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Looking for free video tools for your business and also curious as to how I use these free video tools myself? Read more 👇

If you want to have a digital presence, aim for excellence (I know that you that). Mediocrity doesn’t work for your brand. Never.

Time is ripe for your to move from text and images to video. I’ve been thinking about it (and trying to throw everything I got at videos recently.

Easy enough to say that; incredible hard to do. For me, at least. I am camera shy, lack any practice with videos (despite doing my screen share tutorials on YouTube) and complete courses on digital marketing. I still feel awkward listening to my own voice while watching my own face).

I already use videos (or I try) for sales, marketing, prospecting, screen share tutorials, full-fledged courses, LinkedIn outreach, and more).

I wanted to do live streams (recently also got access to LinkedIn Live, while I already had access to YouTube Live and Twitter Live — I guess most people do now?).

Thanks to the recent RBI (our equivalent of the Federal bank) recent mandates which temporarily (I hope) ruined all prospects of “subscribing” to any of the best video tools out there.

Which led me on a massive hunt for incredibly powerful and still free video SaaS tools (for all sorts of purposes as mentioned above).

I thought you’ll benefit from a few of those here. Here are some of those free video tools (multi-purpose) you can use now and the best uses of these free video tools as well:



Canva Video




Apart from the fact that the folks at Loom are incredibly generous, understanding, social, and the team provides excellent customer support, and Loom itself is loaded.

It’s the kind of video tool that’ll somehow make you take action, create videos, and ship them out.

Loom has a web-based video recording feature (record directly on the browser), a loom desktop app, and also a mobile app. You have the option of recording videos with just a screenshare, a screen share with a photograph (if you don’t want to show up with your dishevelled, “I just woke up” look), or a nice way to showing up on camera as well.

The loom free plan limits your videos to 25 videos (at any given time, which means you’d have to delete those you’ve already recorded to make place for new ones) and you are limited to recording at 720px.

You can trim your videos (right inside the browser), correct your “umms and aahs”, add a call-to-action (like having people sign up for your newsletters, email lists, book appointments, etc.), and more.

There’s also a way for you to create your own Canvas (a nice pre-created background or a custom one — with a choice of colors (for your branding) and do presentations, provide insightful tips, and more (much like giving online presentations).

How I use Loom:

  • Record videos for my courses (minus the photo or the camera option), download videos, edit them, and upload.
  • Create videos for YouTube
  • Create quick videos for Social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter (where I hangout mostly).
  • Sending out async videos (to record suggestions for clients, for async meetings, for saying hello to new prospects on LinkedIn, suggestions and tips (when asked) on social media.

Use Loom for free now


Dubb is an incredibly versatile, fully-featured video prospecting tool and I recently wrote about Why use Dubb ?

You can use Dubb to and really stand out when it comes to video sales prospecting, video outreach to potential clients, social media outreach, and more.

With the ability to record videos on the browser (with an extension) or uploading your own videos, Dubb has a lot more for you such as dedicated landing pages, video pages, video analytics, custom domains, and a lot more.

Read more about Dubb in detail.

How I use Dubb

  • Extensively used for project proposals and sales outreach.
  • Connected with LinkedIn, Dubb allows you to record straight from inside LinkedIn. I started “talking and commenting” with video (instead of leaving regular comments).

Canva Video

Did you know that apart from creating “video assets”, you can also create full-fledged videos (screen share style presentations) with your free Canva account?

It’s a silent (and recent launch) and I am surprised Canva didn’t really go big on the announcement as much as I expected.

Apart from everything you can do with Canva, you can now pick up a presentation template on Canva (add your own branded assets, content, and graphics to it) and then show up on video (to a nice little corner) and go presenting in style.

How I use Canva Video:

  • Extensively use Canva video (along with other video templates within canva) for social media.
  • Canva presentations (for discussing detailed marketing plans with consulting and digital marketing clients)
  • A few courses were created with Canva Presentations alone (these courses were on Udemy and have been removed since).


Vimeo has been around a lot (also went public recently) and is a fully-featured video tool. Vimeo, however, also has a free browser extension using which you can record videos up to 1080 quality.

You can create videos and share them with anyone, embed videos on your website (and blog posts), download videos (and edit videos), and customize the player (to a certain extent).

You’ll have to upgrade to be able to remove Vimeo branding, completely customize the player, and several other features though.

How I use Vimeo:

  • Practice creating quick videos for social media
  • Spin off short videos for social sharing
  • Practice videos for full-fledged courses (to be edited later).


HippoVideo, much like Dubb, is again a SaaS tool that gravitates more towards sales and marketing (and not so much for general purpose videos). It’s still worth mentioning because it does have use cases for Video for training, videos for consulting, videos for mentoring, and making videos for communication (as the tools above).

HippoVideo features quick templates (make your job easier), extensive personalization, video in email, and several other features.

Here’s a video if you’d like a sneak preview inside HippoVideo:

How I Use Hippo

  • Occasional sales outreach videos
  • Create a few YouTube Videos

I’ll keep updating this list as I continue to find new and free video tools for your business. Please do tweet at me and let me know if you have any suggestions for free video tools.

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