6 Insanely Fast WordPress Themes (& Gorgeous Too)

There are thousands of WordPress themes. But you are busy, and looking for fast WordPress themes isn’t exactly like browsing an art gallery (although that sounds nice!).

The WordPress theme universe is big. You, however, have no time. With the Core Web Vitals Google Update coming through (In June 2021), you better be prepared.

More than 14.7% of all top websites are on WordPress, and WordPress commands a massive 60% share in the CMS market, according to Maddy Osman of Kinsta.

There are good reasons for that: The ease of use, the ever-expansive ecosystem of themes and plugins, instant help available, and new WordPress themes just keep popping up (it’s so hard to keep track that most people even give up looking).

Super note: Don’t get too swayed by “visually stunning WordPress themes”, the prettiness of a site, and just how “oo haa” it looks. In the end, design is good only as far as it gets you results. Pretty-looking websites don’t always make you money.

WordPress is a great platform that can help you create an amazing site with ease. With the right theme, it’s possible to have a visually stunning design that also loads quickly. In this article, we’ll go over 10 of the best themes for WordPress that are not only beautiful but also super fast!

Another boring Note: With each of these WordPress themes, you make it your own. Add your own logo, swap out the colors to match your brand colors, use your style guide for fonts, and use your own images.

Because Matteo Duo already tested 11 Fastest WordPress themes in 2021 (with testing), I don’t have to repeat myself. I’ll just list my favorites here.I am not interested in writing a massive list like 78+ Visually stunning WordPress themes.

Want to jump?







For one, too many options will freeze you. Second, not all WordPress themes are fast (there are just a few of those insanely fast WordPress themes that you should care about).

So, here goes:


The GeneratePress theme is one of the best-looking drag and drop themes I have ever seen. It’s also lightning-fast, which is a must now that Page speed is a critical factor to determine whether or not your website will even rank in the first place.

With a maniacal focus on speed, stability, and accessibility, GeneratePress is a well-thought out WordPress starter theme that can be installed as the base for any site.

Use the GeneratePress site library and you only have more choices (and an instant kickstart for your WordPress business website). Would you like to scratch the power of Gutenberg blocks and build your website instead? Use the GenerateBlocks plugin and swing for the fences.

As if all this wasn’t already enough to make it worth your consideration, GeneratePress is free to use to start with. Go premium if you need full access to the site library, be able to use GeneratePress on more websites, and get lifetime updates with premium support.

Divi By Elegant Themes

Divi Theme By Elegant Themes is a part of the package (which also includes the Divi Builder Plugin, Monarch, and Bloom). Divi is a popular WordPress theme that has been in the wild for a long time now. It’s secured about 12,000 downloads and counting β€” which is no small feat considering its three-month lead time on release date compared to other themes we’re featuring today.

Divi had issues before, like would it leave code behind? Not any more. Divi is fast, lightweight, and features an easy-to-use Divi Visual Builder.

Packed with layouts, The Divi Marketplace, several Divi plugins, Divi modules, and more, it’s one heck of a package you get for WordPress enthusiasts, small businesses, and also eCommerce website owners who want to work with WooCommerce.

Hello theme outperforms several other themes in the market (read: beats almost every other theme you’d be considering), is SEO-friendly, and loads blazing fast.

Astra Theme

The Astra theme has a customizable, fast, and beautiful design that is great for personal blogs, business websites, and even full-blown LMS-driven online course websites (if you want to take that route).

You can also customize the color scheme to match your branding, which makes it perfect for any website you’d want to build. The sleek layout of this theme supports images beautifully without cluttering up your content.

Make use of Astra’s starter site templates and kickstart your WordPress website design (and hopefully finish in a day) so that you can focus on what’s even more than WordPress design: Digital marketing for your website.

As with most themes on this list, you can customize your layout options, tweak the headers, change colors or typography, and more.

Most importantly, more than 6000+ Astra users swear by its speed, dependability, and support.

Talking about Astra (and because I am a huge fan of learning), there’s also the Skilljet Academy that you have access to when you join the club.

Blocksy By CreativeThemes

Blocksy is a stunning and speedy WordPress theme that offers you the ability to get your blog set up in minutes.

With Blocksy, it’s easy to create an engaging site with plenty of content using its drag-and-drop Page Builder blocks and live preview options. You also get a few starter sites to take off with. This theme also features one-click demo import, RTL support, fast speeds, and more.

Blocksy is eCommerce ready, allows code splitting, and Gutenberg-block ready.


I’ve been hearing a lot about Kadence themes (but I’ve never used them for myself or for clients).

Kadence comes with the promise of top-notch support, easy import-ready themes, powerful plugins (such as Kadence Blocks, Kadence Woo Extras, Kadence AMP, and more).

Kadence has also announced Kadence Cloud which provides you with your very own personal website library (among other features).


Customify by PressMaximum was one of the fastest themes in Kinsta’s test (mentioned above). While it’s nowhere as feature-packed as some of the themes on this list, it should be on top of your consideration if you have the “need for speed”. Talking about features, it does come with everything you might need though.

Customify (and the pro version) give you opportunities to use Blog Pro (use your blog posts in many different layouts), deploy sticky headers, make changes to the footer, use mega menus, and even multiple headers (like different headers for different pages).

Which of these is your pick for the most visually stunning (but also insanely fast) WordPress themes?

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