6 Fantastic Tools For Video Prospecting

6 Fantastic Tools For Video Prospecting

With the number of available tools for video prospecting, it’s almost a sin if you don’t do it.

Use video for prospecting and you are making a lot of good things happen to you — you put yourself out there, you are suddenly smart, you are dashing, and you are already making a mark for yourself with that simple outreach thing. 

You’ll be more likable and trustworthy. Just because you created a personalized video for your potential customer or your prospect, they’ll at least listen to you (because you called them out by name and that you took the effort). 

According to HubSpot, Sales representatives and entrepreneurs who use video for prospecting, relationship-building, and sales emails see 5x higher open rates and 8x higher open-to-reply rates. 

Video Prospecting Process

Image credits: HubSpot and Vidyard 

If you are sold on using videos for prospecting, video for sales, videos for marketing yourself, or maybe even creating videos to simply create tutorials or instant explainer videos. 

If and when you are ready, here are some of the tools you could be using today (some free, some paid): 


HippoVideo allows you to create and use videos for marketing, videos for sales, and videos for support. 


The good news is that depending on the plan you pick and the main focus stream of the videos you’d like to use videos for (say, for sales or marketing), you’ll still be able to use videos for support as well.

With HippoVideo, you can not only do video prospecting but also check how your prospects engage with your video (including time watched), check video analytics and refine your pitch, and analyze prospect analytics (for time, region, engagement, etc.)

You also get unlimited bandwidth for your videos (limited bandwidth for the free plan).

HippoVideo also has several other features such as Quick Editing Suite, GIF creation, In-Video Lead generation forms, sales dashboard, Gmail Integration (along with other integrations with Outlook, Salesforce, HubSpot, and more).


Dubb is an all-in-one sales and marketing video platform that lets you create quick videos built for purpose — to sell, to share value, to communicate, and to bring in the revenue your business needs. Dubb helps you achieve all this without any special tools, knowledge, or ninja-level Premier Pro or Final Cut X skills. 


Use Dubb to create videos for prospecting (use the Dubb chrome extension, the web interface, or the mobile app) and integrate with possible anything you might use such as Gmail, LinkedIn, HubSpot, and Salesforce. 

Host videos created on Dubb or upload from your computer or mobile device. Take advantage of Dubb’s content delivery network for seamless video streaming.

Of course, you can share your videos via dozens of channels including email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and dozens of integrations.

Finally, you can also get detailed data tracking on email opens/clicks, page views, video watches, engagement, and call-to-action clicks. Receive tracking through your Dubb dashboard or via your own CRM/marketing automation system.

Use Dubb to increase trust, build up engagement, and drive conversions. 


Why Vertical #videos? (& How to Create Videos Fast)

Drift Video

With more than 85% of the Internet traffic sticking to videos like there’s no tomorrow, you want to be able to engage, communicate, and sell to people on their own terms. You’d want your prospects to respond and connect with you when “they” want to. The best way to do it is to make video your main pillar when it comes to communication, prospecting, engagement, and sales. 

Drift Video

Drift is already an awesome tool when it comes to conversational marketing and conversational sales (you’ll also see a drift chatbot prompt at the bottom right corner of this website). 

However, did you know that Drift also has a video product that you could use? Drift Video is a quick and easy way to create videos (with nothing more than your webcam) and then send the link out to your prospects. 

Just use Drift video’s Chrome extension, create a video (with the options of “screen only”, “face + screen”, or “face only”) and send out videos (along with a handy Gif generator as previews for your video). 

Then, make these videos work for you. 

According to Drift’s own video marketing guide, 88% of marketers in 2018 were satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing efforts on social media. 52% of marketing professionals also named video as the type of content that produced the best ROI.

Using Drift video, you can also chat in real-time with your prospects as they watch your video (you also get instant notifications when someone watches your video along with information about how much of the video the watched). 


6 Impressive (& Free) video Creation Tools

The 11 Best Free #Video 📸 Editing Software Programs

Soapbox by Wistia 

With most video prospecting tools, you’ll normally get the option to use the screen (screencast), a combination of your face and the screen, or just your face. However, what would you do if you want to show your face to one side (taking up one 1/3rd of your screen space and not just some small miniaturized window to some corner) and the entire screen right next to your face? 

