Simple Tips For Live streaming (& Grow Like a Champ)

Looking for simple tips for live streaming like a pro? Worried that your blogging strategy, social media push isn’t going too far? Does your publishing velocity need a herculean push? Read on  👇

Note: This is from the perspective of someone who attends live streams on a weekly basis. Too many to count. These are my takeaways as a live stream attendee. About me doing live streams? Someone motivate me please.

Streaming democratizes content production. Apart from the ability to find and consume live streaming content, you also have a democratized opportunity to “produce” content. 

Switch from consumer to producer and you’ll end up doing a lot for your business. 

Let’s not talk business for a while; let’s just focus on the fun stuff you (and I) love to do: Streaming entertainment. 

According to Google, between 2019 and 2020, there’s been a whopping 800% increase in global watch time of both ad-supported and purchased feature-length movies. 

Live Video Content Growth Stats

The watch time for live content is up 250% in the U.S. specifically, watch time on TV screens is up 350% for documentaries and 450% for news.

Between mid-March and mid-April, 60% of viewers signed in to YouTube on TV screens watched a video published in the last 7 days. 

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Convinced that live streaming has potential and reach at least? 

Now, let’s follow through with some simple tips for live streaming, why it makes sense for your business to adopt and embrace live streaming, & how it helps you pack a punch to your overall digital footprint

Show up and Mesmerize (Read: Be Yourself) 

There’s only so much that written text can do. Further, you can polish, grind, sand, and polish some more that you’ll only showcase the best of your content. 

Here’s the problem: you’ll find it hard to connect with your customers. You see? Your customers don’t want jargon thrown at them nor do they expect polished “Pulitzer” material when they consume your content. 

All that they seek is a way to connect with your business,relate to your brand, clap along, cheer along, and resonate with you. 

It’s hard to do this with just text and images. It’s much easier (and way more effective) if you do it with live streaming. 

Instead of thinking “strategies”, “leads”, and “sales”, just make the effort to show up. This alone is more than what most businesses can’t do. Gives you a definitive edge as long as you do it consistently, right? 

 Are you wondering how to incorporate live video into your audience-building strategy? Live streaming helps you reach more people. Get the best tips on live streaming for building influence from bestselling author and brand evangelist Guy Kawasaki. 

Don’t sell (at least, not directly) 

Guess what most webinars, live streams, and even videos have in common these days? Sell. Sell. Sell. 

Push. Push. Push. 

Over time, it’s just nauseating for those who attend your webinars or livestreams. 

While you do your livestreams, please don’t get all pushy and salesy. No one likes that. 

Instead, use graphics like lower-thirds and links in chat to gently nudge your members or livestream attendees to sign up on your landing pages (if they want to). 

The keyword is “nudge”. Not “push”. 

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Stay consistent (No matter what) 

It’s hard to be consistently showing up on Live streams, hosting them, talking into the camera without even your mom in attendance (there was a time when she’d at least read a blog post or two). 

But that’s just the nature of the game. Patricia Benandez of The Verge wrote about several live streamers on Twitch who streamed for years before gaining ground and making it big (you decide what’s big). 

Consistency applies for everything: from live streaming to blogging; from ads to landing pages; from success in investing to reversing diabetes. 

Out of all the simple tips to live streaming, this is the one you should walk away with.

That’s just how it is. 

Start with YouTube Live (for free). Or Start with Restream and push your live stream to several platforms (such as Facebook live, Instagram Live, and LinkedIn live at once (also for free). 

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Do you have any simple tips for live streaming? Please do share. Are you going to live stream soon? Tell me about it. I’d love to visit. 

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