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Drip Onsite: Smart Lead Generation On Nitro Boosters

Drip Onsite

Have you heard of Drip Onsite? It’s a brand new feature by Drip — the popular email marketing program for eCommerce (and other businesses) with its powerful list management, automation workflows, and so much more. In case you didn’t know, Drip acquired Sleeknote a few years ago. Now, Drip is bringing in the sheer power … Read more

Moosend Email Marketing: How To Start, Create, & Roll

Moosend Email Marketing

If you are wondering how to create Moosend account and use Moosend Email Marketing for your email marketing campaigns, this is the blog post for you. Note: The simpler your email marketing program is to start with, the faster you get to use the power of email marketing broadcasts, email marketing campaigns, email marketing automations, … Read more

ConvertKit Creator Profile: How to Use It

ConvertKit Creator Profile

ConvertKit just launched ConvertKit Creator Profile (beta) and it’s a terrific feature to use. Here’s all about ConvertKit creator profile, how to create ConvertKit Creator profiles, and how to use it to your advantage. Use ConvertKit Creator profile as your home to present who you are as a blogger, content creator, live streamer, or a … Read more

How to Get Influencers For Your Brand

How to Get Influencers For Your Brand

Wondering how to Get Influencers for your brand, products, and services? Want to get influencers to promote your products or services? There’s something to be said about someone else putting in a good word. Yes, influencer marketing is all the rage now and that’s for a good reason (although I’d be very careful about who … Read more

How to Add Custom Domains In ConvertKit

How to Add Custom Domains In Convertkit

You’d want to learn How to Add a Custom Domain to ConvertKit for several reasons. If you were looking for answers, here’s the post just for that. ConvertKit is a leading email marketing solution that allows you to generate leads using sign up forms and landing pages. It allows you to run paid newsletters — … Read more

Nike Email Marketing Campaigns: Secrets Are Out [ Steal & Thrive]

Nike email campaigns

Why a blog post on Nike Email Campaign Secrets, you ask? There’s always something to learn from the best (even if you have opinions about that).  Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Nike is one of the biggest brands there is.  From its actual, brand-owned showrooms everywhere to shady markets of Mogadishu, Nike … Read more

5 Automated eCommerce Email Marketing Workflows You Should Use

automated ecommerce email marketing

If you aren’t using automated eCommerce email marketing workflows, it’s a superpower you aren’t using.  You could practically switch off all of your marketing campaigns, marketing dollar spends, and all the effort you take to promote Shopify stores and just focus on email marketing workflows for all I care.  Why, you ask? No, I am … Read more

Visme Review: Create Graphics for Business Results

Visme Review

This Visme review will be constantly updated because Visme relentlessly releases new features. See what Visme can do for your business  Visme helps you create graphics (of many types) to help you. This Visme review is an earnest effort to try to help you understand it better. Visme is a business-focused graphic design and document … Read more

Drip and Sleeknote: Lead Gen+ Email Marketing Awesomeness

Drip acquires Sleeknote. Drip and Sleeknote working together? Now, that’s some fantastic news. Think conversion-optimized lead generation is now backed up by world-class email marketing awesomeness. It ushers in a load of possibilities for eCommerce store owners and businesses.  To understand what the recent Drip and Sleeknote integration means for your business, you’d have to … Read more

How to Avoid Hiring Wrong Freelancers and Agencies

How to Avoiding Hiring Wrong Freelancers and Agencies

Let’s talk about how to avoid hiring wrong freelancers and agencies. Because it’s killing you and you don’t know it. It kills slowly. It costs you time and opportunity. It’s downright ugly. Thousands and thousands of businesses — large and small — are looking for help with digital marketing. Granted. With platforms like Upwork and … Read more