How to Create Facebook Video Ads: 8+ Tools To help

How to Create Facebook Video Ads

Facebook Video ads are literally hot, as I write this. In the rushing stream of static ads (most static images and text) a wee bit of a movement or action within an ad has the chance of standing out in a typical news feed scroll comparatively. If you do it right, Facebook video ads can … Read more

How to Connect Descript and YouTube

Connect Descript and YouTube

Wondering how to connect Descript App to YouTube and easily upload videos directly to your YouTube Account? Descript is an app that helps you quickly edit videos with several features designed to help you save time editing videos just as if you edit regular documents and reclaim your life back (instead of spending 3-5 hours … Read more

How to Save Time Editing Videos

How to Save Time Editing Videos

Learn how to save time editing videos and you’ll save thousands of hours. Period.  If you are a content creator, you would spend thousands and thousands of hours collectively over a period of time trying to just edit videos — not to mention time spent planning content, shooting videos, and sharing videos on social media. … Read more

Tools For Video Prospecting: 11 Fantastic Options

tools for video prospecting

With the number of available tools for video prospecting, it’s almost a sin if you don’t do it. Use video for prospecting and you are making a lot of good things happen to you — you put yourself out there, you are suddenly smart, you are dashing, and you are already making a mark for … Read more

How to Build MailChimp Landing Pages

Did you know that MailChimp has an in-built landing page feature? You could easily build MailChimp landing pages which directly connect to one (or more) of your MailChimp list(s). This way, you don’t have to deal with external integrations or worry about basic marketing automation. It’s usually a tall order when it comes to landing … Read more