Soapbox from Wistia allows you to do just that. 

Soapbox by Wistia

With Soapbox, just hit record and get your face up to 1/3rd of the screen and the rest of the space will be dedicated to your screen share. Or, you could trim and edit your video in a way that shows only your face for a while, switch to the complete screen for a while, and then back to your face (full screen) again. 

On top of everything else that Soapbox allows you, there’s also the complete toolset that Wistia provides such as video tracking, video analytics, email list building tools, and an amazing custom video player to boot. 

Use Loom

Loom (Useloom) has been one of the hottest products doing the rounds off late and it’s hard not to see why. Loom is very easy to use product for creating videos on the fly. Instead of talking, calling, yelling, yapping, or just losing your breath trying to make someone understand something, just create a video. 

Loom comes with a Chrome extension, a desktop app for recording videos, a neat GIF preview function, and also video-in-video options (latest update). You get to host all your videos with Loom itself (no need to worry about video hosting or bandwidth). 

Further, Loom pro allows you to create videos in HD, edit your videos on the fly, and also add calls to action (CTA) to your videos regardless of where you share them. 



Not many people know this but Vidyard happens to have a free video recording and sharing tool that you can use (right off of a chrome extension). 

Use Vidyard’s screen recorder to create videos, share it with your prospects or clients, upload to YouTube, add videos to your emails (or website or landing pages), and so much more. 

As usual, you’ll get notified the moment your video has been watched (and see who watched it, and for how long).

What tools do you use for video prospecting or sales prospecting using videos? 

How to Build MailChimp Landing Pages

It’s usually a tall order when it comes to landing pages – you’d have to use dedicated landing page builders or hire someone to build landing pages for you.

It does make sense to invest in landing page builders such as Unbounce, LeadPages, Simvoly, Webflow, and others. Sometimes, maybe all you need is a landing page with a form that connects instantly with your email marketing software.

Did you know that you could use Mailchimp to build landing pages for your campaigns too?

If you’d be able to use Mailchimp landing pages, you probably don’t have to use anything else to build and develop landing pages that connect directly to your email marketing lists. You could get your complete sales funnel to work and only use one email marketing software for all of this.

The landing pages that you’ll build with MailChimp, however, are basic. Further, you’ll only be able to get the best of these landing pages (along with connecting to custom domains, etc) only if you have paid plans with MailChimp. Now, that takes all the fun out of building MailChimp landing pages.

There are times, however, when all this makes sense. You’d be able to quickly create landing pages and validate ideas, or show prototypes to a client, or maybe just build MailChimp landing pages for short-lived campaigns.

Looking for DIY landing page builders that give you more creative freedom or control? More Integrations?

Get a Free Trial and a 20% off with Unbounce

Get a 14 day free trial with Leadpages

How to Create Facebook Video Ads (& Not Break The Bank)

How to Create Facebook Video Ads (& Not Break The Bank)

Facebook Video ads are literally hot, as I write this.

In the rushing stream of static ads (most static images and text) a wee bit of a movement or action within an ad has the chance of standing out in a typical news feed scroll comparatively.

If you do it right, Facebook video ads can bring in results for you for a measly eCPC of just about $0.18 with more than 500 million Facebook users watching video everyday. That’s over 100 million hours of views per day.

You can understand why Facebook is obsessed with video what with its insistence on surfacing Facebook live videos and Facebook videos right to the top (if only you produce them).

Facebook Video performance

Ultimate Resource KitAs on 2016, according to eMarketer, the average engagement rate of Facebook’s Native video ads was at 6.3% compared to YouTube videos ( 3.2%) and Instagram videos (0.2%).

If you are launching Facebook ad campaigns, using video ads for Facebook is a no-brainer.

Hey, but I don’t have big hollywood budgets and roving teams with tripods and cameras to do videos for my small business, all right? Take it easy.

Sure, let’s take it easy.


While there are video creation tools that you could use to create regular videos (for Youtube, For your online courses, or for creating videos as lead magnets), here are some specific Facebook video ad creating tools you could use right away:

Facebook’s In-built Slideshow Tool


If you could pull yourself up to do a Facebook Carousel ad, you have everything you need to create a short and snappy video instead of using Images laid out in a carousel.

