Digital Marketing Results: How to Get Smart (& Mean)

Digital marketing is no longer what it used to be. Digital marketing results are appalling, to put it bluntly. The Internet is incredibly crowded (and with that, there’s unparalleled rise in anonymity — there’s no way to tell who you can trust now, can you?). 

It’s getting harder to publish and stand out. For that, you’ll need smart ways to get digital marketing results. You also need a dependable marketing stack.

Your social media updates are barely visible (or is anyone listening?), it’s harder to get testimonials from customers for social proof, and paid advertising only keeps getting expensive. 

What do you do? 

One word: Optimize.

Another word: Get smart. 

First, stop with the useless things you still focus on such as spending 5 days writing a blog post (you ain’t going to get a Pulitzer for it, just so you know). Any half-attempts and half-baked content strategy isn’t going to cut it either.

Throwing money at PPC ads won’t solve your problems (if any, such as a bad product or inconsistent advertising strategies). 

Second, get smart with your marketing. Build and use a marketing stack that serves you well (and no, you don’t need to use every single marketing tool out there) — this is what we’ll talk about briefly in this post. 

None of these will get you the digital marketing results you seek. At least, not what you’d really love (and profit from).

Here’s how you get digital marketing results, the smart (and more sustainable) way:

Collect Leads on Autopilot 

Go visit a few websites (including those who claim to be marketers and marketing agencies) and you’ll barely see anything that closely resembles anything to do with “collecting leads” or “lead generation” of any sort.

I don’t see why lead generation should have “opinions”.

For all the talk, the coaching programs, and the advice that marketers dole out, no one seems to be following that advice.

Just how efficient any of the lead generation campaigns are (if anyone is committed to doing it right is another thing altogether). 

There’s no need to convince you on the importance of lead generation. You are a business owner (and you know this). 

Regardless of your business, you’ll need to collect leads. What’s the smartest way to generate leads you ask? The very act of doing it (using software and digital marketing tools can help). 

Use any of the following tools. Start generating leads today. 

Unbounce Popupos and Sticky bars

LeadPages Popups 

Elementor Pop-up builder 

Crocoblock’s Popup builder (works on top of Elementor)


That’s it. Choose one of those lead generation tools, plugins, or apps above and generate leads. Don’t even bother to read the rest of the post without doing this. 

Nurture with Email Marketing

The next step after you generate leads for your business is to nurture your new leads with email marketing. 

Why? It’s simple to do so, it’s automated, and it only rings the cash register somewhere down the line. 

Using email marketing automation, you get to keep the relationship going. It’s a smart way to build trust. It’s a way to nurture your entire sales pipeline (all the potential customers still sitting on the fence) at scale. 

Don’t worry about copywriting, email marketing best practices, copywriting for subject lines or email copy, or split-testing subject lines. 

Start email marketing first (you can do all of the above later) 

Grab any of the email marketing software below and start email marketing today

Convertkit (also works great for digital content creators, consultants, coaches, online course publishers, musicians, artists, bloggers, and those who’d like to sell digital products)

Drip (also works great for eCommerce business owners)

MailChimp (for all other businesses out there). Check out my free online course on MailChimp to get started 

Streamline Processes & Embrace Marketing Automation 

You know what takes up most of the time you’d have to spend on digital marketing? The grunt work. Downloading leads from Facebook Ads to load them to your CRM or copying a CSV file of your existing customers and then uploading this to Facebook ads so that you can create a custom audience. 

There are all sorts of twists and turns when it comes to digital marketing processes. The smart thing to do is to “not” spend time doing any of this. 

That’s why tools like Automate, Zapier, and Integromat exist. Use these to your advantage and streamline marketing workflows, automate marketing processes, and more. 

Use Artificial Intelligence To Build Landing Pages

Landing pages are an integral part of your marketing. In fact, there’s no marketing without landing pages (which can also be extended as full-fledged, multi-page sales funnels).

For all this while, you’d have had to build landing pages (or get them created by marketers or others). 

It’s time to switch to AI. Use artificial intelligence and get your landing pages built by artificial intelligence.

Unbounce Smart Builder, for instance, takes answers to a few questions (about your business) and builds out an entire landing page for you on its own, and with the brand elements (such as colors, typography, and graphic assets you provide).

You’d only have to edit (if you want to) and launch. The Unbounce Smart Builder also lets you know how well your campaigns will convert (even before you click publish).

Using the smart A/B testing features and the “conversion Intelligence” features, Unbounce also lets you split test your campaigns as you go along. 

On that note…

Build websites Fast 

Creating websites with artificial intelligence has been around for a while. Wix already has a way to help create complete websites

Or there’s a way to build world-class, crafty, astonishingly-pretty but high-converting websites using templates. 

Webflow is incredible when it comes to building websites that not only look great but also load fast and convert like crazy.

Of course, there’s WordPress with all sorts of templates for Dynamic websites or regular websites (Including WordPress eCommerce). There’s also Elementor and Divi that you can consider where you get more than just a theme or a plugin.

For WordPress, all it takes is the right choice of WordPress hosting and WordPress themes and you are good to go in hours. 

There are tools like Simvoly, SquareSpace, Mozello, and several others — all built to help you publish websites fast. 

Why should you publish websites fast? So that you can focus on the more important, back-breaking, long-term, and truly unappreciated hard work that goes into digital marketing. 

How smart are you when it comes to marketing tools, marketing apps?How do you generate digital marketing results?

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