far as video ads go — is that you are not required to put in as much effort here (as is the case for other video use cases below). You can even automate most of the work required for making videos as creative assets for ads. 

Facebook, for instance, allows you to quickly create videos just by using images of your products. 

Use custom images for digital products such as online courses, VOD (Video on Demand), or others. 

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Videos for Lead Generation 

Videos are incredibly effective as far as lead generation efforts go. 

  • By using topically-relevant videos inside blog posts, you get more traffic to your blog posts. Assuming that you do purposeful blogging (together with a call-to-action) in your blog posts, you can generate leads better (than without). 
  • Build landing pages with Unbounce, Leadpages, and Instapage and add videos on the top section (or elsewhere) on landing pages. Optionally, you can also create landing pages using various tools available. Using videos on landing pages helps you get more conversions. 
  • Connect your landing pages with email marketing workflows

Notice that emails work best when you actually “earn” your audience — such as to build your list, one subscriber at a time. You’d then have tools like ConvertKit, Drip, MailerLite, Moosend, and Mailchimp working to help you nurture (and sell). 

Email marketing, as a content type, works “after” you build your audience. The rest of the content types (such as blog posts, webinars, videos, infographics, and so on) work in multiple ways: 

  • Get you relevant traffic, help build up credibility, and thought leadership. 
  • Generate leads (used in combination with tools like OptinMonster, Sleeknote (which is now a part of Drip’s ecosystem), ConvertPro, or Divi’s Bloom

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Live Streams and Webinars For Enhanced Engagement 

Video formats above help you try to establish a one-way communication window with your potential audience and visitors.What if you want to open up more? How about bringing in the power of live streaming to work for your business? How about using the sheer potential of webinars to bring you the results you seek? 

Possible. Why not? 

When you choose to do live streams and webinars though, you are bringing in elements of openness, vulnerability, a sense of community, and more. 

Live streams and webinars help you open the floor for increased engagement in the form of live interactions, questions, answers, and a sense of community. 

There are several tools you can use for live streaming and I have a complete list of top live streaming tools you could use. For webinars, I absolutely love Demio and the complete feature set it comes with. 

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Do you use videos for your business, or do you suffer like I do? Tell me more by connecting with our community on LinkedIn. Or connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn. 

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