While creating your campaigns, Facebook gives you an option to create a “video/slideshow” right inside the campaign manager. Instead of choosing to go ahead with your carousel format, pick the video /slideshow option, bring in your images together, and Facebook automatically creates a slideshow that plays like video.

Facebook’s In-built Slideshow Tool

When you are done, this is how your ad will look like:

Facebook’s In-built Slideshow

All that you’d need to get the Facebook Video Ad option going for you is to have 4-5 images (preferably in a sequence to tell a story), and Facebook automatically creates a video ad for you.

Awesome, right?



Legend is a cool app (available on the Facebook for Business Suite of tools) that helps you create videos by just adding motion to the words and by using images you might already have.

Let’s say you bake pies and you have images of your ready-made pies already, all you have to do is to drop your image into the Legend app, add your copy (keep it simple and short), and choose the animation for your copy, choose the colors for your copy, and you are done.



Ripl lets you turn your photos into videos, and it’s as simple as that. Pick several of your existing photos (you can add up to 8 photos to showcase your product or reveal a transformation, pick before and after photos, or show a path for customers to follow?).

Then, add some copy (add a CTA too, although it won’t be clickable directly), choose an animation from one of the many pre-existing simple designs, select a font (play around to get the best fit for your business). Finally, finish it off with your business logo.



It’s easy to grab attention with stop motion Facebook video ads, and you can easily do it with just a few images. If you have products to sell, you can use Boomerang to create instant videos that are full of action and attractive.

To use Boomerang, you’d have to put in a little work, of course.

  • Decide what you are going to show in the video.
  • Pick a location (natural light) and select a frame to use.
  • Use a contact paper, a plain surface (white?), or a large & flat table to provide for a plain background for your stop motion videos.
  • Set up a table tripod with your iPhone or Android phone to record short video clips.
  • When you are ready, use the Boomerang App and tap on the white circle to shoot clips. Try shooting more clips from various angles.
  • Let Boomerang do its magic.


Ultimate Resource Kit



The Videoshop app requires you to have videos of clips with you before you start. Plus, you’ll need your business logo (transparent background), of course.

Start by recording a clip (just like you’d record clips for Instagram) or add a new clip (you can also repurpose videos you have or merge multiple clips together — later, you can use the Tranx tool inside the app for smooth transitions).

You also have the option of cutting, trimming, and resizing videos (Square format works great). Plus, you have the option of adding a layer to bring in your logo.

Finally, add your copy and your high-action, Facebook video ad is ready to go.



If you want even more options, Shakr is an awesome subscription service with thousands of Facebook Video ad templates and Instagram Video ad templates (various formats) available.

By using shakr, you do nothing except pick the format or the template you want to use, add your own assets (images and videos, and Shakr templates also specify exactly how many images and videos you’ll need to work with each template), add your copy to your ads, and you are good to go.

Canva Animations


Canva Animations

Chances are that you’ve already heard of Canva and you might be using it for your social media visuals or even create Facebook Image ads. If you are, you are a rockstar.

Did you know that Canva Pro also allows you to create short animation clips with nothing but just the graphics you’ll create? It’s called Canva Animator and it’s only available for the paid Canva plan.

If you do have an account, you can easily create short animation videos with nothing more than text (or maybe images and text) and use those as your Facebook Video ads.

Crello Animated Designs


Crello Animated Designs

Crello is a fantastic alternative to Canva. Recently, Crello added their animated design feature that lets you create anything from simple gifs to complex, sequential animations that you could use as Facebook video ads or Instagram video ads (or both).

Am missing any fantastic tools to create Facebook video ads here? Please let me know.

Ultimate Resource Kit

[Video] Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working?

[Video] Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working?

It hurts to see money going out of the window on your Facebook campaigns. I see a recurring trend among clients and many other marketers and businesses I know: they do some basic mistakes that could be easily avoided.

Find out why your Facebook ads aren’t working as well as they should. See how to make your campaigns perform better.

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Do comment below and tell us how your Facebook ads are working? I’d be glad to hear from you.

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